Highlights – Sorrow to Joy 2017 (Day 1)


The God of Chosen answers prayers, the God of Chosen answers prayer…

And that’s the end of the first day of Sorrow to Joy 2017. It was beyond expectations, it was something else, the crowd, I can’t see the earth; miracles, I can’t see no one not blessed.

Just like we prayed and believed, the programme saw many sick people healed including the lame, deaf and dumb, the blind, paralysis healed, the weak regained strength, the insane was cured, in short, the testimonies are too many to be contained on this page.

Many received salvation, deliverance; lives were transformed through the powerful message delivered by the G.O who God has been using to cause revival in this generation.

The first day of the programme has come to an end, but the memory will be in the minds of those who participated in the crusade for so long.

The programme continues tomorrow with the grand finale, which is expected to be much more that what we experienced today.

The Chosen Press Team were live on ground and brought you the complete update.

We say thank you for being part of this programme and we hope your sorrows has has been turned into Joy as we hope to see you again tomorrow.

Scroll down to see the complete update of the programme as brought to you by the Chosen Press members and contributors

15:45′ G.O praying for the participants all over the world.

  • Every root of sin in your life, be uprooted in Jesus name

  • You that has terrible headache, be healed

  • Heart problem receive your healing in Jesus name

  • Terrible cough,dry cough and asthmatic cough be healed in Jesus name

  • Let your two kidney be healed in Jesus name

  • Internal hotness of the body receive your healing Amen

  • Every problem you brought, shall not follow you out

  • Terrible heaviness be removed in Jesus name

  • You that can’t sleep at night…tonight you will sleep like baby in Jesus name

  • That case of impotency be healed in Jesus name

  • Rashes be vanished away in Jesus name

  • Problems in marriage i break the yoke in Jesus name

  • I decree in that family that today joy and peace shall be yours and God shall intervene

  • Strange human in that marriage in the name of Jesus I uproot her in Jesus name Amen

  • Every hand that tries to touch your baby shall wither in Jesus name

Read more of the declarations on this page>

Participants singing “He has given me the joy of my heart”

The choruses is being lead by the General overseer

15:28′ Participants singing ‘I surrender all to Jesus’

15:25′ Altar call ongoing as hundreds of hands seen raised by those who want to give their lives to Christ and those who have been backsliding

15:24′ The participants singing “I am sorry Lord”

15:23′ G.O: Open your mouth and begin to ask for God’s mercy and forgiveness

15:21′ Congregational prayers ongoing as the G.O leads participants in a prayer for mercy

15:13′ Salvation message ongoing as the G.O begins to rap up the message for the day

14:48′ Message still ongoing

Some of the declarations from the General Overseer.

  • The devil is angry, roaring up and down like a lion, but he is not a lion. Jesus Christ is the lion. He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah – He will eat up the devil”

  • “Anywhere you are following this programme from, as I am making these declarations, deliverance shall follow you in your homes”

  • “You see those people asking you where is your God, from today, they will begin to see your God and what He is doing in your life”

  • Today, as I lift my voice towards you and anchor to it, your sorrows shall be turned into Joy”

  • This year alone, you will prove to people who are in doubts that there is a Father in heaven

  • “I as I pray for you, you will go home with joy”

  • After today, the will of God shall be done in your life

  • “You see you, your own case is settled in Jesus name”

  • As I say amen to your case, it shall be amen in heaven and it is settled

  • You might have visited numerous places without solution but today solution will follow you

  • “I want you to take note, the devil is the cause of every evil thing happening in the world”
  • No matter what is causing you sorrow, the Lord will turn it into Joy

  • People are asking you where is your God, the lion of Judah has prevailed, you are free.

  • Every delay in marriage yoke shall break today

  • When the devil comes to attack or compromise,resist him and watch him flee.

  • Don’t open your heart to sin and he will never defeat you

  • Today, Solutions shall follow you

  • As I pray for you, you shall go home with Joy

  • As I say you will be free, in Jesus name you will be free

  • I don’t know what you are going through, today you shall encounter power in Jesus name

Read more of the declarations on this page>

13:47′ The G.O singing “Where is the God of my pastor power”


  • Topic: From Sorrow to Joy (Part 1)
  • Text: Acts 8:5, Esther 9:22, John 16:20, Acts 26:18
  • Preacher: Pastor Lazarus Muoka – Founder/G.O, TLCCRM

1:04′ Some of the instant miracles recorded in today’s programme

1. Sis. Sadiat

  • 20 years deaf and dumb hears and speaks after the G.O mention the case

2. Bro. Abdul Fatai

  • Walks after 18 years

3. Bro. William healed of 21 years deaf and dumb following the G.O’s declarations

1:00′ Pastor’s prayers continues as the presence of the Holy Ghost is being felt in every corner of the auditorium

12:51′ It’s happening – many instant miracles being recorded as the G.O continues to pray

G.O On the pulpit declaring healing and deliverance upon participants and all those who joined the programme anywhere around the world

Pastor Lazarus Muoka declaring deliverance and healing upon the Chosen people

12:20′ The Hour has come!

12:10′ Last testifier on the podium

12:09′ COMING UP NEXT: The deliverance prayers by the General Overseer

12:01′ Second to the last testifier mounting the podium

11:41′ Congregational song lead by pastor Obijiaku

11:38′ G.O on the pulpit to pray for the participants

10:57′ Bro Ojukwu: Thanking the God of Chosen for intervening in his matter after seven years.



9:53′ The Youth Choir ministering to the congregation

9:46′ The campus ministration has come to an end and the Youth Choir have mounted the stage to minister to the congregation

9:40′ The Campus choir ministering to the glory of God

9:30′ The Chosen nursery and primary school choir group giving their wonderful presentations

9:24′ Next is ministration by the Chosen nusrsery and primary school choir group

9:22′ The CHISS choir group’s ministration has come to an end

9:17′ CHISS Choir group ministering to the congregation


9:09′ The Chosen International Secondary School (CHISS) Choir group now on the stage ministering to the participants

9:08′ Prayers has ended and the the Children Choir is set to minister to the congregation

9:01′ Prayers have ended and the the Children Choir is set to minister to the congregation

8:55′ Prayers for the General Overseer (G.O) Ongoing while we await the ministrations from the children choir group

8:52′ Prayers still ongoing as the Children Choir mounts the stage to minister to the participants

8:50’Congregational prayers lead by Pastor Obijiaku ongoing

8:49′ The participants dancing to the glory of God


8:44′ The moderator Pastor Obijiaku announcing the vision, mission and the mandate of the Lord’s Chosen. He is also reminding us of the Church days of activities.

You can see these and other information about the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement on The About page of this website

8:42′ COMING UP NEXT: Choir ministrations and presentations

8:40′ The members welcoming the numerous new comers who are joining us today in the service with the Chosen welcome song Ó ye people, the Lord’s Chosen’

8:37′ The choruses have ended and the day’s moderator, pastor Sam Obijiaku is now on the podium

8:31’You can now join us on all our social media platforms to see posts and updates from our members and contributors live on the ground

8:18′ The Chorus leaders leading the participants in a flaming praise and worship session


8:08′ Opening prayers ongoing, to be followed by praises.

8:01′ Even at this time, the auditorium is almost filled up with participants.

We expect the overflow to be much in today’s programme – the mother of all the year’s programmes

8:04′ Praise and worships begin with the song ‘Receive all the glory’ lead by the Chorus leaders

8:00′ The chorus leaders are now on the podium to begin the day’s programme with praise and worships

7:48′ Good morning!

A very warm welcome to Sorrow to Joy 2017 – The mother of all the crusades

We are live here at the Revival Ground, IJESHA Lagos, Nigeria to bring you complete live update of the event and all the happenings, accompanied with photos, video clips and graphics to make you be part of the programme no matter where you are.

We urge you to stay glued to this page so as to not miss anything and to follow it as it is happening.

You can follow any of our social media handles below to see live updates from our members and contributors live on the crusade ground.

We pray before the end of the programme, all your sorrows shall be turned into joy in Jesus name.


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