Wonderful! Married at last at the age of 46

Sister Tonia Ukwu - married at last at the age of 46
Sister Tonia Ukwu – married at last at the age of 46

My name is Sister Tonia Ukwu. I worship with The Lord’s Chosen branch at Surulere. I joined Chosen in 2013 in a programme titled “God Has the answer”.

I am here to return all glory honour and adoration to God of Chosen who broke the yoke of late marriage in my life. I have been in other ministries for the past seventeen (17 years) praying for this to happen to no avail.

As I came to The Lord’s Chosen in 2013, in 2016 we went for the Mgbidi 2016 and our G.O mentioned the case and that was one of my prayer requests. I told God of Chosen that I want to be in Mgbidi 2017 with my own husband.

I return all glory to God of Chosen because the prayer has been answered. I was among those that wedded on 17th December 2016. I give all glory to God. This delay in marriage was for forty-six years (46). And this marriage was crowned with all the round favour. It was a glorious wedding. He granted us favour of over three hundred thousand naira with accommodation.

In the course of asking God to connect me to my husband, I made many promises, among them is roll on the ground for God. Now that God has granted my long awaited request I am ready now to roll on the ground for him.

Moreover, am grateful to God that He gave me a Chosen brother as a husband because that is what I requested. May the Lord be glorified. I pray for my G.O and all the Chosen worldwide heaven at last in Jesus name.
Praise the Lord!

Sister Tonia Ukwu
Surulere- Lagos.


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