A Fallen Angel, Lucifer’s Assistant, Bama Kingdom Kingpin Becomes A Chosen

“But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

Chijioke, the fallen Angel testifying after being delivered

Deliverance is of God, for He has the power to free any human being including fallen angels from the bondage of Lucifer. It is His power that set me free from the bondage of the devil and made me a Chosen.

I was a fallen angel and through spiritual manipulation projected into my earthly mother’s womb who brought me into the earth. I became an agent of the kingdom of darkness right from my mothers womb.

In the spirit realm I was about 150 years but have lived just 17 years on this planet earth. In my preparation and training for the destructive assignment in this world, I acquired powers from Bermuda triangle, Indian ocean, blue sea and other kingdoms of darkness and goddesses. I was first dedicated to a god called ‘Nwa iwu chieze’ and this god my mother worships and I joined my mother in worshipping this god. From there I started worshipping the goddess of the same shrine. When I started worshipping the goddess, I was initiated into the main kingdom called the bama kingdom.

It was there I was first empowered and ranked to level 111, from there I started putting confusion in families, initiating people into the kingdom and causing accidents. As a faithful and wicked servant, I was immediately promoted to level 333. At this level, I was empowered to control the national and local demons. I was faithful and brave that Lucifer himself took a decision to uplift me to level 888. At this position I became the assistant in the kingdom. By this promotion I was given a name quindus and hindus. This name portrays me as an Aphrodite male and female at the same time.


My term of reference and rule of engagement at this level is to pull down churches. In this level I set out to my action and pulled down all the churches within my reach but they remained four churches.

However, out of these four I was able to pull down three through the use of ornaments such as weavon and other worldly fashions. It is only The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Movement that is the only ministry standing. The ministry continued to prove stubborn to both myself and the kingdom.

Other kingdom agents were complaining to me the havoc The Lord’s Chosen Ministry is causing in their various kingdoms. At this time, I set up a strategic plan to pull the ministry down. I appointed three agents to go into The Lord’s Chosen to pull it down. While I was to command and monitor them. As a commander, I commanded the first agent to come. She came and did all she could but failed. I was not satisfied but directed the second agent to go. The person came and failed also then I sent the last agent, when this one came, The Lord delivered her through a sister in The Lord’s Chosen. She became a Chosen. At the woeful failure of the three agents I took the decision to come down and do the pull down project myself as the second in command to the Lucifer


When I came down to the ministry in the pretext of being a member, I joined the Youth Security Department. There was a programme at Orlu then, I joined them to Orlu crusade. We stayed in the same camp. When I started my assignment, I tried all I could to reduce the power of God operating in the crusade and to cause confusion but I failed, the power I was encountering was too much for me to contend with. I was not happy because of my failure. Although I control local, national, international and foreign demons yet with all these powers at my disposal, I still failed in my assignment. When I failed, I took the decision to start again using the youths.


When I came down to Imo State, I joined The Lord’s Chosen in Owerri Municipal in the branch at Amaram Extension. In this branch many of their youths were initiated through my activities. Though many have fallen but I was not satisfied. I planned on the first day of this month of August. I wore my security uniform but came with my instruments of operation, I came down with these maps I am holding. That night, I could not operate, I had gathered powers from Bermuda triangle, blue sea and Indian ocean but the powers to contend with that night was too much for me.

There was another sister agent from another kingdom who came for a mission. At the release of power of God that night, she started manifesting and tried to expose the secrets of the kingdom but I rushed to her, spoke to her in demonic language, she understood me and bowed. When I came to her I said, let us put our golden fingers together and fight this night. As God had it, there were two brothers who never allowed a breathing space for me that night. They started deliverance on me that night. I battled fruitlessly until I bowed down that night.

I was not happy for my failure and I took the decision to leave my bag at the security office and left for home. With this bag in the church, my uncle will let me come back on Sunday for the combined service.


Prior to my coming back for the service on Sunday, I gathered powers and filled with powers. I came without Bible but loaded with evil powers. On my arrival to the church, I discovered the power of God was much for me to contend with. I could neither operate nor enter into the church service. I was only patroling outside till the end of the service. I took my bag and wanted to go home when God used one brother to hold me. He approached me saying he wanted to discuss something with me. Before I knew what was going on, deliverance had started on me. At that point, I did not know what happened. They later told me I jumped from the church gallery twice. I jumped the fence, displaying different illuminate signs. They told me the night was terrible. By the time I woke up the next morning, I was surprised to see myself inside the church instead of being at home. I could not walk. I was angry inside me though I was pretending to be happy with them.

That Monday, I went to sleep and in the process I went into the kingdom to gather more powers I collected powers from blue sea, Indian ocean, Bermuda triangle, River Niger, Red sea, Black man ocean, Atlantic ocean. I was filled with powers. I was told I was lying like a log of wood in the church. According to them one brother came and he started deliverance prayers while the prayer was going on I started manifesting. I tried my best but I failed, I was not happy for failing in my duty. My case was taken to the state Pastor. The Pastor told me my case would be treated on Thursday. Before the appointed Thursday, I went again to these places to gather the remaining powers from Indian ocean in preparation for the Thursday meeting.


Before the Pastor called me, I wrote a letter in demonic language, wrote it in the physical but a non-initiate will not understand it. Those in the kingdom will read and understand it.

While writing it here, the wordings will be registering in their papers in the demonic world. Few minutes after writing the letter, I was ushered into the Pastor’s office. They placed my chair close to the Pastor. As I sat down, I saw a pillar of fire sitting. I could not move close to him and I was drawing my chair away from him but he was urging me to come closer. The pillar of fire could not let me come closer. I saw fire released from him and I fell down. The battle started and I was calling for powers but all the powers I gathered hung in the air.

I tried to run but I could not run. I called on Lucifer, he appeared in the church but I saw another man in sparkling white garment. He went and chained Lucifer and he Lucifer could not do anything until I was given my freedom.  I have some maps I work with, there is map for local demons, the local demons are dangerous.

There is also national map for national demons; the demons here are very dangerous. I also included international demons in this map. This other map shows the god of thunder. The god we are using against this crusade is in this map. It is also called god of bundus. There is an owl that attacks The Lord’s Chosen ministry. Every time you hear a woman saying an owl came to disturb her. I remember that a woman killed an owl and testified in Lagos.

We use many of them to attack the church. We also have the map showing the water kingdom, the water nation. It is through this map we command marine rainfall to disturb the programmes of children of God.

This map shows the owl men that are in the Ogboni kingdom. The ogboni is under national. We have the map showing the Red sea, the Blue Sea and the Queen of the seas. We operate in these seas. We also have the great 666 also known as the illuminati. There is also the old beast, the god of the sun. In this map, there is an arrow pointing to The Lord’s Chosen we use the arrow to pull them down. Everything about The Lord’s Chosen is written in the kingdom map because they are stubborn, we call them trouble markers. If you look closer to the map, you will be seeing mountains, rivers, oceans, written in it. I operate specially with this map.

Also in the kingdom, I control the homosexuals and lesbians, these are the people that commit immorality in millions times, there is an image representation of myself in the kingdom, it shows half woman and half man. The map shows the image. It is called Quindus and Hindus, there are other materials showing in the map. The image looks funny but when it manifest in the kingdom of darkness you will understand the devil is wicked. But with God Almighty all things are possible.It is the power of God that made my deliverance possible.

There are other properties that are not here. When they are complete I will expose the kingdom of darkness more, for now I have to conclude this testimony. I thank God for my deliverance and from today henceforth I am a Chosen and will pitch my tent in the ministry for the rest of my life.

Answering a question, he said he had dislocation in the course of his deliverance when he was attempting to run away. He dislocated both legs but God of Chosen has healed the legs.

On the question about the arrow pointing to The Lord’s Chosen, he said that the arrow is in the small map. It is also in the album map. In the album map you see where it is written The Lord’s Chosen. It is the arrow we use against The Lord’s Chosen but we failed. The arrow means destruction, but God of Chosen did not allow the destruction.

On the operation in the second heaven, he said it is there discussions of mode of operations are discussed with top demons, fallen angels. We operate there because of the ministry of The Lord’s Chosen. In that second heaven the world presidents, governors that are against The Lord’s Chosen come there to hold conferences against The Lord’s Chosen. Our manipulation there is centred on how to pull down The Lord’s Chosen. It is there we use high demons for operations quality and standard demons but they are all counterfeit now because they have all failed.

The Lord knows why He delivered me because I was a lawful captive, the materials we put on for operation are in the second heaven and in the ocean. I will advise you to be careful in buying things in the market, things like DVD, cassettes, that are reigning are used by devil for initiation.

If you go round the whole world, bama kingdom is ruling other kingdoms even in the second heaven where the devil resides or the bermuda triangle. We produce things in the second heaven because that is where different powers reside.

In the second heaven we produce the necklace that has a cross, whoever buys the necklace and wears it has crucified himself to the demons in the second heaven. That is the meaning, here on earth we produce some slippers, the one reigning in this 2016 is called ‘yes and no’ kingdom. They come in black and white or red and white. When you put it on ‘yes’ and ‘no’ which means you like Christ but you pay allegiance to devil you are with the devil. In 2015 what was in vogue was Azonto purse it was meant for men. Men that use it either die in accident or end up in prison.

On the plan against Oguta crusade, he said there was a plan against both Oguta and Lagos crusades. Oguta is filled with  marine spirits and you can only see it with spiritual eyes. It is on this note the Lord spoke with the General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen to come and hold crusade in Oguta. The queen that controls Oguta Lake swore that The Lord’s Chosen would never hold crusade in Oguta. But the prayers of the intercessors shook Oguta. When I was with the intercessors, the tree of bundus was revealed to a sister, the tree will manufacture a woman, this tree could be found in the Island but the prayers of the intercessors withered the tree.

During their prayers there was a man that appeared in their midst that was like a pillar of fire. God has shown me He is the one that established The Lord’s Chosen. I joined The Lord’s Chosen August 2016. I have been coming other days, attending crusades at Mgbidi but I was coming as an agent. After my deliverance, I joined The Lord’s Chosen. I want the members to always pray for the General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen, he stands as a protective tree for all the members. It is his anointing we are protected, if one is faced with armed robbers and he shouts I am a Chosen the armed robber will bow and run, the kingdom of darkness goes ablaze through that declaration. Pray for The Lord’s Chosen General Overseer in heaven they have written over him, everyday young. I will expose them more when the materials are complete. I am a now a Chosen.

I thank God for the deliverance.

To God be the glory!

Brother Ononiwu Chijioke

Ahiazu Mbaise, Imo State


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