Highlights: Mgbidi 2017 – What God has Determined Shall be Done (Day 3 – Grand Finale)


It was really a wonderful day, were the great expectations of the crowd were granted and all happy going home.

Surely, what God has determined in our lives have been done.

On behalf of the Chosen Press and everyone who made this a successful programme, we say may God bless you abundantly and remain bless.

Scroll down for the complete highlights of the programme as was brought to you by the Lord’s Chosen Press Team.

20:11′ The G.O has concluded the prayers, the grace has been shared…and here comes the end of the programme – Mgbidi 2017: What God has Determined shall be done

19:59′ The G.O continues praying for the participants, to be followed by a worship session

19:39′ G.O declares: “This year, the God of chosen shall be your glory”

19:28′ G.O praying for healing upon all the participants all over the world

19:20′ Congregation singing “God of Chosen prayers.” The Song is lead by the G.O

19:20′ Echoes of Millions of voices going louder as the pastor leads the congregation to prayers

18:47′ The last message has began

  • Topic: What God has determined shall be done (part 3)
  • Text: Gen. 18:9
  • Preacher: Pastor Lazarus Muoka

18:33′ Pastor praying for the participants, to be followed by the finale message

18:07′ Some of the countries that are present at the Mgbidi 2017 International Crusade.

  1. Benin Republic – 39 branches
  2. Togo/Guinea – 27 branches
  3. Ghana – 27 branches
  4. USA – 13 branches
  5. Canada – 3 branches
  6. Asia
  7. Turkey
  8. Vietnam
  9. Lankan
  10. Spain
  11. Indonesia
  12. Iraq
  13. Qatar
  14. India – 12 branches
  15. Philippine
  16. China
  17. South Korea
  18. Lebanon – 3 branches
  19. UK
  20. China
  21. Italy
  22. Sweden
  23. Irland
  24. Ukraine – 2 branches
  25. Finland
  26. Austria – 2 branches
  27. Senegal
  28. Uganda
  29. Congo – 5 branches
  30. Ecuador
  31. Liberia – 9 branches
  32. São Tomé and Príncipe

  33. Kenya – 4 branches
  34. Equatorial Guinea – 13 branches
  35. Cameroon – 60 branches
  36. Gabon – 9 branches
  37. Sierra Leone – 10 branches
  38. Libia – 1 branch
  39. Congo DR – 13 branches
  40. Lesato – 3 branches
  41. Niger Republic – 2 branches
  42. Chad Republic – 5 branches
  43. Tunisia
  44. Egypt
  45. Mauritania
  46. Tanzania – 2 branches
  47. Gambia
  48. Angola – 7 branches
  49. Zimbabwe – 2 branches
  50. Bukina Faso – 6 branches
  51. Zambia – 4 branches
  52. Guinea Bissau – 1 branch
  53. Malawi – 3 branches
  54. Burundi
  55. Mali
  56. Mozambique – 7 branches
  57. Guinea Conakry

18:06′ G.O praying for the participants all over the world

18:05′ The country introductions are over and the G.O is on the pulpit

16:48′ HAPPENING NOW: Introduction of all the countries present at the Lord’s Chosen Mgbidi 2017 International Programme

16:30′ The last testifier is on the stage

16:29′ COMING UP NEXT: Pastor’s ministration and message, to be followed by deliverance prayers

16:21′ Rounding up testimonies with the second to the last testifier on the stage as pastor set to mount the pulpit for his ministration and final message.

15:30′ Interview.

The G.O, pastor Lazarus Muoka, the General Overseer and founder of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, during an exclusive interview with Journalists why he picked Mgbidi to be the place to hold this power-packed international crusade yearly.

Responding to questions by Journalists, the G.O said that the choice of location for the programme is that of God and not of man.

Pastor Muoka further stated that the Participants, who came from different countries of the world, will never go home the same after the programme.

During the interview, he also spoke on the violence in southern Kaduna, the Hope for Nigeria and what Nigeria must do to get out of the hardship and economic crisis.

The full interview will be published on the chosenpress.com shortly, always check our home page for the update.

13:54′ Testimonies still ongoing and expected to follow is choruses before the final message for the day.

13:32′ On the stage now is the Lord’s Chosen Choir group from Guinea Conakry ministering to the glory of God.

13:27′ Testimony from A South Africa based pastor:

  • With the song “I am happy the God of chosen is my father”, the founder of the work of faith ministry from south Africa is thanking God for what He has used the G.O to do in his life and that of his family. He testified of the much grace in Chosen, concluding their testimony with a shout of ‘Chosen Praise the Lord’ from every member of the family.


13:00′ The congregation trooping out in hundreds to offer their thanksgiving to God

12:51′ Choruses ongoing

12:49′ HAPPENING NOW: Special thanksgiving

12:45′ G.O continues praying for the participants

12:47′ G.O Addressing the participants: “We are going to take few choruses after which we will take testimonies and finally the last message of the day on what the God has determined”

12:43′ Congregational prayers lead by the G.O on going.

G.O is praying for the messages never to depart from the heart of the participants.

12:42’The Third message has ended and the G.O has started praying for the participants worldwide

12:21′ The General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka ministering to the congregation on the topic “Humility is the key”

Pastor Lazarus Muoka, founder/General overseer of the Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, Ministering during the Mgbidi 2017 international crusade titled 'What God has Determined shall be done

12:09′ The participants dancing and jubilation during the choir ministrations


12:02′ The third message

  • Topic: Humility is the key
  • Texts: Mathew 18:1-2, Phil. 2:5-6, James 4:6

11:55′ G.O has finished prayers and it’s time for the third message in today’s programme – the grand finale of the Mgbidi 2017 international crusade.

11:53′ The G.O begins praying and thanking God for keeping us alive and praying for the participants worldwide for grace to become what God want us to be.

11:53: The congregation singing: “I don’t know why Jesus loves me, I don’t know why”

11:51′ Congregational prayers ongoing. The prayer point is to pray for God to give us power to overcome temptation, run away from sing and the grace to leave a fulfilled life.

11:49′ G.O leads the participants a life transforming chorus session

11:47: Congregation singing: “Lord prepare me a sanctuary”. The song is lead by the G.O

11:46′ G.O begins praying for the participants worldwide: “Oh Lord, I pray that none of shall leave this place and shall leave with iniquity, father I pray deliver and transform us in Jesus name”

11:45′ Congregation prayers led by the General Overseer ongoing

11:44′ The duet sisters during their ministration earlier in today’s programme


11:40′ Bible reading:

  • Mathew 5:16 – In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

11:21′ The second message has began

  • Topic: Take time to be holy
  • Texts: Mathew 15:15-18, Hebrew 12:14, 1Peter 1:15

11:18′ G.O praying for the congregation as the participants prepares for the second message

11:18′ Choruses ongoing, it will be followed by prayers by the General Overseer

11:17′ Congregation singing: “I am a stranger in this world, heaven is my home” lead by the G.O

11:14′ Congregational song: “On the last day only the true believers shall be raptured” lead by the G.O

11:11′ Congregation singing: “Sanctify me according to your word’. The song is lead by the G.O

11:11′ G.O praying for the new converts and those who have given their lives to Christ and are sorry for their sins all over the world

11:10′ Congregation singing: ‘I surrender, I surrender all’

11:04 The Police Choir Unite during their ministration earlier today

11:03′ The congregation singing ‘I am sorry Lord’ followed by altar call

11:01′ Daddy G.O leads the congregation salvation prayers and cry for mercy and forgivness

10:54′ Coming after the first message is Testimonies of the goodness of the God of Chosen on the lives of the participants in the previous programmes

10:47′ Chosen Central Choir During their wonderful ministration earlier in the programme

10:46′ Salvation message in the first message of the day ongoing, to be followed by congregational prayers

9:12′ G.O: “As long as you are a wicked person, you will never escape the judgement of God

09:28′ Message still ongoing and the crusade ground is almost filled to the brim

9:10′ The message

  • Topic: That others may fear
  • Text: First Timothy 5:20
  • Preacher: Pastor Lazarus Muoka – Founder/G.O, The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement

9:6′ The unprecedented end to the choir ministration is because G.O is on the pulpit to minister to the congregation and deliver  his first message in the grand finale of the programme

9:04′ Choir ministrations has come to an end the G.O is on the pulpit

7:00′ Good morning

You are specially welcome to the grand finale of the 3-day Holy Ghost inspired international programme – What God has determined shall be done.

We believe you have been blessed through the previous days and we hope all your needs shall be mate today and your problems solved in Jesus name.

We will continue to bring you the live update of the grand finale which starts full by 8:00am here on Mountain Top, Mgbidi Imo state, Nigeria.



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