Highlights of The Lord’s Chosen Abuja 2016 International crusade Day 1

And as we expected it, nothing removed instead more added, the first day of the crusade has ended amidst great celebration of instant miracle.


Many testimonies were recorded, ranging from over one year insanity healed, paralysis, leg poison, fractured leg all healed. The deaf and dumb heard and spoke, the weak regained strength amongst many other testimony too many to come up in this closer. Be sure to get all the complete details on our subsequent publications and don’t forget to pick up the next edition of the time of visitation for complete and detailed stories from this and other programmed.

The Chosen Press was live and brought you full live updates of the event. Scroll down to see our minute-by-minute update of the event and also visit chosenpress.com for the complete highlights of the event.

On behalf the entire Chosen Press, we are saying Goodbye for now and God bless, see you Tomorrow By 7:30am Nigeria Time.

17:11: G.O “When coming tomorrow, come with ten prayers request, because tomorow you will see wonders, all your prayers shall be answered

16:56: Congregational prayers with the song ‘I will never let you go unless you bless me’

16:55: Vice president, Yemi Osinbajo leaves the crusade ground after a congregational prayer and a concluding prayer by the General Pastor who prayer for God’s sustenance and protection upon his life.

16:48: Offering being cast into the offering bags as the song ‘He has given me the joy of my heart’ goes on

16:46: G.O praying for the offering

16:44: Offering time

16:42: The marmot crowd who had gone out in their hundreds to give their life to Christ now gradually to the seats after the G.O prayers =

16:41: Singing: “It is finished on the cross, my sorrow is finished on the cross”

16:40: The whole congregation standing on their feet with their hands up as the G.O prays for them.

16: 39: G.O begins praying for the congregation as he asks God to show them mercy and forgive them of their sins which they might have commited in any way, knowing and unknowingly

He is also praying For God to Forgive the country (Nigeria) in any way they might have sinned against Him

14:38: Singing: I Surrender!

14:37: The G.O Intercedes for the congregation, begins praying for them

16:34: Singing: I was lost, but my Saviour found me

16:33: The repentance moment – the altar call

16:32: Singing: I am sorry Lord

16:31: The G.O shades tears as he cries unto God for mercy upon His people

16:29: Finally!! It is the long awaited moment – The Final Prayers

16:21: G.O delivering salvation message as the mammoth crowd faithfully waits for the long awaited moment; the final prayer

16:15: Getting ready for the second offering for the first day as the G.O begins to round up his message

16:12: We sincerely apologize for not being able to update you with photos from the event due to system failure. We promise to resolve it soon and we will make sure tomorrow’s updates will be coming with photos and also with Video clips. Thanks for your understanding.

16:02: As we begin to conclude, I want you to look at this place, 2nd Chronicles 7:13; Summarily, the passage reads, if God shut His blessings upon us, if only we can repent and turn from our evil ways, then Will God show us mercy and bless abundantly

15:59: The weather, just as we were promised by God, has been so conducive and people are seen relaxed as they listen attentively to the message from the General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

15:56: The vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbjo who is still at the crusade, is seen listening to the G.O as he delivers a life changing message to the participants of the crusade

15:53: Our expected response and benefits; And His Oaths

15:52: G.O – God has sworn to bless everyone who obeys Him, and as you do so today, God will bless you abundantly

15:47: G.O – If you obey His word, God will bless you but you must do the first thing first according Mathew 6:33 which says “Seek ye first the kindom of God, and everything other things shall be added unto you

15:41: Point one –  The Holy God and unfortunate situations; The reason and examples

15:37: G.O reading from the book of second chronicles 7:13-14. Summarily, the passage says if we repent and turn to Him, God will forgive us and will heal our land

15:24: G.O – If you repent today, God is a merciful God, and in this programme today, God will show you mercy

15:30: Pastor beginning the message of the day titled “God has Sworn to Bless You” with the bible chapters; Genesis 22:10, Exodus 19:5 and Jeremiah 32:27

12:29 The Message: God has sworn to bless you

15:28: Pastor praying for the congregation, declaring blessings, promotions, healing, deliverance, favours, accommodations, joy, and more.

15:27: The atmosphere is now hot with the voice of the congregation echoing from all corners of the stadium as the G.O leads a very deliverance prayer on participants

15:14: Pastor begins praying for the congregation before his message

14:48: It is rain of miracles pouring down heavily here at the national problem as so many people begin to receive their healing. We can see people who were unable to walk standing up to walk, the deaf and dumb has just been healed.

14:40: The G.O is on the pulpit.

He greeted the vice president “I want to specially thank the vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo for attending the crusade, thank you sir”

14:38: The vice president is on the podium to speak:

After greeting the congregation, he said he is very excited to be at the crusade, considering the situation of the country and the time Chosen is holding the crusade

14:23: The testifier said when he was going to the service, he was being held to walk by helpers, but on his way back, he went back on his own, without help from anybody

14:19: The stadium is vibrating following a statement by a testifier who was healed of frequent stooling after the G.O’s declaration at the Chosen Headquarters, Ijesha Lagos, 2 weeks ago

14:01: The last testifier for the day

13:50: The Chosen duet sisters ministering to the congregation

13:50: Bro/Sis Christian Onyemaonwu -13 years yoke of barreness broken, 3 children granted in three years

13:44: Bro Micheal Aboh – Delivered from 17 years chain smoking

13:41 Bro Micheal and Sis. Beauty Zino – Wife healed of firbiod, baby boy granted

13:38: The Vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is now live on the podium with the general overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka

13:29: Sis Helen Emeka – Swollen stomach flattened, hyperthitis, liver expansion uprooted

13:20: Sis. Esther Sadiq – Salvation granted, spirit of smoking uprooted

She also testify of how she was awarded with an annual merit award

13: 11: The vice president, Yemi Osinbajo is in the house now! We will bring you more details shortly

13:10: Choruses ongoing as offering is being collected

12:02: Offering time

12:58: Bro. Agbapuru – Dream revelation of G.O standing on a tall building, and preaching to the whole world

Leaking stitches healed after Chosen Pastor’s prayers

Promotion to Notary public granted

12:55: After the current testifier, it will be time for the first offering of the programme

12:47: Sis Grace Gabriel – Salvation granted, 5 years pain in the leg healed, spirit of death cast out, sleepless night ceased

12:43: Sis. Omololara Ademola – Salvation granted, delivered from wrong marriage after 21 years

12:40: Sis Felicis Frank – Salvation granted, yoke of poverty broken

12: 37: Bro. Benjamin Nwachukwu – Armed robber jumped out of window as he shouted “God of my Pastor where are You?”

He also said bullet did not penetrate his body after the armed robber shot him several times.

Only God can do this!

12:31: Sis Favour Ezelue – 8 years delay in conception broken

12:28: Sis Blessing Sunday – Yoke of still birth broken, baby boy granted

12:23: Sis. Esther Balogun – Irregular menstruation ceased, yoke of delay in conception broken and baby granted.

12:06: Sis. Martha Enoch – Leg poison healed after G.O’s prayers

12:19: Sis. Ogechi Paul: Delivered of triplets

12:17: Bro Micheal Eze – Yoke of poverty broken in his life, own house granted, charm buried in his building site sent back to the sender

12:16: You can use the hashtag ‘#Abuja2016’ on all social media platforms to follow live updates from participants and the rest of the member all over the world

12:13: At this point the stadium is filled up with people and the hot sun has reduced. The weather is now friendly with the cool breeze blowing through the open

12:06: Bro Sylvester Adamu: Yoke of death of Children broken, fibroid uprooted, and baby girl granted

11:57: Bro John Onuoha is testifying how God of Chosen healed him of 13 years ulcer.

He was also shot severally by gunmen but the bullets could not penetrate his body because he declared “I am a Chosen” three times.

11:43: Sis Vivian Chukwuemeka: Son saved from being drowned in the well

11:36: Sis. Solomon Chijioke tesfiy how yoke of female Children was broken, and a bouncing baby was granted

11:34: The next testifier is testified of Goodness of God in her life

11:29: The fifth testifying is testifying of how God of chosen made him a great Chosen member.

He testifying of How God of Chosen delivered him from the hand of the devil after serving a herbalist for many years

He is also testifying of how God healed him of over 20 years epilepsy which he has suffered until after the G.O visited Abuja for a workers’ meeting earlier this year (2016)

11:24: Next testifier testifying of How God blessed him and he came with first class degree in banking and finance

11:19: Third testifier testifying about how God broke the yoke of delay in Marriage in her life

11:05: Testimony time

10:33: The central choir redering a heart-touching song titled ‘Missing heaven will be sorrowful’

10:27: You can share this page to your friends and family members to let them know the latest from the Chosen Abuja 2016 International crusade happening live at the Nationa stadium in the Federal capital territory, Abuja Nigeria

10:25: Central choir now on the podium to minister to the congregation

10:16: The rapidly increasing congregation cannot help but stand on their feet as the Campus Choir dance out of the podium after a very reviving ministration

10:11: Campus choir rendering a powerful song titled ‘There is a blessing coming down

10:00: Half section of the stadium is almost filled up with participants despite the sun.

9:57: The children choir matching out after a very wonderful rendition as campus choir comes to the choir stand to minister to the congregation


9:30: First prayers has been made and the Children choir are on the choir stand for their ministration to the congregation

9:21: Pastor Sam addressing the participants: “Today marks thirteen years and ten months this ministry was founded and we are virtually in almost every country of the world”

9:15: Pastor Sam welcoming the participants says: “It is here again, welcome to the Abuja 2016 International crusade”

“Wherever you are, our guests and invitees, we urge you to wave your hands to the Lord. On behalf of the General Pastor, we welcome you specially to the crusade because today is a day you shall be blessed because God has sworn to bless you.

Once again, we welcome you with the Chosen welcome anthem”

9:14: The moderator, pastor Sam Obijiaku is now on the podium

9:12: The arrival of Chosen evangelists has triggered an unprecedented vibration at the crusade ground. It’s such a site to behold.


8:52: Chorus leaders ministering now with the song “Jesus is marvelous”


8:15: The turn up is expected to be higher than all the crusades this year, speaking from the number of people already seated at the stadium

8:11: The weather is very bright and sunny and we hope it will continue like this to the end.

8:08: Chorus leaders led by Sister Ijeoma about to go on the choir stand to begin the choir ministration

8:00: We are live and…here we go!



  1. Nice work. Guess I don’t have to burn all my datat anymore to watch slow videos. But you guys need to advertise this so that more people will know and be reached.


  2. Admin why are not getting photo updates again like you did in the beginning? It will be better for us to make sense if the texts with photos too. All the same, you are doing a great work, keep it going sir.


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