Only God Can Do This 2016 (Day 2)

Pastor Lazarus Muoka, founder, General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement

It started with celebration, it ended with celebration, and we praise God.

It was not just a programme; it was a celebration of the powerful and wonderful deeds of the God of Chosen who has led us up to this level and to the end of the year.

The programme ended with jubilations and joy marked with dance, praises and testimonies.

Highlights of the programme includes instant miracles which saw many people receive their healing including the blind that began to see, the lame that began to walk, the deaf and dumb started hearing and speaking, the weak regained strength, pains were stopped and many where healed of their many diseases.

Also during the programme, many people that have been wallowing in sin received salvation. Many who have been in the bondage and chain of the wicked one and the manipulation of the devil were also delivered and set free.

There was also special thanksgiving which saw all the departments, lead by their leaders coming out to give thanks unto the Lord for bringing us to this level and sustaining us through the years and giving us the grace to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the movement.

We specially want to thank you for being part of this from the past three days and making this a success. We pray God see you through in anything you and answer you when you call

We will be live again at the Mgbidi 2017 international programme titled ‘What God Has Determined Shall Be Done.

Date: Friday, 6th – Sunday 8th January 2017

Venue: The Chosen International Secondary School, Mgbidi Imo state, Nigeria

Time is 8:00am and the Chosen Press will be live from 7:00am to bring you the programme from the beginning till the end.

You can always visit for testimonies, news, photos, videos and other information coming from the Revival Ground, Lagos and from all the Chosen branches all over the word.

Have any tips, ideas, comments, contributions, inquiries, correction or any other information for us? Contact us now.

On behalf of the team here at the headquarters and contributors from other places, we say a very big thank you for participating in this event and may God bless you abundantly.

Goodbye for now and God bless you.

Scroll down for the updates of the programme.

18:44′ With the song ‘We depend only on you, the God of Chosen’ lead by the G.O we wrap up today’s programme.

18:43′ Announcing the Mgbidi 2017 International programme titled ‘What God has determined shall be Done’

18:41′ G.O concludes all the prayers with the song ‘Amen, Jesus say Amen’

18:37′ Congregation continues praying for the grace and mercy of God upon G.O’s family

18:37′ Congregation praying for the G.O for strength, spiritual healing, fresh and more anointing and the grace of God.

18:34′ G.O praying finally for the congregation and for all the participants from all over the world.

18:16′ Missed the special thanksgiving and how it went down? Don’t worry, we are bringing you a special Thanksgiving ‘Gallery’ publication where we would give you more insight accompanied with photos, videos and graphics of how it happened.

The publication will be on the 1st Edition of Time of Visitation in 2017 and it will also be featured here on

18:11′ G.O commanding healing upon all those that sick of any disease.

‘I pray as you come to this Revival ground today, I don’t care about any sickness you carried to this place, I don’t what you are suffering from, I don’t want to know how long you have been suffering from that terrible diseases, I place course upon that problem today. You shall not go out of this place with it in Jesus name.

18:06′ G.O has finished praying over the offerings and it is being cast into the offering bags with the song ‘Give, it shall be given unto you’

18:04′ Prayers has ended and IT IS OFFERING TIME

18:03′ G.O interceding on behalf of the prayers.

18:01′ Congregation singing ‘I Surrender Lord’

18:01′ COMING UP SHORTLY is the last offering in today’s programme which is to be followed by congregation prayers

17:59′ Congregational prayers for mercy led by the G.O ongoing

17:36′ G.O has started salvation as participants looks charged and ready for the Revival hourimg_6611

16:43′ We are still accepting volunteers.

Are you a chosen, are you interested in working for God and spreading his message and sharing the wonder works He is doing in Chosen, do you have any Idea or have something in Mind to contribute to make this bigger? We we want you.


If you are interested, you can come over to the Press office at the Chosen Revival Ground, the international headquaters located at 10 Odofin park estate, along Oshodi-Apapa Express way, by Ijejsha Bus Stoop, Amuwo Odofin Lagos.

Or CLICK HERE to fill out a form

16:17′ Message ongoing

  • Topic: Only God can do this (part 2)
  • Texts: Mathew 8:23, Mathew 17:14-20, Mathew 19:26, Luke 1:3-7

16:09′ Happening now: The Message

15:44′ G.O praying for the participants.

By faith, you will receive your healing and deliverance no matter wherever you are right now just as it is happening here in Jesus name

15:20′ Jubilation following the instant miracles happening as the G.O prayers


15:12′ G.O praying for healing and deliverance upon the participants

15:10′ G.O is on the pulpit


14:27′ Last testifier in today’s programme on the podium

12:56′ Grand breaking special thanksgiving ongoing with almost of the church departments coming out including the church council

COMING UP SHORTLY: Special thanksgiving by chorus leaders

12:57′ G.O praying over the hands raised up for offering and to even those who are unable to give to the Lord today

12:25′ IT’S OFFERING TIME: first offering in today’s programme

11:21′ The campus Choir during their ministration earlier on the programme

The Chosen Campus Choir ministering during the programme 'Only God can do this'

11:34′ Offering being cast into the offering basket as the song ‘Chosen for glory’ goes on

11:58′ TESTIMONIES ongoing

10:55′ The duet sisters leaves the stage as testifiers gets set to mount the podium

10:47′ COMING UP SHORTLY: Exclusive interview with the G.O, Pastor Lazarus Muoka

10:34′ The Lord’s Chosen Central Choir Ministering to the congregation

The Lord’s Chosen Central Choir Ministering to the congregation

10:29′ On the stage now is the Chosen Central Choir ministering to the congregation

10:14′ Pastor Lazarus Muoka, founder, General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement dancing to the congregation

10:05′ Heavy revival and jubilation marked with dance and clapping as the General Overseer, pastor Lazarus Muoka comes to the podium to dance

10:38′ Coming up shortly is a special ministration by the Duet Sisters

10:04′ The PRO group ministering to the glory of GodPRO group of the Lord's Chosen

10:03′ NEXT is the choir ministration by the Chosen Central Choir

9:49′ COMING UP NEXT: Choir ministration by the Lord’s Chosen PRO group

9:45′ The youth Choir ministration to the congregation


9:34′ The Campus choir leaving the stage as the Youth choir gets set for their ministration

9:20′ The children choir ministering to the congregation


9:15′ The children choir leaving the stage as the Chosen Campus choir gets set for their ministration

7:00′ Good morning!

A very warm welcome to the last programme of the the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement at the Chosen Revival Ground, Ijesha Lagos Nigeria.

  • Title: Only God can do this
  • Venue: The Chosen Revival ground, 10 Odofin park estate, along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, by Ijesha bus stop, Amuwo Odofin Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Time: 8:00


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