Highlights: Hope for the needy day 1


It was sweet, it was miracle-filled, and it was Holy Ghost powered.

The first day of the programme has come to an end but the echoes, the miracles, salvation, deliverance and the message would forever be written in the heart of the participants.

It started with people, all on high hopes, trooping into the auditorium in their tens and hundreds, and it later turned into a scene of mammoth crowd who can’t wait for the event to begin.

Many testimonies were recorded, ranging from the blind that began to see, the lame walking, the deaf and dumb began to speak and many were also delivered and salvation were given to thousands. In fact, the instant testimonies were too many that we could not be able to take all of it today and was postponed to tomorrow, the second and the last day which is the grand finale of the programme.

The Chosen Press Team brought you all the event as it is happening from the beginning to the end.

Scroll down for the highlights

Quick Facts

Hope for the Needy 2016 is the 8th Edition of the annual international programme organised by the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement.

The programme which was first held in April 2007 was initially called ‘Hope for the Barren‘ but was later changed and held again in November same year under the new name ‘Hope for the Needy’

The idea of the new name came up after many people misunderstood the title and thought it was only meant for barren women and women looking for the fruit of the womb. Since the new name was announced, it has remained the same and has become an annual international programme held every November of every year at the Chosen Revival ground, Ijesha Lagos, Nigeria

Flash back: Hope for the needy 2015

Refreshing our memory at the 2015 edition of the programme, we quickly want to remind you some of the testimonies that we recorded.

  1. Sister Faith Jurbe testified of how she was blessed with a baby boy and was also delivered from a ghastly motor accident while she was pregnant of her baby. God also gave her a new womb and blessed with fifteen classroom block.

  2. Brother Romanus Umahi Thanking God for healing him of kidney failure after sowing a seed of N300,000.

  3. Sister Blessing Chukwuemeka is thanking God for the grace to come out of wrong marriage after attending Lord’s Chosen. and later was blessed with a Chosen brother as Husband.

  4. Ibeku Kalu – 14 years yoke of barrenness broken

The Chosen Press team is live at the HQs to bring you minute-by-minute update of the event as it is happening.

Scroll down for live updates and don’t forget to refresh your browser or click HERE for fresh updates

17:45: The Grace has been shared

17:28: Final prayers ongoing

17:27: The congregation, charged and ready are now on their feet for the long awaited final prayers

17:25: COMING UP NEXT: Final prayers in today’s programme

17:24: Singing: “He has given me the Joy of my heart” as the offering is being cast into the offering bags

17:23: Final Offering ongoing

17:21: G.O praying on behalf of the people who give their lives to Christ today

17:20: Singing: “I surrender, I surrender all!”

17:18: Alter call ongoing

17:17: G.O praying for God’s forgiveness on behalf of the congregation

17:13: Happening now: Confessional prayers after message

16:57: 1st John 3:8-9 “8 He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil

Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.”

16:54: Salvation is underway as the G.O begins to round up the message.

16:20: G.O: Whatever you have lost, in the name of Jesus, after this programme, they will come back to you|”

16:11: Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (KJV)

16:09: G.O: “You can be anything, you can do anything, but as long as you are not born again, no matter what you are, you are a sinner”

16:02: The Topic of the message: “Hope for the Needy” Part 1

  • Point 1: The reasons and hope
  • Point 2: God’s promises for the needy and the benefits

15:53: Tears of joy roll down from one of the beneficiaries of instant miracle.


15:52: G.O begins message

15:39: Deliverance prayers by the G.O ongoing as the mamoth crowd stand in great expectation of the touch of the Holy Spirit

15:24: The receivers of instant testimonies are too many that the G.O has to ask the ushers to give just few of them opportunity to testify while the rest will testify in subsequent meetings

15:22: Instant miracle beneficiaries now mounting the stage to testify

15:21: Wherever you are watching from Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, USA, London, all Over America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, anywhere I declare you free in Jesus name!

15:19: G.O Singing: “Amen, Jesus said Amen”

15:18: Instant miracles ongoing as many people who could not walk before were seen raising their crutches up as they walk to the front of the pulpit

15:10: G.O: “If you brought somebody that is not walking, somebody that is lame or paralyzed, anybody that is deaf or dumb, any person that is dead, go near to the person and check on them now”

“Wherever you are, you don’t need to much prayer, rise up you are healed

15:09: The G.O is now live on the pulpit

The General Overseer, The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Pastor Lazarus Muoka

15:07: Corection: That was the last testifier that went up to the stage not second to the last. We sincerely apologise for that error.

14:58: Second to the last testifier on the stage now

14:25: 21 – Sister Paulin Samuel

  • Salvation granted to self and Family
  • 10 years tuberculous healed
  • Saved from armed robbers after declaring she is a Chosen

14:24: 20 – Bro Chijioke Obasi

  • Paid N50,000, God connected him to importers who supplied him with goods.
  • Own land and house granted

14:10: Testiony continues

13:51: OFFERING TIME: First offering in today’s programme is being cast into the offering bag as the song “All I have is given to me by the Lord”goes on

13:46: There was a very quick and heavy revival in the auditorium now as the congregations matches out to praise God after listening to a mouth-watering miracle

13:19: 19 – Sister Yuguda Ijari

  • 7 years barrenness broken
  • Female child granted

13:17: 18 – Sister Fumilayo Ivundah

  • Sleeplessness removed from the husband
  • Children become Chosen

13:16: 17 – Sister Precious Nelson

  • Leg pains gone

13:06: 16 – Sister Mary Atuenyi

  • Partial blindness healed

13:05: 15 – Sister Tobechukwu Dominion

  • Strong evil man died

13:04: 14 – Sister Bose Ayivi

  • Many years asthmatic cough rolled away

13:02: 13 – Bro Cosmas Isreal

  • Miracle accomodation granted
  • Favour with N30,000
  • 25 years moving object, waist pain for 30 years healed
  • Various sicknesses cast out

13:45: 12 – Bro John Igwebuike

  • Six years debt paid
  • Sowed for work of God, contract worth millions of Naira granted

13:43: 11 – Sister Irabor Blessing

  • Evil snake killed

13:42: 10 – Sister Elizabeth Ihejika

  • Saved from armed robbers
  • Favoured with a smart phone

13:40: 9 – Sis Irene Samuel

  • Spirit of death, HBP, low sugar level, all cast out
  • Promotion granted

13:38: 8 – Bro Pedro Shankyor

  • Miracle cars granted
  • Contract worth N250,000 granted
  • Multiple Financial favours granted

13:36: 7 – Sister Agbolo Jacinta

  • Favoured with N150,000 after evangelism for Hope for the Needy crusade

13:34: 6 – Bro Uche Harrison

  • Saved from armed robbers
  • Armed robbers gun faile to penetrate his body
  • Lost luggage returned to his house

12:00: 5. Sister Chika Ukaegbu

  • University admission granted

11:59: 4. Bro Paul Ibeh

  • Eye problem healed after pastor’s prayers

11:55: 3. Bro Oluchkwu Lazarus

  • Electical job contract worth over N1m granted after pastors prayers
  • Miracle land granted
  • Own land granted

11:46: 2. Bro Kingsley Emenike Udezue


  • Seven years asthmatic cough healed
  • Moving object cast out
  • Appetite restored
  • Spirit of death cast out after Pastor’s declaration

1. Sister Abraham Dauraude

  • Miracle job granted even without application
  • Contract worth N150,000 granted
  • Bleeding ceased after the Abuja crusade

11:32: …And it is TESTIMONY TIME

11:30: 2017 has been declared as the year of “Dominion, Blessing and Honour”

11:10: At the stage now are the duet sisters about to minister

11:09: In a very short time, the title of the 2017 almanac will be announced and the moderator is urging the members and participants to get one as soon as it is out

11:07: Announcements underway as testifiers get set to mount the podium

11:04: The Central Choir’s ministration has come to an end and the Moderator is back on the podium urging those who wish to testify to meet the testimony interviewers to register and testify to the Glory of God

10:50: The Lord’s Chosen Central Choir otherwise known as the Adult Choir Ministering to the congregation


10:47: The PRO group dances out of the stage as the Central Choir comes up to minster

10:43: Quick Look:  A flash back to the all-smiling faces of the Central Choir matching into the National Stadium, Abuja, during the programme ‘God has sworn to bless you|” held on 22nd and 23rd October 2016 at the National Stadium, Abuja, Nigeria


10:36: The participants have been revived even more withe the reviving song from the PRO group of the church with song “On the higher level”

10:12: The Ministration of the Public Relations Officers, PRO Group


10:08: Correction: It is the PRO ministering not the adult Choir

10:07: The moderator making few announcements as the PRO gets set

10:05: The Youth Choir matching out of the stage after rendering a very reviving song as the PRO mounts the stage to begin their ministration

9:53: Youth Choristers ministering to the glory of God with the song “The Only Hope for the Chosen ones”


9:52: The Chosen Youth Choir now at the stage to minister to the congregation

9:38: The ministration of special squad known as Chosen Police Evangelistsimg_7280

9:31: NEW ENTRY: Newly formed police choir comprising the members of the Nigeria police Force about to minister to the congregation

9:24: Children choir singing: “Oh! Sinners come back to me”

9:22: The Children Choir Ministering to the congregation


9:17: Prayers made for the G.O and his family:

Singing: “I will never go empty handed”

9:15: For the live video stream of the video, you can visit www.thelordschosenworld.com and watch the programme live

9:13: Prayers has ended and the children choir are now on the stage to render their songs

9:06: The moderator now praying to the congregation

9:05: The children choir getting ready to mount the stage to minister to the congregation

9:03: Congregation song: He has made me glad!

9:01:About to go into prayer session as the moderator urges the congregation to rise on their feet and be in the mood of prayers

8:52: The congregation rises to sing the welcome song as they welcome their first time comers to the day’s programme

8:48: The moderator, Pator Sam Obijiaku, is now life on the podium.

Addressing the participant, he said “God will bless you in this programme, today and tomorrow

8:45: Pastor Sam: “Go to the testimony stand if you have testimony, because the blessing is for you and your family to take”

8:44: Just like we expected, the auditorium is heating up as the chorus leaders continue to render their special songs

8:33: You can also follow Live updates via the social media by following us on the platforms below:

  • Twitter: @TheChosenPress
  • Facebook: The Chosen Press
  • Instagram: @TheChosenPress

8:11: The weather is very favourable and participants are trooping into the auditorium in dozens and the worship is still ongoing

8:02: The Chorus leaders are now on the podium to begin praise and worship as the programme gets under way

The stage is set, the weather is cool, and we are up and running!



  1. Good morning Signor!

    You can visit http://www.thelordschosenworld.org/media_tv.php to watch the programme live.

    You can follow the live updates of the Grand Finale on https://chosenpresscom.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/live-hope-for-the-needy-day-2

    Thanks and pls invite others to visit http://www.chosenpress.com for all the latest updates, information, exclusive testimonies, news from the HQ and from the Lord’s Chosen Worldwide

    Remain blessed!


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