Highlights: Mgbidi 2017 – What God has Determined Shall be Done (Day 1)



What God has determined shall be done, it doesn’t matter if it’s the will of man or not, but as Long as God has determined it, it shall surely come to pass.

The first day of the programme, which is regarded by both Chosen and None Chosen members as the Biggest programme by the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement every year has come to an end but the testimonies, the miracles, the healings, deliverances, salvation and many more signs and wonders will never be forgotten in the minds and hearts of the participants who came with many problems and cases which they presented to God.

The first day of the programme started with the mammoth crowd, who has waited for so long for this power packed crusade dancing and singing to the glory of God for the grace and opportunity to be able to see the year 2017 and for making it possible for them to be able to attend the crusade.

One of the most outstanding things includes the wonderful rendition by Philippines Choristers who ministered to the congregation with Igbo – a language that is foreign to them.

The Philippines Choir rendered the song titled ‘Odo Mmiri Bethsaida’

Another unexpected moment that would not be easily forgotten is the moment the Chinese Choir mounted the stage. Just like their Philippine counterparts, they performed and ministered to the congregation in a way that shocked everyone that listened to their ministration.

In the day’s programme, many miracles and testimonies were recorded. Below are some of the testimonies recorded.

Bro.  Victor Sunday -10yrs stomach ulcer rolled away and been saved from death

Sis. Favour Ibeh – From rivers state testified of the galore of miracle granted to her by God of chosen, fibroid knocked out, yoke of limitation broken, husband granted, financial breakthrough ,a duplex, 22 plot of land and been made an importer.

Bro. Goya Friday – Salvation of the soul granted, spiritual attacked ceased, been made the owner of many houses.

Sis. Rosaline Ojeladi – From ogun state thank God for breaking the yoke of poverty in her life and granting her a miracle house.

Bro. Emma Onyema – Salvation of soul granted, grace to preach the gospel granted, favour of 1.5m and establishment of a new business all by God of chosen.

Bro. Joseph Ohaeri –From Anambra state received 600,000 after supporting the work of God with 100,000 for the crusade.

Sis.Obeh Fidelis- From Edo State, yoke of delay in conception broken, fibroid uprooted, bouncing baby girl granted.

Sis Glory Dickson- From Port Harcourt thank God for breaking the yoke of death of her husband after the death of two consecutively.

Sis Ukamaka Ani – Delivered from Ezenweayin, husband delivered from drunkenness.

Sis Edith Ibobo  – Thank God for breaking the yoke of delay in marriage. Wedded at the age of 52, favour of 100,000 granted.

Bro Peter Ovu – Saved from death through from scaffold in on ongoing building, saved from building a house for a ritual prophet who buried human beings in the church foundation and delivered from spirit of death.

Bro Usman Ali – converted from Islam to Christianity, deliverance from been drowned in the high sea by the angel of our pastor due to his detention in an Arabic country.

Bro Uchena Onyekam – Thank God for blessing him with 324,000 after sowing a seed of one chair, healed from high blood pressure, sowed another 25,000,favoured with 560,000.

Sis./Bro  Uche Esther-from rivers state delivered from the yoke of 15yrs barrenness  from their life

The Chosen Press brought you the programme live and we once again apologise for the slow updates which was due to technical issues but it has been resolved. We promise to bring you the continuation of the programme in full and detailed.

On behalf of the The Lord’s Chosen Press and Information, we say a big thank you and God bless you abundantly for being part of this. We hope all the prayers and declaration by the G.O will come to past in your life.

We will be back tomorrow for the second day of the programme which has been determined by God to be Holy-Ghost packed to bring you the live updates and highlights.

Thank you again and God bless.

Scroll down for the highlights of programme.

The final prayers has been concluded, the grace has been shared, the G.O concludes the prayers with the song ‘The God of Chosen prayers answers prayers’

19:15′ Final prayers ongoing

19:08′ Participants raise their hands as the song ‘I surrender goes on’

19:07′ Alter call ongoing

19:04′ Salvation message ongoing as the congregation gets set for final prayers

18:51′ It’s Message Time

  • Topic: What God has Determined Shall be Done
  • Texts: Gen. 18:9-10, Gen. 21:1-6, Isa. 46:911, Luke 1:37, Luke 1:45-46

18:39′ We sincerely apologise for the sudden offline which was due to the network and technical issues caused by the poor network connectivity in the area.

We are fully back online and we promise to bring you the rest of the programme in full.

You can come back to this page for the complete highlights of the day’s programme including testimonies, pastor’s declarations, choir ministrations and the complete details of how the first day of the programme went.

12:32′ The Choir Ministrations continues and the atmosphere is warm

12:25′ Garbon Choir group ministering to the congregation

12:54′ The Ghana Choir group now on the stage ministering to the Glory of God


11:44′ ANNOUNCEMENT: You can now get the Lord’s Chosen Daily Divotion on Google Play Store.


11:17′ The Lord’s Chosen children Choir ministering to the congregation


11:09′ Good news! A bouncing baby girl has just been given birth to on the crusade ground (Pics coming shortly)

10:57′ The Ghana Central Choir ministering to the congregation

Ghana Centreal Choir at Mgbidi 2017

10:21′ The Children choir now on the stage ministering to the congregation

10:07′ Opening prayers has ended and announcements ongoing

9:56′ Opening prayers lead pastor Sam Obijiaku ongoing as the choirs get ready to minister

9:50’ Good Morning our readers around the world!

We happily welcome you to this great event; Mgbidi 2017 – What God has determined shall be done.

The Chosen Press is live on ground to bring you the updates and keep you connected from anywhere you are around the world.

The programme begins by 8:00am and the venue is at the Mountain Top, The Chosen International Secondary School, by Uguta Junction, Mgbidi Imo state, Nigeria.



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