Brother Chidiebere Dike is from Okigwe Region. He is thanking God for the good work He did for him towards December time. He is a commercial motor cyclist. On that fateful day, he carried a young man thinking he had got a customer but did not know that he was carrying an armed-robber.


Along the way, the young man (armed-robber) told him to stop at a particular place. Brother Chidiebere stopped but told the man that, that place was dangerous. Let them continue the journey since they have not reached their destination. The man said there was no need to fear. The cyclist did not know he was calling his gang that he was at that point. As soon as he made that call, two people on motorcycle arrived, jumped down from the motor cycle and told Chidiebere to get down from his motor-cycle.

Chidiebere was at a loss as to what was happening. Then the man slapped him and told him to come down from the bike. As soon as the man slapped him, he brought out his gun. Quickly, Chidiebere declared that he is a Chosen three times according to the instruction of our general Pastor, and asked them who they are? Immediately, the robber shot him three times but the gun did not answer him.

The second man also shot his own gun but it did not answer. They were surprised. So they pointed the gun up and shot. It answered them. They returned and shot Chidiebere. Yet it did not answer them. They were confused and ran into the bush. Then Chidiebere started his bike and rode off.

So he is grateful to God for saving him from this dare devil robbers.

In conclusion, he prayed for the general Pastor and all the Chosen worldwide, heaven at last in Jesus name.

Praise the Lord!
Brother Chidiebere Dike
Okigwe Region
Imo State.


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