Five years delay in conception crushed -Get Time of Visitation Vol. 15 No. 2

Time of Visitation Volume 15 Number 1 cover


  • Edition title: Testimonies prove God is with us
  • Edition: Volume 15 Number 2

We have published the second edition of the Time of Visitation, with many stricking testimonies and life changing messages to read inside.

This edition carries the testimony of Sister Tonia Ukwu who finally got married at the age of 46. she said she has been in other ministries for the past seventeen (17 years) praying for this to happen to no avail. As she came to The Lord’s Chosen in 2013, in 2016, she went for the Mgbidi 2016 and the G.O, Pastor Lazarus Muoka mentioned the case which was one of her prayer requests. She told God of Chosen that she want to be in Mgbidi 2017 with her own husband.

Read more of this testimony HERE to find out what happened as she came to Mgbidi 2016.

There are other testimonies to read inside including the soul winning message of the G.O titled ‘Many are called, but few are Chosen’

You can get you copy at any Lord’s Chosen Church branch close to you or CLICK HERE to place an order that will be delivered to you from anywhere around the world.


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