Six Years Stroke Healed – Only God can do this!!

Sister Chinelo Okeke

My name is Sister Chinelo Okeke, a sister to Pastor Cyprian (former Konkiri Izuogu) I was afflicted with stroke for the past six years. That affliction made me lose my job.

Sister Chinelo Okeke
Sister Chinelo Okeke

I was working at motor licensing authority in Ideato North L.G.A. People were laughing at me because I had loss of memory. I was running around, looking for solution to no avail. I sold my vehicle, land, and I sold my Hollandis Wrappers – up to one hundred pieces of Hollandis at give away prices and yet there was no solution. I went virtually everywhere to look for solution, I visited uncountable native doctors who claimed they would cure me but all was in vain.

Several fake prophets claimed they had solution to my problem, I gave them money-up to three hundred and fifty thousand naira (N350,000) but all was effort in futility. I had spent up to ten million naira in this case that lasted six years. My brother (Konkiri) eventually brought me here at the women programme yesterday (29th October 2016) and immediately the General Pastor mounted the pulpit and began to pray, I got my healing, God of Chosen is wonderful indeed.
Praise the Lord!
Sister Chinelo Okeke.


My name is Pastor Cyprian Maduaburochukwu, formerly I was Konkiri in the world but today I’m a Pastor in Chosen and repented in Chosen.Before then no church would have made me to repent because when I was in orthodox church, I was an ex-seminarian and at the same time I was carrying madquarade, going to the river to sacrifice to mermaid spirits and I was also an occult grandmaster. Though I was an Orthodox Church member, a choir master in the church there.

Pastor Cyprian Maduaburochukwu and Sister Chinelo Okeke
Pastor Cyprian Maduaburochukwu and Sister Chinelo Okeke

When I was doing all these things, nobody told me that what I was doing was wrong, rather when I finished carrying masquerade on Saturday, on Sunday I would use the money I made from masquerade and go to church and they would give me front seat and be clapping for me and calling me Konkiri. It was when I came to Chosen in 2011 that my daddy in the Lord told me that I was not worthy to give offering here that I should rather go and amend my ways. Giving money in Chosen without amending my ways amounted to a curse. I began to reflect and said I was doing this in Orthodox Church and nobody told me. Now that I’m in Chosen I have been told the truth, I asked myself, who is fooling who? That is why I stand strong in Chosen, believing strongly in our vision and mandate.

The sister standing beside me is Chinelo. You must have heard her name in Abuja when Columba was testifying. When Columba was ill, Izogu people were saying to me if you say you are Chosen and Chosen is doing miracle and best place to be (last bus-stop) why can’t they heal your friend (Columba) who has been in bed since eleven years? I said God of Chosen, hear this, it is a challenge. After all said and done, I went to see Columba and prayed with him, and handed him over to brother Nwaneri to bring him to Chosen.

During Orlu crusade, I went to this my sister who is a deep orthodox member. She used to be one of my choir members when I was in Orthodox Church. When Orlu crusade was about to be organized, I invited her to Chosen crusade at Orlu because she stays at Orlu. She is a big woman in licensing office in Board of Internal Revenue. But when I got there, she said “no, no, no this Chosen self.” So she rejected the invitation. I left her, but remember that our general Pastor said that when you shoot a small animal, it will fall immediately but when you shoot an elephant, it can carry the bullet and go a long distance before it can fall but surely it must fall.

Now when Chinelo heard that Columba had been healed, she called me and asked, where my church is located in Orlu. I jokingly asked her whether the bullet had hit her. She said she wanted to go there. In fact, we know her as a big lady but if you see her now, you will wonder if she was the big lady you used to know. She has sowed everything she had to native doctors, to fake prophets just like the barrister (Columba).

So I told her where the church is and she went there and I also called the Pastor there and told him to follow her up. The Pastor confirmed that she was ready to surrender her life to Christ. When I heard that Columba was going to Abuja crusade, I told him that I was coming. I had to go and follow up Chinelo and also bring her to the headquarters because somebody told me of the programme “woman, thou has found favour with God”and I felt the programme would be very good for her, that was why I insisted and brought her.

And as you can see, God has taken over her situation. God of Chosen is wonderful indeed. I pray for the G.O and all the Chosen worldwide, heaven at last in Jesus name…
Praise the Lord!

  • Pastor Cyprian Maduaburochukwu and Sister Chinelo Okeke.

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