Daily Devotion: Love One Another As He Loved You

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
  • DATE: Tuesday, April 11th, 2017
  • TEXT: 1 John 4: 7- 21
MEMORY VERSE: “A new commandment I give to you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another” John 13:34


God is love. He demonstrated His love for us that while we were yet sinners and without our appeal, He sent his only begotten son Jesus, who had no sin to die a shameful death on the cross for us. That punishment was what we justly deserved but Jesus bore it on our behalf. John 15: 13 says “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man laid down his life for his friends.” The irony of the matter is that we were not even his friends at the time he laid down His life for us as we were still in enmity with God. We were reconciled to God by His death. Glory and praise be to God who so wondrously loved us even when we did not deserve it.
As His children, He expects us to love one another the same way He loved us. We are to follow His footsteps. He has commanded that we love both our friends and enemies alike. If we are to love only our friends, then what difference is there between us and unbelievers? We are to love those who hate us. It is our love that will bring them to repentance. Anytime you are confronted by a difficult person who the devil may be using to provoke you to anger, we must be very cautious as to not fall for the bait. Instead use that opportunity to radiate the love of Christ by preaching the word and answering in a gentle tone no matter the provocation. Never repay evil or anger with the same coin. Instead go on your knees and petition God to fight the battle for you.
Most importantly we must also seek to show love to our brethren in the body of Christ. In these challenging times we should not close our eyes to those of us who are in need of help. We should offer practical help in whichever way God has placed within our reach to help. This is a practical demonstration of God’s love.
Worship/praise God and then take the following prayer points:
  1. God make me a carrier of you love today in Jesus’ name.
  2. God strengthen the love between the body of Christ and let strife and contention cease in Jesus’ name.
  3. Dear Lord, shower your love upon the Chosen ones today in Jesus’ name.
  4. As our G. O and Mummy in the Lord spread the news of your love around the world, dear Lord bestow your everlasting love upon them and their family in Jesus’ name

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