Would-Be Priestess Of Nweke Shrine Renounces Position, Becomes A Chosen

Sister Amaka Paul came from Epe Automous Zone. She is a native of Abakaliki – Ebonyi State.


She testify of how God delivered her from the hand and shrine of the devil and how she renounced her position as the priestess of Nweke shrine. Read her testimony below.

“I appreciate God for delivering me from ancient kingdoms my grandfather dedicated me to become their priestess as the first grandchild. The kingdoms consisted of witchcraft, python, marine etc. I grew up and got married. The man that held the position, waiting for me to grow up and take over got angry because I was not supposed to marry. At that point, he gave me three years and I would die and return to them. The first year, I became paralyzed. Because of the paralysis, my husband came to this ministry on 31st December 2006. He bought a cassette as he was coming home titled “Mightier than All” that was organized at Onitsha. When he came home and slotted the cassette in, I saw our G.O. He was praying and commanding the spirit of paralysis to come out. Quickly, the thing that got me paralyzed gradually, moved out of my leg. That was how I got up and started walking.

The next day being 1st January 2007, I prepared and came here with my husband. As I came here, God perfected the healing. The general Pastor prayed other prayers and I fell under anointing the whole day. In the night, I slept and the old man came and said that he wanted to take me away. He asked me why I went to that place (Chosen). I asked him where? He said I left him and that I’m his wife. That I left him and went to a place I was not suppose to go. For that reason, he had come to take me. I said, “But, I’m married. I have a child for my husband and am pregnant again. I don’t know you”. He pursued me into the forest and a very tall man on white garment appeared.

He asked me why I was my running. I told him that a man was pursuing me. He now told me to stop. Then he asked the man why he was pursuing me. He said that I was his wife but I left him and went to another man, and that I was holding his property. The man on white garment asked, “Where is the property?” The man pointed at my chest.The white garment man asked him, can you take it without hurting her? He said yes. He told him to take it. The man stretched his hand to my chest and removed a stone stained with blood. The angel now turned back to me and said “My daughter, you have won. He would not pursue you again”.

Three years ago, when my mother suddenly died without sickness or anything, I got angry because almost everybody in the family was dying and they said it was my turn. The cause of these deaths was the idols that my father served. When my grandfather refused to serve this ancient shrine, they struck him with madness and he lived in the forest for twenty-two years. When eventually his mother found him and brought him home, I was the first- grandchild that was given birth to and I wasto take over from him. So after my mother’s death three years ago, I locked up myself in a room and began to pray to God to empower me. And in a dream, our general Pastor appeared and prayed for me and a live mammon came out from my anus and began to cry, asking the G.O where it would go. The G.O told it to go to the bottomless pit. But the mammon was arguing that where it was cast out from was his abode but, the G.O replied that her body (referring to me) is the temple of God now.

Eventually, the mammon cried, and cried and then disappeared. That was how God granted me victory and empowered me. I went to the village and destroyed the shrine and built an altar of holiness for the living God there, showing that the whole family has decided to serve God there. But, that man that held the position for me when I was small heard of it and became angry. He went and rebuilt it and consequently, he had accident. Right now, he is a Christian. While this kingdom lasted, they tormented me to the extent that I would be walking on the road and they would attack me. I would be the only one seeing them but now God has delivered me from their hands.

In another development, two weeks ago, when our general Pastor declared Ebonyi State Crusade, I went home and carried all the members of my family to the crusade because it is either late marriage or broken marriage that is keeping my family members in bondage. When I carried them to the crusade, our general Pastor prayed and something happened.

In the night, I had a dream. I was walking. It was like in the village and I saw a log of wood along the road. As I was approaching the log of wood, it turned to a python and the python transformed to a small boy. The boy was holding a bag and he said, “I am the Nweke”. In my family, their name is Nweke but my grandfather did not answer that name. The Nweke is the name of the python controlling that kindred. So, that is what everybody in that kindred is answering and it was causing havoc in the whole family. So, that python- turned -little boy said he is the ‘Nweke’ and the glory of the family am looking for is in that bag and he is not going to release it for me. I began to pursue him. God helped me and I collected the bag from the boy and handed it over to my younger brother and we beat the boy to death. Suddenly, I woke up from the dream and began to praise God.

After that day, my younger brother whose money was hanging as a result of these wicked powers got his money released. That money was seven million naira which he was to use to start up something. It was one of the reasons I travelled, believing that something must be done. Truly, that money has been released and the boy has started something.

Also, my dad has been trying to marry but, the woman has been rejecting him. After the Ebonyi crusade, God has connected my dad to another woman and everything about the marriage rites will soon be concluded. And those that were divorced, God brought them together.

After the crusade at Ebonyi, on Wednesday of the following week, I boarded a G.U.O bus to return to Lagos. On reaching to Enugu/Onitsha Expressway, our bus ran into armed-robbers. These armed robbers were many, more than fifteen of them. They were all masked, with heavy guns. Before we reached them, they were already operating on three buses. All the passengers of the three buses were lying flat on the expressway, and the robbers were robbing. When we saw what was happening, I began to call upon the God of my Pastor, telling Him that I have so much boasted with His name. That He has to prove that I’m His daughter. Quickly, as the driver noticed that they were armed-robbers, he tried to reverse but the steering hooked and two of the robbers caught up with our bus, held the driver and beat him up. They collected all the money they gave him for fuel and road expenses.

When they finished with the driver, they came to the passengers’ door, began to hit the door and opened it. Immediately, the spirit of the Lord entered me and I jumped down and began to declare and asked, “Where is the God of my Pastor power?” Then, another power entered me and I was speaking in tongues. Fiercely, I held the robber with the gun and was pushing him up and down.

Then the man said, “Madam is ok, go back to the bus.” Then he spoke to the other man in Hausa and quickly, all of them ran into the bush. That was how the operation ceased. Immediately they left, I called the people in our bus to get up so that we could go. When we eventually got into the bus, the passengers began to ask me whom I was calling. I told them I was calling the God of Chosen. They asked, what was inside me? I told them that the power of God of Chosen was in me. They said there is power in Chosen and that, they have been hearing it but didn’t believe it but now have believed. So they appreciated God. And I invited many of them to Chosen and they agreed to come.

When we eventually returned to Lagos, the manager of G.U.O motors later called me to appreciate me but I told him, not me but the God of Chosen. He should go and appreciate the God of Chosen.

At this juncture, I thank God so much for what He has done for us. I pray that God will continue to empower my G.O and I also pray heaven at last for him and the Chosen worldwide, in Jesus name.
Praise the Lord!”

Sister Amaka Paul.


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