The Chosen Revival train set to hit Ebonyi this weekend with The Gospel and the Miracles

Badagary crusade has come and gone, but the blessings and miracles that followed the participants will forever remain in the hearts of all.


The revival train is steaming again, guess the destination! Yes, you are right, Abakiliki, Ebonyi state.

Date is Saturday 18th – Sunday 19th March 2017 and the venue is Abakiliki Int’l Market, along Abakiliki-Ogoja Rd. Abakiliki, Ebonyi state, Nigeria.

God has promised to bless as many as who will come or participate in this programme either through internet, TV or any other medium.

Up coming Crusades.png
Upcoming programmes of the Lord’s Chosen in the next three months

The Good news is that The Press Team will bring you the complete update via the following platforms

Join us as we set to Take the Gospel and miracles of our Lord Jesus Christ all the way to Ebonyi state

Jesus is Lord!

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