WONDERS! Dead sister restored back to life

Sister Gift Nkanana Akpan mounted the testimony podium with sister, Eno-obong Eno-obong. They are from Akwa-Ibom State.


Sister God’s Gift is thanking God for restoring her sister back to life. This thing happened yesterday (26th November 2016) night. Suddenly, she passed out, as she made attempt to go to toilet.

They began to call upon the God of Chosen to intervene so that they would not be put to shame. Sister Gift called upon her State Pastor but his phone was not going.

Then, she made attempt to call another pastor and her phone went dead. At this juncture, she remembered that our general Pastor has cancelled our names from the register of death.

With this belief, she told God that her sister would not die. As she was praying and crying unto God, Sister Eno-Obong came back to life.

She is glorifying the Lord for what He has done. May His name be magnified in Jesus’ name. She prayed heaven at last for the General Pastor and all the Chosen worldwide, in Jesus name.
Praise the Lord!

Sister Gift Nkanana Akpan
Akwa-Ibom State.


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