Mbieri 2017 – God’s Time to Take Over (Day 1)


The first day of the programme has come to an end with a LOUD AMEN from the G.O and we believe it is done, the land of Mbieri has been taken over by God and every participant who made it to the programme has been blessed.

We will be live again tomorrow by 7:00pm to bring you live update of the grand finale of the programme.

Scroll down to see our updates

Good morning!
A warm welcome to the live update of the programme “God’s Time to Take Over” happening now at Mbieri, Imo state, Nigeria

Follow us to follow the programme in full and be blessed.

You can also get all the fresh and complete updates on our website via www.chosenpress.com and share also.

It is time for God to take over your life in Jesus name!

See Live updates below:

16:42′ Its is time! G.O has started the final prayers. Put your hands on your chest wherever you are to take your own blessings

16:38′ A cross session of participants who came out to give their lives to Christ during the altar call

4:33′ Participants singing “It is finished on the cross, my sorrow is finished on the cross”

4:31′ If you have sang the song now begin to confess your sins and ask God for mercy and forgiveness

Wherever you are and you want to give your life to Christ, raise your hand and sing this song “I surrender all to Jesus”

16:23′ Congregation singing “I am sorry Lord”

16:21′ Anywhere you are now prayer and ask God to show you mercy and ask for God’s mercy in any way you must have sinned and come short of the glory of God

19:20′ Coming right after this is the prayers by the G.O

4:19′ The message has come to an end and the congregation are praying for mercy and God’s forgiveness

16:02′ Salvation ongoing as the G.O begins rounding up the day’s message

15:33′ G.O Praying: I am asuring you that nor matter what you are passing through, before the end of this prgramme today, your life will be changed in Jesus name”

15:22′ Time for Messages and Prayers

  • Text: Joshua 5:13, Isaiah 59:19, Mathew 17:14
  • Topic: God’s time to Take Over

14:30′ G.O begins deliverance prayers

14:29′ God has really taken over the town of Mbieri, many people delivered. healed saved, and so many cured of different type of sickness. Watch out for some of the updates

14:33′ G.O Continues to pray to arrest and cast out all demons and evil spirits that have been troubling the land of Mbieri, its environs and the people living in it

14:32′ Participants singing ‘Holy Ghost fight my battle’

14:28′ Instant testimonies as G.O begins to pray for the participants

13:42′ G.O is now on the pulpit to comment on the testimony of Brother Ifeanyi who was delivered from the hands or wicked armed robbers but could not kill him

13:36′ The last testifier on the stage

11:41′ It’s is testimony time at the ongoing “God’s Time To Take Over” here in Mbieri, Imo state.

See comments below for testimonies.

11:13′ Coming right after the Duet sisters’ song ministration is TESTIMONIES

11:12′ The Ministration by the central choir has come to an end and the Duet sisters are now on the stage to minister

11:10′ Coming up next is song ministration by the duet sisters

11:08′ The Chosen Central Choir ministering to the congregation

10:57′ The PRO Choir group ministering to the congregation


10:25′ The Campus Choir ministering to the congregation

Campus Choir Ministering 2

10:23′ The children choir ministrations has come to an end and the campus choir are getting set to minister to the congregation

9:53′ The Children Choir ministering to the congregation


9:52′ The Prayers has ended and the Children choir are not on the stage to minister to the congregation

9:27′ Pastor Obijiaku praying for God to take over the whole crusade ground

9:36′ Congregation singing “Remember me, remember my Lord Jesus remember me”

9:31′ Opening prayers lead by the moderator Pastor Sam Obijiaku still ongoing as the Children Choir get set to minister to the congregation

9:29′ Opening the choir ministrations now is the Children Choir group of the Lord’s Chosen combines with Mbieri Central Choir

9:20′ Revival happening live at the crusade ground as the Chorus leaders continues to lead the participants in Choruses

9:12′ The Chorus leaders leading the participants in early morning soul elevating choruses


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