Highlights – Sorrow to Joy 2017 (Day 2)


The programme has come to an end successfully as prayed for from the day one of it, God has turned the sorrows of those that attended the programme into Joy. He has proved to us that He is the same yesterday, today and forever – Power as of Old.

It can be testified that right from the chorus, to the ministrations by the choir groups, even to the pastor’s ministrations, it was all nothing but celebration of Joy. The testimonies of people concerning the previous day and of previous programmes were all for Joy. Even cases such as the instant miracles where all the deaf and dumb, both those born with it were healed. Insanity, paralysis, strokes, leg pains among others were also healed; indeed He is the God of Chosen.

Everyone that attended, both those who followed on our websites and social media platforms could also testify that at the end of the day, they were filled with boundless joy in their hearts, as all their sorrows has been rolled away.

Salvation was granted, deliverance conducted, yokes were broken, many liberated, blessing, success and favours released into the lives of many.

Unspeakable gladness overflows the heart of both the old and new members of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement as they journey home, loaded with favour and joy. The God of Chosen has really proved its power indeed.

The Chosen Press brought you the complete update of the 2-day programme.

We appreciate you for staying without throughout the programme and for making this a success.

We hope you have been blessed and all your sorrows has been turned into Joy.

Our next live update will be next Sunday for the combine service live from the Revival Ground, Ijesha Lagos, Nigeria.

Always visit chosenpress.com for information, news and updates from the Lord’s Chosen Headquarters and all of its branches worldwide.

On behalf of all the Chosen Press team around the world who contributed in making this a success, we say a very big thank you and remain blessed

Jesus is Lord.

Scroll down for the full update of the days programme

16:31′ The G.O now praying for the participants and those who joined the programme from anywhere around the world

15:59′ Alter call: G.O urges those who have not given their lives to Christ and those who may have been backsliding to raise their hands up as they accept Jesus Christ into their lives

15:58′ Congregational prayers for mercy and sanctification ongoing

15:43′ Salvation message ongoing. Coming up next is the salvation and final prayers


  • You see that enemy that has been chasing you and you run to this place, deliverance shall be your potion” – G.O

  • No matter your problem is, today, youR sorrow shall be turned to joy” – G.O

  • “After today, you enemies shall beg you” – G.O

  • “No matter what they have taken from you, after today, they shall return them to you” – G.O

  • All mocking you shall come and beg you

  • You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free

  • You shall be among the next testifier

  • That problem that brought you here today,look at it for the last time

  • Can God lie? He is the holy one of Israel,a God that cannot lie

  • The lord is set to turn sorrow to joy

  • The Lord turned the sorrows of those of old to joy because of his mercy

  • You see you today, you shall be healed of poverty

  • You shall be healed of sicknesses

  • “No matter the trouble you are in, and no matter who you are, the Lord shall see you through” – G.O

  • Many cried and God turned their sorrows into Joy

  • Today shall be your turn in Jesus name

  • Life of sorrow shall not continue

  • If your name is joy you are tied with joy, If your name is sorrow you are tied with sorrow, God that did it for Jabez will do it for.

  • In this program, God will turn your mourning into dancing into joy and you will jubilate home

  • God has not change and God will turn our captivities n make us honourable

  • “You see today, people shall begin to praise God for you” – G.O

  • Your marriage shall be healed

  • Your business shall be healed


Topic: Sorrow to Joy (part 2)
Text: Esther 9:22, John 16:20
Preacher: Pastor Lazarus Muoka, Founder/G.O of the TLCCRM


14: 03′ Congregation singing ‘There is power in the name of Jesus’


G.O praying for deliverance upon participants from all over the world

13:22 Quote of the day.

This place is a moving train. If I had known, I would have joined a long time ago… – Sis Flourish Ndukwe, Testifying during The Lord’s Chosen Sorrow to Joy 2017


13:22′ The Hour of encounter has come and we believe before it is over, you will have a reason to testify

12:51′ Second to the last testifier now on the stage.

Coming up soon is the life transforming message from the General Overseer

11:38′ Some of the testimonies we have recorded so far

1. Sis Ngozi

  • Constant internal hotness
  • Constant headache disappears

2. Bro Doji, a Ghanian

  • Testifies of being healed from 45 years of Asthmatic attack

3. Bro Martins

  • Spirit of death crushed
  • Blessed with a house
  • A jeep and a car
  • Own houses abroad
  • Siblings own houses in Abuja

4. Sis Uju Chukwuemeka

  • Healed of severe pain in the lower abdomen
  • Constant urination

5. Sis Blessing

  • Healed of 4 years staphylococcus

6. Sis Mary Adaeze

  • Visited chosen on a wheel chair during the Abuja crusade ‘God has sworn to bless you’
  • 7 months stroke healed

10:57′ Testimonies still ongoing, to be followed by congregational prayers

10:37′ Bro. Nna David Tormented by the God of Odin for 37 years but was delivered after attending the one of the Lord’s Chosen programmes, Mgbidi precisely


10:27′ CORRECTION: The sister who testified below about a 10 years madness healed was testifying of the brother, not the husband or husband’s brother

10:11′ Sis Rachel testifying of how her brother Steadfast Obu was healed of 10 year madness after going many places for solutions but all to no avail


9:45′ It is testimony time!

9:39′ The duet sister ministering to the congregation

9:11′ COMING UP NEXT: Testimonies of the Lord’s Chosen

9:04′ The Chosen central choir rendering a wonderful and soul moving song to the participants.

8:58′ The Chosen Central Choir on the stage ministering

8:53′ The PRO group causing revival.

8:42′ CHOIR MINISTRATIONS ongoing with the PRO choir group ministering to the congregation


8:37′ FLASHBACK: Jonathan visited the Lord’s Chosen during the 2014 Sorrow To Joy programme

8:32′ The Chosen Central Choir mounting the stage to minister to the congregation

8:30′ Congregation singing ‘Remember me, Remember me o, Remember me, my Lord Jesus Remember me o’

8:27′ COMING UP NEXT: Choir ministrations

8:26′ Opening prayers lead by Pastor Sam Obijiaku ongoing

8:21′ NEW COMERS WELCOME TIME: “We urge you to stand up on your feet anywhere you are around the world as we welcome you to this life changing event.

Congregation singing ‘O ye people, the Lord’s Chosen, make Jesus king of kings, come and make Jesus Lord of lords. make Jesus Lord of lords’

“On behalf of our pastor, the general overseer and all the members of the Lord’s Chosen, we welcome you to this great crusade and we congratulate you for coming. We pray that as you come to this place today, your lives will never remain the same in Jesus name”

16:17′ We are now live on all our social media handles, you can also follow us there to see updates from our members and contributors live on the podium

8:15′ The day’s moderator, Pastor Sam Obijiaku is now on the podium announcing the ministry’s programmes and schedules

7:56′ Massive revival taking place at the auditorium as the chorus leaders lead the participants in a ground shaking chorus session


7:50′ Good morning

We gladly welcome you to the last day and grand finale of the programme ‘From Sorrow to Joy’

We are live on the ground to bring you complete update of the programme which officially openes by 8:00am

We urge you to stay glued to this page so as to not miss anything and to follow it as it is happening.

You can follow any of our social media handles below to see live updates from our members and contributors live on the crusade ground.

We pray before the end of the programme, all your sorrows shall be turned into joy in Jesus name.



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