God knows his people. He even chooses them from the womb to protect them from all evil. It is in this way God used the presence of The Lord’s Chosen apron to protect me from various evil attacks.

Brother Chrisitan Chinasa

It happened that armed robbers broke into my house at about 2:30 a.m. As they entered into the sitting room where I was sleeping with my wife, I was suddenly woken by their shout, ‘Where is money in this house?’.

As I woke up, I saw them armed to the teeth. I told them to wait. I went to where I kept money, brought all I had and gave to them.

My wife ran into the bedroom and one of them wanted to follow her but I called him back and told him I have given them all I have in the house. As one of them looked at the side of the window, he saw the Lord’s Chosen apron. He asked me whether I am a Chosen and I answered in the affirmative. He returned the money given to him and even blamed me for not telling them from the onset of their entry and robbery.

The leader of the gang asked me whether they collected any other thing from me and I said no. They hurriedly left the house.

At this time, I was not a Chosen but I came in contact with The Lord’s Chosen apron at a refuse dump at Alaba-Rago. I was passing along the road and I saw some apron thrown away. I passed by, but one spirit told me to pick the apron. When I picked them, there were four pieces. I took them to the shop and kept them. But as soon as I picked that apron, one spirit told me I have contacted blessing. I left the apron in the shop and went home. When I told my wife about the apron, she asked me to bring them home. I brought them home. She washed them. I hung them at the four corners of my sitting room.

Three days later, the landlord visited me, saw the apron and said I should pack out of the house immediately. I told him I have spent some money on the flat and now that I don’t have any money, he wants me to pack out. I emphatically told him I was not going to pack out. The man insisted I must pack but I insisted I will not do that. That I was ready to go any length to ensure I do not pack out.

The landlord went behind me, took the matter to court, they judged the case and gave the judgment in his favour. A team of ejectors comprising the police tugs were sent to eject me from the house.

On the day they came, as they entered the compound, confusion set in among them to destabilise the already instructed plan. They could not act, rather, they left in confusion.
My wife had urged me to go into prayer but I told her I was tired of going to church. I was no longer worshipping with any ministry.

Three days after the people could not eject me, which was on a Sunday, my wife and children had all gone to church. At about 11:00 a.m, I was thinking on the next line of action. Then I came out. As I was sitting outside, one black jeep pulled up in front of the gate. A man entered into the compound. I walked up to him. He looked at me and asked whether I was the person living in the compound. I answered yes Sir. He put hand inside the pocket, looking at me. He could not bring out his hand from his pocket. He stared at me for more than one hour. He started shaking. He then walked out. He drove off and came back after about three minutes and entered the compound again.

He said to me, “if I kill you…”. I told him he cannot kill me. I then asked him what he will gain if he kills me but I insisted he cannot kill me. As I was talking, I found myself on the ground. He was shaking again with his body sweating. He then left and drove off finally. Then, the security man there came and asked me what I was discussing with the man.

There is a retired army colonel living in the next compound. He was watching what was transpiring between me and the man. When the man had gone, the army officer came and told me the person I encountered with was a hired assassin. He advised me to look for money and pack out of the compound. After this encounter, the landlord called me and said I should come and take money to look for one room and pack out. I told him I would not move from flat to one room with my wife and children.

Then when the landlord had tried all he could and failed, he called the person who found the house for me to look for two room- apartment for me. He brought money for the rent. I then accepted the offer. It is in this new apartment the armed robbers came to attack.

As I was packing out, I carried the Chosen apron and placed them at the four corners of my sitting room. Then after this encounter, I entered one bus and the driver who is a Chosen invited me to a crusade held in June. I told him I had no money but he said I should not worry that I should come and join them in their branch for a vehicle was arranged to come and carry everyone to the crusade.

I was the first person to come to the church that day. I joined them and attended the programme. Since then, I have been a Chosen and attend services.

I thank God for all He has done, showcasing His power for my protection. May His name be glorified in Jesus name.
To God be the glory!

  • Brother Chrisitan Chinasa
    Igando, Lagos.

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