Highlights of Only God Can Do This 2016 (Day 1)

The children choir coordinator, Little brother Ebube Afamefuna from Ajamgbadi
The children choir coordinator, Little brother Ebube Afamefuna from Ajamgbadi. Photo: Emmafresh/The Chosen Press

The first day of the programme has come to an end, but the event can never be easily wiped off the mind of the participants.

It was an awesome experience and it’s going to be a kind experience the participants will forever remember because of the miracles, the message and and then, that experience of being in the presence of God.

Chosen Press will be live tomorrow, the finale and grand finale of the programme to give you live updates of the programme.

You can still join us in the following platforms:

Website: www.chosenpress.com
Twitter: @TheChosenPress
Instagram: @ChosenPress
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On behalf of the team here at the headquarters and contributors from other places, we say a very big thank you for participating in this event and may God bless you abundantly.

Don’t forget to join us once again tomorrow by 7:00am.

17:57′ …And that is the end of the first day of the programme titled ‘Only God can do this’.

The G.O closes the programme with the song ‘We depend only you, the God of Chosen’

17:56′ The G.O has share the grace after praying to the participants and the new born babies

17:42′ HAPPENING NOW: Last child dedication in the headquarters in the year 2016

17:22′ Prayer session lead by the G.O ongoing

17:19′ Offering being cast into the offering basket with the song ‘Give, it shall be given unto you’ ongoing


17:15′ G.O praying for the congregation which is to be followed by the last offering of the day offering

17:11′ Altar call ongoing

17:07′ COMING UP SHORTLY: Second and last offering in today’s programme which will be followed by prayers by the G.O, Pastor Lazarus Muoka

17:06′ Congregational prayers for mercy ongoing.

The prayers is lead by the G.O

16:52′ COMING UP NEXT: Last Child dedication in the year 2016

16:49′ Salvation message ongoing

16:24′ The Message

  • Topic: Only God can do this (Part 1)
  • Text: Mathew 8:23-32, Mathew 17:15-18, Mathew 19:26, Luke 1:37

14:39′ G.O praying to the participants present at the Headquarters (HQs) and all over the world

14:35′ The congregation now in the mood of prayers as the G.O leads in the worship session

14:34′ Coming up shortly: The Message

14:32′ Prayers and worship lead by the G.O

14:11′ G.O carrying out deliverance and healing prayers on the congregation

14:06′ G.O now on the podium

13:41′ Second to the last testifier

13:15′ Screenshots of the women leaders during their special thanksgiving offering


13:07′ ONGOING: Special thanksgiving by Lagos state women leaders of the Lord’s Chosen

13:01‘FLASH BACK: In case you missed it, here is the video of The Lord’s Chosen Campus choir ministering at the 14th anniversary of the Lord’s Chosen

12:58′ COMING UP NEXT: Special thanksgiving by pastors’ wives

12:55′ Offerings being cast into the offering basket as the song ‘He has given me the joy of my heart’ goes on.

12:50′ G.O praying over the offerings

12:47′ Offering Time: The first offering in today’s programme ongoing

Some of the testimonies so far.

1. Bro Peter Godwin – Badagry branch

  • Spirit of masturbation rolled away
  • Smoking and drinking of alcohol ceased

2. Bro Magnus Chukwu

  • Favour of N100,000.00 after paying N2,000.00 for the work of God

3. Bro Tochukwu Ikegbo

  • Deliverance from attack of neighbour after G.O’s declaration

4. Sis. Judith Mba

  • Salvation granted to family
  • Blessed with a bouncing baby girl

11:08′ It’s testimony time!

10:46′ The duet sisters leaves the stage after a very wonderful ministration with a strong message

10:42′ COMING UP NEXT: The testimony

10:35′ The Lord’s Chosen central choir rendering their heavenly song to the congregation.

10:00′ Ministering now is the Chosen PRO group

9:53′ The youth Choir ministering to the congregation


19:46′ On the stage is the youth choir ministration the song titled ‘God of Abraham’

19:43′ The Campus choir leaves the stage after a wonderful ministration


9:17′ The children choir ministering to the congregation


9:07′ Congregational prayers ongoing as the children choir mounts the stage

9:00′ Coming up next: Choir ministrations

8:53′ Pastor Sam calling on all new participants, guests and all those joining for the first time from anywhere around the world to be on their feet as we sing a joyful welcome song from the Revival ground here in Ijesha Lagos, Nigeria.

8:46′ What a better way to celebrate Christmas.

The one kilometer auditorium, which is almost filled up, is experiencing heavy revival and voice of praises by the joyful participants who has come to praise God for keeping us all till this day.

8:49′ The programme moderator, pastor Sam Obijiaku is now on the podium with a welcome address to the congregation

8:40′ Revival must go on! It’s happening

8:24′ Time for praises and choruses

8:23′ Opening prayers lead by sister Ijeoma

8:22′ Time of Worship

7:00′ Good morning!

A very warm welcome to the last programme of the the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement at the Chosen Revival Ground, Ijesha Lagos Nigeria.

  • Title: Only God can do this
  • Venue: The Chosen Revival ground, 10 Odofin park estate, along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, by Ijesha bus stop, Amuwo Odofin Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Time: 8:00

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