Brother Okoro Napoleon is a legal practitioner. He is testifying the goodness of God upon his life in Mbieri crusade yesterday (1st April, 2017). He was surprised at what God can do. He said he was able to walk from the canopy he was staying without his usual walker to the podium. He said the sickness of paralysis lasted five months.


On the 22nd of February 2016, he was with his wife and felt an urge to go and urinate but found himself not moving. Before he went to bed, there was nothing wrong with him. He called on his wife and told her. She was surprised and confused simultaneously because her husband was not previously sick. She called their children and those that were in the house to hear what their father Napoleon was saying.

When the children came, they joined hands and carried him to the bathroom to urinate but he could not urinate. The next morning, he was rushed to F.M.C Owerri. The F.M.C said they do not have a nuero-surgeon, that what they have is neurologist. He made contact with the only neuro-surgeon that covers the South-East as at that time. The doctor was at Ebonyi State and to come to Imo State in two days time.

Meanwhile, he instructed the neurologist to refer him to ‘Mensis’ Enugu for MRI test. He went to Enugu. His wife drove him with other members of his family and the MRI test was conducted. When they brought the test – result to the neuro – surgeon, the thing was negative, nothing was found. By this time, he was completely paralysised. Both legs were gone but the good thing God did for him was that his senses were completely intact. A friend of his came and told him that since his case has defied medical records, let them go to a prayer house and where is the prayer house – Chosen along Yaradua drive. It was a programme in February, where they expected the general Pastor.

They came very early to the programme through his walker. He walked to the altar and presented himself to God and asked God of Chosen not to pass him by. They stayed all through but eventually general Pastor did not come. They listened to cassette and the meeting dismissed but the man was satisfied, hearing the voice of the general Pastor and the miracle that happened was that, the catheta the doctor fixed on his private part dropped of its own accord and he began to urinate on his own.

Moreover, he was not passing out faeces for complete one month. Then two weeks ago, a friend of his told him that the general Pastor was coming to Mbieri. He asked his wife to prepare, that they would be going to Mbieri. Yesterday (1st April 2017), they came and joined in all the activities of the crusade. When general Pastor eventually mounted the pulpit and prayed, anointing was released, and the yoke was broken.

Formerly, he could not make a move without the walker but as the anointing was released, he abandoned his walker and began to walk on his own. He is grateful to God for what He has done for him and his family.

In conclusion, he prayed for the general Pastor and said that his wish is to become an evangelist in Chosen. He prayed that God of Chosen would confirm him an evangelist. He said that he, his family and all his relatives are praying for the general Pastor. May God bless him and heaven at last for him and all the Chosen worldwide.

Praise the Lord!
Brother Okoro Napoleon.


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