Highlights: Mgbidi 2017 – What God has Determined Shall be Done (Day 2)


Truly, what God has determined in the life of people are reaching its determination.

The day 2 of the programme began with Choruses which was led by the Chorus leader and was participated by almost a million participants who came out very early to take their positions for the great power packed programme which God has promised that He will use to bless and deliver His people.

The opening prayers were conducted by the moderator, pastor Sam Obijiaku.

One of the things that graced the day’s programme was the choir ministrations by choristers who came from many countries including UK, Ghana, USA, Philippines, Togo, Equatorial Guinea, China, etc who God used to move and bless the crowd.

There was some special guests who came from different states within the country that attended the programme, including  The Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Bayelsa Chapter, Arch. Bishop Jacob P. Akpiri, who during an Interview with Journalists stated that he was a partaker of the previous day’s declarations by the General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

During pastor’s prayers, many people received instant miracles.

During the G.O’s declarations, the sick was healed, the deaf and dumb heard and spoke, the lame, the paralyzed walked, the blind began to see, the weak received strength, salvations were granted among so many signs and wonders performed through the servant of God.

The message, which was brief but straight to the point ended with multitude of people coming out to give their life to Christ after understanding that Jesus Christ is the only way.

The program ended with the G.O praying for financial freedom and good health for the participants around the world

The Grand Finale of the programme comes up tomorrow by 8:00am and God has promised His people that no one that attends this peogramme will go the same way they came.

Chosen Press brought you the complete update of the programme from the Mountain Top, Mgbidi.

We thank you for your participation and we hope you have been blessed through this and your prayers have been answered.

We will be back tomorrow by 7:00am to continue in the programme and give you full update of the grand finale.

Goodbye for now and God bless you.

Scroll down for the complete highlight of the programme

19:40′ The prayers are over and the G.O is addressing the participants at the venue

19:37′ G.O: “The only Good God, that enemy that is springing up to torment member of your famly, God judge that enemy  in Jesus name!”

19:32′ G.O: “All of you giving birth to female children only and are in need of male child, I change the baby in your womb to a bouncing baby boy in Jesus name!”

19:29′ G.O praying: “Spirit of backwardness, spirit of disappointment, I command you go back to the pit of hell in Jesus name!”

19:26′ G.O praying for the participants worldwide “Wherever they have kept you spiritually, as I am standing here, I am  standing for you, from today, I lose you, and I command the yoke of backwardness to be released from your soul and turn back to the sender in Jesus name!”

19:21′ Final prayers ongoing

19:12′ Congregation singing: “He has given me the joy of my heart”

19:10′ G.O praying for the participants from all over the world

19:00′ Salvation prayers on going which is to be followed by Final prayers by the G.O

18:39′  Salvation message ongoing as the crowd seem to be charged and ready for the Hour

18:36′ G.O: “In this programme, I don’t know what you are passing through, but as long as this programme is concerned, it shall be done and it shall be well with you”

18:34′ G.O: “My people, remember the word, He that sent me is with me”

18:32′ Message still ongoing


Chosen Press just interviewed the woman who gave birth to a bouncing baby boy after 26 years of marriage.

Mrs. Ngozi Chukwugbo, during the interview, detailed what it feels like to be called a mother of a bouncing baby boy after 26 years of marriage without a child.

During the interview, she told Chosen Press What she passed through as a barren woman, what people said and did to her, how she went to so many churches in search of solution to her problem, and finally she shared with us how she fill now being a mother, a mother of a bouncing baby boy and the reactions she is getting from people.

The interview will be published shortly with photos.

Always visit chosenpress.com for the update of the interview and other interesting and shocking testimonies worth reading


  • Topic: What God has Determined shall be Done
  • Texts: Gen. 18:9-14, Gen 21:1-6, Isa. 46:9-11, Luke 1:37, Luke 1:55

18:01′ It is time for the Message!

17:58′ Lord I present my people before you, deliver those in bondage, heal the sick, deliver the oppressed, fight for you children in Jesus name”

17:56: G.O praying: “Lord I present everyone before you, every plants planted in their lives, I command deliverance in Jesus name”

17:55′ G.O Singing: “We plead the blood, the blood of Jesus Christ”

17:54′ G.O Praying: “You evil spirit, I command you to pack your load and go into the bottomless pit in Jesus name”

17:53′ G.O singing: “There is power, there is power, there is power in the name of Jesus”

17:51′ G.O continues praying: “Wherever they tied your soul, wherever they tied you future, wherever they tied your womb, where ever they tied your progress, I release you and I set you free in Jesus name”

17:50′ Worshippers singing: “Let God arise and let my enemies be scattered”

17:46′ G.O commanding deliverance upon the participants: “Demons on assignment, Marin spirit, evil spirits I command you catch fire in Jesus name!”

Queen of coast, spirit of failure, spirit of poverty, spirit of stagnancy, all the demons on assignment, every known or unknown demon, I command holy ghost fire in Jesus name!”

17:41′ G.O praying for the participants from all over the world: “Any man, any woman, any altar, any spirit, any mountain, that does not want you to progress, to succeed, I command it now to fall down and die in Jesus name!”

17:00′ Jubilation everywhere as many people begins to come out in large numbers after receiving instant testimonies

16:45′ G.O praying “All the people have not been walking, the paralysed, the lame, the weak, if you cannot walk for any reason, I command you to walk now in Jesus name!”

16:42′ G.O parying to for the worshippers worldwide “God will visit you and your sorrows shall be wiped away

16:41: The G.O is on the pulpit!

16:40′ The Final testifier, congregational prayers ongoing as the G.O set to mount the pulpit

16:25′ COMING UP SHORTLY:  The last testifier in today’s programme which is to be followed by the G.O’s ministration and message

16:16′ The Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Bayelsa Chapter, Arch. Bishop Jacob P. Akpiri speaking to journalists

16:06′ Congregational prayers ongoing which after which the testimonies continues

16:01′ Congregational song ongoing as the participants awaits the G.O’s ministration


Sister Okwuchukwu Asiegbu

  • Thanking God for the for breaking the yoke of female children
  • Bouncing baby boy granted

Sister Ojo Josephine

  • God granted her and her husband jobs after G.O’s declaration

Sister Chinelo Chioma Ekegbu from Port Harcourt

  • Thanking God for healing her of High Blood Preasure, Staphlicocus and other sicknesses
  • God averted pre-matured death for her husband
  • Coughed out bunch of needles


We just interviewed the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Bayelsa Chapter, Arch. Bishop Jacob P. Akpiri who was one of the guests at the day 2 of the ongoing Mgbidi 2017 Crusade.

You can read the complete interview on our website. Always visit our home page for the updates.

13:58′ Some of the testimonies recorded in the first day of the crusade

Bro Abraham Ogeh

  • Healed of asthmatic cough that has lasted for over 14 years

Sis Justina Iloghalu

  • Thanks God for healing her or painful bleeding and was also promoted from level four to level 09

Sister Patience Alade from Akukpo Akoko in Ondo state

  • Healed of Paralysis and pains that has lasted for 17 years

Sister Mba Nwakaego

  • Testified of how her sister was healed of deaf and dumb

Brother Job Ekwealike

  • Thanking God for breaking the yoke of poverty in his life
  • He now owns 6 polts of lands after he sold three due ti poverty

Sister Esther Ikechukwu

  • Appreciating God for uprooting the fibroid in her womb.
  • God also healed her of bleeding


12:53′ You can follow our social media handles for day-to-day updates of all the events and information happening in the Lord’s Chosen Worldwide through the following handles

12:49′ The duet sisters’ ministration, which will be followed by testimonies will be the last choir ministration today’s programme

12:42′ The duet sisters rendering their second and last song in the day’s programme

12:35′ Choir Ministrations ongoing with Choristers from Equatorial Guinea ministering to the glory of God.

10:41′ On the stage now is the Cameroon senior choir ministering to the congregation

10:24′ COMING UP NEXT: Testimonies Recorded in that previous day

10:12′ PRO Group ministering to the congregation

10:04′ The combined central choir in melodious ministrations

The Lord's Chosen combined central choir in melodious ministration

9:58′ Coming up shortly is the ministration by the PRO group of the Lord’s Chosen

9:50′ The Lord’s Chosen Yoruba Choir in song ministrationThe Lord's Chosen Yoruba Choir in song ministration

9:48′ Police/Military evangelists in song ministration titled Africa for Jesus

Police/Military evangelists in song ministration titled Africa for Jesus

9:33: Campus Choir Ministering to the congregation

The Lord's Chosen Campus Choir Ministering

9:10′ Coming up next is the ministration by the Chosen Armed forces Choir Group

9:09′ Youth Choir Ministration


09:07′ Chosen international Secondary School Mgbidi  Choristers Ministering


09:01: The Children choir ministration


8:41: Choir ministrations has began with the Chosen Children choir ministration ongoing

7:00′ A very warm good Morning to you!

We welcome to you to the second day of the great international crusade happening live t the Mountain Top, Mghbidi.

The Chosen Press is live on ground to bring you the updates and keep you connected from anywhere you are around the world.

The programme begins by 8:00am and the venue is at the Mountain Top, The Chosen International Secondary School, by Uguta Junction, Mgbidi Imo state, Nigeria.


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  1. thank God Almighty who have let the mgbidi 2017 to be. may His name be praise . I claim every good declarations whom God of Chosen had and will use our G. O our Daddy in the lord to declare in my life and family in Jesus name Amen


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