37 Years Insanity Crushed

My name is Nnaa David Tombaline from Ogoni in Rivers State.


I almost gave up, I thought that life was no more worth living, my sormus weigh me down. The pressure of cultism held me bound but God of Chosen gave me hope, that was my saving grace. I thank God for making me a Chosen.

It all started thirty-five years ago. At age thirteen or fourteen, I was imbued by the spirit of the river from Bolu in my village. My compound has this demon. Though my parents were out of this family bondage of the river because they are of Assemblies of God Church, however, they did not know that I was still deep in it and so I was possessed with this marine power that made me destructive.

I was always destroying things. Any friend I met, I would possess him with hardness and killing spirit. I was not actually the person doing it but that power of marine in me was using me to cause havoc. At Mgbidi 2017, I saw a greater power an awesome power, that is above all powers. At Ogoni, now, the place is shaking because of the activities of blood sucking demons.

Usually when I fight an individual, if I don’t bring out blood from that person, I would cut myself and spilt the blood on the ground. So that the god of the earth called odii would have some liquid.

Insanity tormented me for thirty-seven years but God of Chosen delivered and set me free from insanity. I will serve God till I die.

I pray for the general Pastor and all the Chosen worldwide, heaven at last in Jesus name.
Praise the Lord!

Nnaa David Tombaline
Ogoni, Rivers State.


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