Highlights of The Day 2 of the Lord’s Chosen Abuja 2016 International crusade


Unprecedentedly, the day’s programme, which is the grand finale of the programme, has come to an end with all the participants going home happily as they are sure that the God who swore to bless them indeed has blessed them assuredly.

The mad got cured, the lame walked, the blind saw, the deaf hears, the dumb speaks, so many miracles were recorded and many were delivered.

The Chosen Press team was live on the ground and brought you the complete update of the programme as it happens.

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We hope you got what you wanted and enjoyed the live updates of the programme. We promise to improve in many ways in our subsequent live updates and stories.

To know more about the church or about the press, visit any Chosen branch located close to you and be blessed.

We appreciate the effort put together by the Chosen Press, Abuja Bureau in making this a success, we say may God bless you all.

On behalf of the Entire Chosen Press, we say goodbye for now and remain blessed!

Scroll down to see minute-by-minute updates of the programme as it happened.

17:46: The grace has been shared, and the last day of the programme has come to an end.

17:29: G.O’s announcements after final prayers: “There will be a meeting with all the new comers tomorrow at the Chosen Abuja Headquarters, Jabi, Abuja, Lagos.

Also, There will be a general workers and pastors meeting holding also at the Chosen Abuja Headquarters, Abuja, Nigeria.

17:21: G.O’s announcements before final prayers: “There will be 2-day marriage coming up on 27th and 28th of October 2016 at the Chosen International Headquaters, Ijesha, Lagos.

Also, there will be another women programme tittled “Women thou has found favour” coming up just after the marriage seminar on 29th October 2016 at the International Headquaters, Ijesha, Lagos.

17:08: Last prayers ongoing…

16:28: G.O: “I don’t know what you are passing through, but today, your prayers shall be answered

16:25: G.O: “Because you are here, you shall laugh”

16:12: G.O: “The oil will thrive again, the nation shall be blessed, the country will bounce back economically again”

15:43: The miracle transformation of brother Danladi Nicholas after being delivered from 25 years madness. Only God can do this!

25 years madness instantly healed
Bro Danladi Nicholas standing on the podium after being delivered of 25 years madness
Bro Danladi Nicholas being shaved off his hairs after being delivered of 25 years madness
Bro Danladi Nicholas after his hairs has been shaved following his deliverance from 25 years madness

15:39: G.O: “Genesis 22:16, Exodus 19:5, Jeremiah 32:27, Titus 1:2 – From this chapters and verses I bring you the message titled “God has sworn to bless you part 2”

15:37: Prayers ends, Message begins

15:36: G.O: “Father, whosoever that needs deliverance today, Father I pray, take over their body, take over there soul, let them be delivered in Jesus name”

15:34: G.O: “Father I pray, whatever anybody connect to this programme has asked of you, Daddy, let it be granted unto them in Jesus name”

15:33 G.O: “Any covenant power that has been holding you, in the name of Jesus I declare you free”

15:30: G.O continues praying as more people keeps manifesting and falling down after contact with the power of the Holy Spirit

15:29: Singing: ‘I am what I am, I am what I am, Go and tell Pharaoh I am what I am’

15:28: G.O: “Anywhere you are being held, I command you right now to be losed in the name of Jesus!”

15:27: Singing: “There is power in the name of Jesus”

15:23: It’s an atmosphere of deliverance as the G.O continues praying. You can feel the presence of God all over the place as more people are being delivered from differnt bondage and chains of the devil

15:25: G.O “Any kingdom, any altar, any place, any oceam, spirit of death, ancestral spirit, spirit of course, spirit of sickness, I cast you out with Holy Ghost fire the name of Jesus Christ!”

15:22: It’s still happening! Many people manifesting as the G.O prays for the congregation

15:21: G.O “Any spirit, unclean spirit that has been hindering you from being successful and healthy in life, I cast it out in the name of Jesus!!”

15:20: G.O: “Put your hands on your chest as I pray for you”

15:19: Congregational prayers led by The G.O ongoing

15:17: WOOOWWW!!! Sister Bomofor Torukuru instantly healed of 20 years

15:16: Worship song being led by G.O ongoing as the congregation enters into the mode of prayers.

15:14: Mr. Danladi Nicholas, from Zonkwa in Kaduna state who will have previously reported below, is now being shaved off his grown hair which he carried when he was mad.


15:07: Brother Stephen Iseke has just been healed of 18 months diabetes

15:05: Another brother, Ibrahim Malami has just been healed instantly of five years deaf and dumb

15:03: Bro Benjamin Obiafuna after being healed instantly of stammering tongue, can now speak fluent

15:01: Sis Zainobi San has instantly been healed of 22 years deaf and dumb. She now speaking and responding to all the questions being asked

14: 43: A man, Mr. Danladi Nicholas, from Zonkwa in Kaduna state, has been instantly healed of 25 Years madness after pastor’s prayers

25 years madness instantly healed

14:40: WOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! Another man has just been healed of 30 years deaf and dumb. According to his family who brought him to the crusade ground, he has been deaf and dumb since birth but after G.O’s Declarations, 30 years later, he can now hear and talk. ONLY GOD CAN D THIS!!!

30 years deaf and dumb

14:38: A man has been healed of 20 years paralysis. According to him, he has not been able to walk for the past 20 years, but afre the G.O’s declaration now, he can walk on his own without any help from anybody or with any stick

14:35: It is really showers of miracles at the crusade ground as many people can be seen in jubilation mode after being healed of many sickness and diseases.

14:22: It’s Happening!!! The first sets of miracles are being recorded

14:20: The G.O Begins praying for the participants – The Blind, the sick, the lame, the deaf and dumb, hunch back, the weak and the helpless

14:19: The G.O is live on the pulpit!

14:16: Up next: Pastor’s Ministration

14:23: The last testifier for today before the General Pastor mounts the pulpit

14:00: The G.O is now live on the podium as second to the last testifier begins to testifier

13:52: The weather has cleared and the atmosphere here is friendly and cool. Testimony is still going on.

13:18: Testimonies returns

13:14: Choruses: “I am a Chosen by the Lord”

13:00: Offering Time – Offering being cast into the offering bags as announcements are being made

1:08: Sis Aucharia Amechi – 3 years spirit of prostitution, drinking and smoking cast out

1:00: Coming up next: First offering in today’s programme

12:55: Sis. Comfort Anosike – She testified of how God healed her of cancer that lasted for 20 years after General Pastor’s Declaration

12:45: The weather is changing and it’s becoming cloudy, but we are not shaken because the God we serve here is the God who know the best way to perfect His plans for us

12:40: Sis. Chidimma God’s Favour – Multiple fibroid healed, baby girl granted

12:15: Bro Nonso Onyia, Lokoja – 10 years frequent urinating healed

12:14: Sis Elizabeth Eze – 10 years paralysed hand, stroke healed fter the G.O’s declaration

12:13: Bro Gabriel Agbor – Helaed of paralysis that lasted for 18 months

12:09: Bro. Jubril Bello, Husband of the Sister Helen Jubril who testified below – He testified of how God healed him of chest pain after a man in suit appeared to the state pastor, pointed at him and instant the severe pains disappeared.

12:06: Sis. Helen Jubril, Kaduna – Severe headache healed, spirit of death gone.

She was also healed of serious convulsion that lasted for days

12:01: Bro Patrick Abraham, Abuja – 4 Months Affliction, paralysis, asthmatic cough all healed at the G.O declaration:

He Said “For 4 months, I have not walked, sleep or rest, but after G.O’s declaration yesterday, I can now walk and sleep like a baby, Chosen praise the Lord!!!”

11:40: Sis. Gloria – 18 Years deaf and dumb instantly healed during G.O’s prayers


11:39: Sis. Blessing Emmanuel – Moving object in the body instantly cast out after G.O’s prayers at the Kogi state crusade

10: 30: Bro Harun Is – His brother’s daughter’s paralysis healed

11:25: Bro Peter Okoko – 18 years madness of his relation gone

11:21: Sis Regina Idoko – 1 years frequent urinating healed

11:09: It is Testimony Time!

10:43: On the stage now is The duet sisters about to render their special rendition


10:41: The testimony stand is being set as the numerous testifiers queue up to testify after yesterday’s instant testimonies

10:36: The National Choir now dancing out of the stage with the special rendition of “Sorrow is Over”.

What a special ministration indeed.

10:35: Just we have prayed and hoped, the sun is finally reducing and the weather is becoming conducive enough

10:24: The Chosen National Choir ministering to the congregation.


10:21: The National Choir Ministering to the congregation: It’s like the heaven is about to open, judging from the atmosphere we are are experiencing here and the type of song being rendered by the Chosen National choir.

10:18: The sun is kind of getting hotter but the crowd who seem to be resilient are standing in it. But we do hope it will reduce soon.

10:16: The Central choir about to minister to the congregation as the PRO steps out.

10:11: The PRO Ministering to the congregation


9:56: The PRO begins their ministration with the song “Let’s go and evangelize the word”

9:50: The campus choir dancing out of the choir stand now as the PROs matches in to minister to the congregation

9:47: The Youth Choir ministering


9:39: The Youth Choir is dancing out while the Campus Choir is matching in to render their own special rendition

9:34: The Youth Choir Ministering


9:00 The Children has finished singing and the Youth Choir is now on the choir stand to minister

8:38: Pastor Sam: “We want to specially welcome all the guests and invitees, new commers and every person participating in this programme for the first time.

Stand on your feet and wave your hand to God.

If you are also following the programme through the internet, TV and any social media, kindly stand up on your feet and wave your hand to Glorify God.”

8:47: The Children choir is getting set to minister to the congregation. Dressed in sky blue, plain black trousers, black ties for the boys and black heard ties for the girls, the children are set to praise Him.

8:41: Singing welcome song: O yea people, the Lord’s Chosen, The Glory of the Lord, Come and make Jesus, King of Kings, make Jesus Kings of Kings, come and make Jesus, Lord of lords, Make Jesus Lord of lords

8:36: Pastor Sam: “If you are among the people that was touched and was healed yesterday during the G.O’s prayers, come out to the right hand side of the pulpit to testify to the goodness of God

8:34: The crowds are now returning to their seats as the moderator delivers the opening speech, addressing the participants

8:33: The moderator of the programme, Pastor Sam Obijiaku is now on the podium

8:31: It is very early and the stadium is almost filled up with participants who are very sure and certain that they will not leave the crusade untouched by the hand of God today

8:29: “Match am Match am” –  The ground seems to be going down with the leg of the thousands of participants heating the ground in jubilation and joy

8:25: Today’s programme began earlier than the 8:00 scheduled time and the restless participants are keeping the neighborhood shaken with shouts of joy and songs

8:21: Victor Edward on the programme: “Yesterday was awesome, and today I believe will be more than yesterday’s, the stadium is almost filled at this moment, and many are filled with joy and expectations

8:10: The Stadium is shaking like it going to fall from the foundation with the vibration and the matching of the teaming crowd around the stadium


7:58: The arrival of the Chosen evangelists and the inclusion of marmot crowd clapping and dancing is currently shaking the walls and pillars of the National stadium


7:47: Praise and worship has started with the song ‘Able God’

7:42: The stadium is getting quite busy and shaken with the arrival of participants and guests at the crusade ground. We expect today’s turn up to be massive and way higher than yesterday, which was also an unprecedented experience

7:34: Its a very sunny weather hear at the National stadium Abuja and the Choruses being led by The Chosen Nationa Chorus Leader, Sis. Ijeoma has began.



  1. An 18 years old girl speaks and hears after being deaf and dumb from birth? Wow! Truely only God can do this.


  2. Thanks for givung UA picture updates like yph promised. I’m happy for the improvement and I believe this will be better and much exciting with time


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