A Baby Boy At Last After Three Females

Brother Sunday Christian Okechukwu and Sister Nkiruka Helen Okechukwu mounted the testimony podium with their bundle of Joy, Little Master Victory Ayomide, Iheanacho Okechukwu. Sister Nkiruka, testified that they are from Badagary region. She joined Chosen in 2012 but her husband joined Chosen in 2015.


She said in her testimony that God of Chosen broke the yoke of giving birth to females and blessed her with a bouncing baby boy. Her first daughter is seventeen years, while the second is fifteen years. The third is six years. She said she obeyed the instruction of our G.O and went for publicity for the crusade “From Sorrow to Joy” 2016.

On the second day of the crusade, as the G.O was praying, he said, “There is a sister here, you have three girls, stretch your hand and collect a baby boy”. She said amen but did not stretch her hands. But as she was standing in the congregation, a voice told her that Pastor was talking to her, that she should stretch her hands and carry her baby.At this point, she stretched her and the voice said “It is done”. Immediately after the ‘Sorrow to Joy’ programme, she took in and at the last combined service in February, she was in her shop and the voice said again, “Sister go and pay the covenant seed for the baby you collected on the Sorrow to joy Crusade.” For her other babies, she paid their covenant seeds in First Bank but for the case of her baby boy, the voice said she should go to Ijesha, at the account section and pay the money and that was what she did.

She said that God of Chosen gave her grace that from day one she became pregnant, she went for morning cry till nine months when she was delivered of the baby.

However, when she was delivered of the baby, the baby died but she reminded God that He was the one that told her to go and pay the covenant seed for the baby. Therefore, the baby cannot die. Quickly, the baby came back to life. Our God is a faithful God. May His name be glorified.

She concluded by praying for the general Pastor and all the Chosen worldwide, heaven at last in Jesus name.

Husband speaks:

He started by praising God, thanking Him for making him to be a Chosen. He glorified God also for making it possible to step into the altar of the Almighty God of Chosen. He quoted his autonomous Pastor. The previous day before today (25th December 2016), his autonomous Pastor said, ”There is a man here, in the next 24 hours you will sing a song of joy to the Lord this way: “I never know, He will honour me this way…”
Praise the Lord!

Bro/Sis. Okechukwu
Badagary Region.


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