Highlights: Ebonyi 2017 – God’s Time to Take Over (Day 2)

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Truly, evidently God has taken over the affairs and lives of as many as participated in this programme, whether live on the venue or via any of our online channels, and what Shall we say to this God? To Him be all the Glory.

The Chosen Press brought the complete update of the programme via our website and on all our social media handles.

On behalf of the entire Chosen Press team and our Ebonyi state brothers and sisters, we say a very big thank you for making this a successful one.

Our next live update will be at the international headquarters next Sunday for the Combined service and we urge you to always join and always come back to http://www.chosenpress.com to see more news from the church, testimonies, videos and photos of everything happening. We will also be live in all subsequent crusades.

On behalf of the Chosen Press, we say goodbye and may God continue to bless and be with you in Jesus name.

Scroll down to see the programme as it happened.

Good morning.
A very warm welcome to the Ebonyi 2017 crusade titled ‘God’s Time To Take Over’

We are live on the crusade ground and on all our social media handle including live update on our website www.chosenpress.com.

Keep to this group to stay up to date with the latest happenings.

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7:14′ The Chorus leaders are now on the stage leading the early participants in a soulful choruses in preparation for the presence of God

7:23′ Sister Ijeoma the Chorus leader is now on the stage leading the choruses beginning with the song ‘Come down holy spirit, your children are waiting for you, come down’

7:25′ Singing ‘I will receiving my blessings today, today!

7:27′ Singing ‘There is nothing the Lord Jesus cannot do’

7:28′ Singing: Do not forsake me Lord when you are walking around doing good’

7:30′ Singing ‘He is a miracle working God’

7:32′ Singing ‘Ogini k’ina eche, e chefuola Jesus (What are you thinking, have your forgotten Jesus?’

7:35′ Singing ‘E nwere mkpa kosara Jesus hallelujah, obu Na ni ya ga ihicha anya mmiri, Hallelujah’ (If you have problem, go to the Lord in prayers Hallelujah, only Him can wipe away your tears Hallelujah)

7:36′ Singing ‘Remember us, remmebr, remember us all the glory will be unto you Lord’

7:37′ Singing ‘Lord i believe, Lord i believe, God of Chosen can do all things, Lord I believe’

7:39′ Singing ‘I believe it’s already well, I believe in Jesus, It’s already well’

7:40′ Singing ‘My phone is ringing, divine connection, people are saying congratulation’

7:41′ Singing ‘God of Chosen is my barrister, I don’t care, my case is over, I don’t care

7:43′ Singing ‘God we salute you, president General among the nation’

7:45′ Singing Jesus went about doing good’

8:25′ The morning revival has come to an end and the participants are returning to their seats.

8:27′ The day’s moderator pastor Sam Obijiaku is now on the podium welcoming new comers, guests and invitees to the grand finale of Ebonyi 2017 international crusade

8:28′ COMING UP NEXT: Choir ministrations

8:28′ If you have been blessed through our updates of the wonders of the God of Chosen and the prayers and declarations of the Pastor, kindly send us your testimonies on chosenpress@gmail.com or click the CONTACT MENU to fill the form.

8:40′ The children choir matching on the stage to minister to the congregation

8:43′ Congregation singing ‘Lord we worship, because you are worthy’ while getting set for the opening prayer led by Pastor Sam Obijiaku

8:53′ The Children choir ministering to the congregation

9:02′ The Children are starting the Choir ministration today, the grand finale of Ebonyi 2017 International Crusade.

9:04′ The children choir’s ministration has come to an end and coming up next is the Campus Choir ministrations.

9:22′ Ministering now is the youth Choir of the Lord’s Chosen

9:37′ The PRO Choir group are now on the stage to minister to the congregation

9:39′ The Campus Choir ministering to the congregation


9:42′ The Youth Choir ministering to the glory of God


9:47′ PRO Choir group causing revival at the crusade ground

9:48′ The Lord’s Chosen PRO Group ministering to the congregation

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-19 at 09.46.15

9:51′ Revival currently taking place at the crusade ground

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-19 at 09.51.01

10:04′ The Central choir about to minister to the congregation, to be followed by the duet sisters

10:06′ The Chosen Central Choir ministering to the congregation

10:11′ The Central Choir ministering tot the congregation

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-19 at 10.08.39

10:25′ On the stage now to minister is the duet sisters

10:30′ VIDEO: Watch the Chosen Central Choir matching out of the stage after a wonderful ministration > chosenpress.com/Video-ChosenCentralChoirMatchingOut

10:40′ COMING UP NEXT: Testimonies of the God of Chosen

10:41′ The Duet sisters ministering to the congregation

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-19 at 10.37.57

11:54′ Some of the testimonies we have re corded so far

 Bro Nduka

  • 7yrs yoke of ulcer uprooted during our pastor ministration yesterday. For the first time in seven yrs he can eat garri and peppery food

Bro Mbam

  • Thanking God for healing him from catarrh that troubled him

Sis Chinasa Cluchi

  • God healed her daughter of deaf and dump after G.O’s prayers

Bro Amos Sokanja

  • Thanking God For delivering him from poison in his system

Bro Christopher

  • He is thanking God for healing him of ulcer and frequent urinating after pastor prayer’s,
  • Frequent urinating of 4-5 yrs reduced to only one

Sis ifeoma

  • Thanking God for healing three of her siblings of deafness and dumbness,the first one 20yrs, the 2nd 16yrs and 3rd 12yrs

Bro Ebele Chukwu

  • Thanking God for delivering him from arm robbers who robbed every other person in his compound but when they approach his room he declared his a chosen and the freed him

12:19′ Congregation singing ‘I am among those Chosen by the Lord

12:19′ Members of the National Youth Service Corps serving in Ebonyi state just presented a gift to the G.O, Pastor Lazarus Muoka during the programme ‘Time for God to Take over’ live in Ebonyi state today Sunday 19th March 2017

12:42′ COMING UP NEXT: Pastor’s declarations and message

12:43′ The last testifier ongoing while we wait for G.O to mount the pulpit

12:46′ It is time! The G.O is about to minister and the Time for God to take over is here. Be ready.

14:07′ The Hour of encounter is here. G.O is now on the pulpit to bless you

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-19 at 14.04.54

14:53′ Instantly testimonies raining everywhere at the crusade ground as the G.O Continues to pray for the participants

The message

Topic: God’s Time to take over (2)
Text: Mathew 17:14, Isaiah 59:19, Joshua 5:13

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 15.25.55

16:24′ The message has come to an end and the G.O is urging participants who want to give their life to Christ to pray and call upon the Lord for Mercy

16:29′ Altar call ongoing: G.O urging participants who are not yet born again to renounce their sin, turn to God and ask Him for mercy

16:31′  G.O also urging participants of this programme from anywhere in the world to raise their hands and ask God for mercy and accept Him as their Lord and personal Saviour

16:31′ Congregation singing “I surrender to God, the Blessed Saviour’

16:32′ G.O praying for the congregation and participants worldwide.



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