Over 57 Nations attends The Lord’s Chosen Mgbidi 2017 International Crusade

Not less than 57 nations across the continents of the world converge in Mgbidi in Imo state for the 2017 annual International Crusade of the Lord’s Chosen titled ‘What God has determined shall be done.


Some of the countries present at the crusade includes Benin Republic (39 branches), Togo/Guinea (27 branches) Ghana (27 branches) USA – (13 branches) Canada (3 branches) Asia, Turkey, Vietnam, Lankan, Spain, Indonesia, Iraq, Qatar, India (12 branches) Philippine, China, South Korea, Lebanon – 3 branches, UK, China, Italy, Sweden, Irland, Ukraine – 2 branches, Finland, Austria – 2 branches, Senegal,  Uganda, Congo – 5 branches, Ecuador, Liberia – 9 branches, São Tomé and Príncipe, Kenya (4 branches), Equatorial Guinea (13 branches), Cameroon – 60 branches, Gabon – 9 branches, Sierra Leone – 10 branches, Libia – 1 branch, Congo DR – 13 branches, Lesato – 3 branches, Niger Republic – 2 branches, Chad Republic – 5 branches, Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritania, Tanzania – 2 branches, Gambia, Angola – 7 branches, Zimbabwe – 2 branches, Bukina Faso – 6 branches, Zambia – 4 branches, Guinea Bissau – 1 branch, Malawi – 3 branches, Burundi, Mali, Mozambique – 7 branches, Guinea Conakry.

This is even as over three million worshippers grace the crusade entitled ‘What God has determined shall be done.’

The nations including China, India, Spain and America respectively where largely represented by large number of worshipers who were dept in their respective national colours for proper identification.

The large expanse of land covering over five thousand hectares of land where filled to the brim by worshipers who defined the scotching sun to participate in the crusade.

The worshipers including the young and the aged during the crusade prayed to God for solutions to their diverse problems.

The sick, including the lame, the blind, the paralyzed and even the deaf where seen with huge expectations that their problems would be over at the crusade.

Thousands of worshippers slept on the crusade ground even before the crusade commenced on Friday, the 6th of January 2017.

On the first day of crusade, as at 8:00am, over a million people were already present when the programme officially kicked off with songs and praises by the Chorus leader.

One of the memorable moment of the programme was when Choristers from Philippines sang fluently in Igbo language, praising and extolling the virtues of God. Their fluency attracted wide jubilation by participants who hailed their mastery of Igbo language.

Another thing that graced the programme was the choir ministrations by choristers who came from many countries including UK, Ghana, USA, Philippines, Togo, Equatorial Guinea, China, etc who God used to move and bless the crowd.

There were some special guests who came from different states within the country to attend programme, including  The Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Bayelsa Chapter, Arch. Bishop Jacob P. Akpiri, who during an Interview with Journalists stated that he was a partaker of the declarations by the General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

The Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Bayelsa Chapter, Arch. Bishop Jacob P. Akpiri


The song and praise session was followed by melodious rendition by the youth, the Senior and the Public relations unit of the Lord’s Chosen.

It was also observed that the rendition was followed mouth-gaping testimonies of the marvelous signs and wonders of God in the previous meetings.

There were testimonies of healing, salvation, financial breakthrough as many as testified.

Preaching to the participants, including those that joined via online, TV and radio platforms, the G.O urged the people to repent, telling them that God will do something great for the people that are redeemed this year. He however urged people who are not born again to repent and accept Jesus Christ the Lord and personal savior as the only way to escape from the current recession in the country.

During the programme, the G.O, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, during an exclusive interview with Journalists why he picked Mgbidi to be the place to hold this power-packed international crusade yearly.

Pastor Lazarus Muoka, founder/General overseer of the Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, Ministering during the Mgbidi 2017 international crusade titled 'What God has Determined shall be done"

Responding to questions by Journalists, the G.O said that the choice of location for the programme is that of God and not of man.

Pastor Muoka further stated that the Participants, who came from different countries of the world, will never go home the same after the programme.

During the interview, he also spoke on the violence in southern Kaduna, the Hope for Nigeria and what Nigeria must do to get out of the hardship and economic crisis.

You can read the full interview on chosenpress.com or get the next edition of the Time of Visitation Magazine.

The Chosen Press team was on ground throughout the programme and brought you the complete live update.

All the testimonies, interviews, stories, photos and details of the programme and others will be published on the next Edition of The Time of Visitation magazine.



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