Mbieri 2017 – God’s Time to Take Over (Day 2)


The God of Chosen Answers prayers… And how the programme ‘God’s Time to Take Over’ ended.

We believe that you have been blessed abundantly by this God who promised and honoured His word. We brought you the complete update of the programme and we hope you have been blessed through this programme.

We will continue our live updates of the programmes and services of this great ministry from next thursday during the weekly Thursday counseling and deliverance service, at the Revival Ground, the International Headquaters, Ijesha Lagos, Nigeria and be sure to catch us live on all the up coming programmes. always visit http://www.chosenpress.com to see where we are going next and list of our upcoming programmes.

On behalf of the entire Press Team from Lagos and the state team, we say a big thank you for making this a successful programme and we home to see you join us soon.

Bye for now and may God bless you abundantly

We gladly welcome you to the grand finale of the programme “God’s Time to Take Over” happening now in Mbieri, Imo state, Nigeria.

We pray as join this programme God will take over your life, your business, your family and all your affairs in Jesus name!

See Live updates of the programme below

16:45′ Choruses continues as people begint to come out for final prayers

16:43′ Singing “We are handing them over into the Lord’s Hands”

16:41′ The message has come to an end and coming up next is the G.O’s final prayers

15:50′ The message still ongoing

15:29′ ‘Some times the devil come in the form of spiritual husbands and wives to devour human beings and some times, when they come in form of a lady to men, they will thing that they love you but you don’t know that they are there to destroy you”

15:26′ Points to Consider

  • Our possible problems and examples
  • Tex: Joshua 5:13

15:26′ “Get ready for freedom, because freedom shall be your portion”

15:25′ You see this day, the Lord will bring down your enemies, and they shall be destroyed”

15:23′ “You see you today, you are crossing over to Jordan”

15:21′  The Message

Topic: God’s Time to Take Over (2)
Text: Joshua 5:13, Isaiah 59:19

9:55′ We happily wish to announce to you that daddy G.O is now at the crusade ground live to declare God’s presence in your life

9:53′ The Youth Choir song ministration is over and mounting the stage now to minister is the PRO group

10:5′ The PRO Group ministering at the Crusade

PRO Ministering at the Mbieri 2017 crusade 1

9:49′ The  Campus choir ministering at the crusade

Campus Choir ministering in Mbieri 2017 2

9:29′ The Chosen kids ministering to the congregation att the crusade

The Children Kids ministering at Mbieri 2017 crusade

9::24′ Children Choir ministering at the crusade

Children Choir ministering at the Mbieri crusade

7:44′ Singing ‘Obiri n’onu chi Chosen (It ends in the mouth of the God of Chosen)’

8:22′ The morning revival has come to an end and the day’s moderator, pastor Sam Obijiaku is now on the podium to welcome the new comers, guests and invitees in the programme

8:09′ Revival, yes revival! The bridges and pillars are shaking as Chosen people continues to sing and dance to the God of Chosen

7:34′ Chorus leading the congregation with the song ‘I have confidence in the Lord who can never fail’

7:32′ Singing ‘Today my Lord will do you good’

7:15′ The Chorus leaders has started leading to early participants in a wonderful morning Choruses


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