After her testimony (READ TESTIMONY HERE) T.O.V crew had an exclusive interview with her where she told us what it feels like to be barren as a woman for 26 years and all that she went through before being blessed with a male child.

Ngozi Chukwugbo 2


May we meet you ma?

My name is Sister Ngozi Chukwugbo

When exactly did you get married?

I got married in 1988.

Along the line what happened?

Well, nothing happened. I got married and wedded like others, hoping to have children, we tried our best but to no avail. We did not know what was the problem, but eventually God saw us through two years ago.

Did you not go to the hospital all this while?

We went to hospital but they said there was no problem. Around 2006, I was told that only prayer can see me through. I kept following God and before I knew it, Chosen was established and I joined Chosen in 2005

Where and where did you visit before joining Chosen?

I went to uncountable places. They are so many that I cannot mention them
Intercepts: mention some of them
I went to premier hospital at Abuja where they are doing transplanting, I went there and even native houses, and all those things.
I also visited several churches but when I got the revelation that nothing can help me except prayer, I stopped going anywhere.

All this while what was the reaction of your people and also your husband’s people?

Well, everybody loves me, they were not bad to me. we were living in peace.

In my own family, everybody was praying and asking for God’s intervention upon my head.
We were living in peace including my husband. I thank God for his life, a bad friend of his told him to go and marry, that am wasting his time but he didn’t do that, so I thank God for my husband.

You joined Chosen in 2005. How did you know about Chosen?

One of my husband’s younger brothers lives in Lagos, his name is Aloysius, he introduced Chosen to my husband. That time there was this small magazine Chosen was publishing. He would send it to my husband and my husband will give it to me, from there, I joined Chosen. That time he would always tell me when they are organizing “Hope for the Barren” programme and I would come.

Since you were introduced to Chosen what made you to continue? You have been in other places, you did not continue, what made you to continue in Chosen?

Before I became a Chosen, God told me that no matter where I run to, I would serve him because I was in an orthodox church and was serving God with zeal. So when God made that statement, I said but am serving you. In a week, I would get the revelation up to three times. When I left orthodox church and went to one church, God said I should go back, that, that is not where He wants me to serve him. To God be the glory, when I eventually came to Chosen and heard the message of our Pastor, I was crying like a baby. I thought I was serving God before, I did not know that I have not started. The massage of the general Pastor kept me and made me to continue. In fact, I was so obsessed with Chosen that in my area, if they want to mock themselves, they would say ‘Okey wife’s church’ (Chosen). Then I began to work for God.

At what point did God say, it is time?

I joined Chosen in 2005 and in 2007 after counselling and deliverance service, I went home and I found myself in the dream singing, ‘He has given me the joy of my heart, he has given me the joy of my heart, after so many years of my barrenness, Jesus has given me the joy of my heart. As I was singing the song, I woke up. Then in 2009, we came for counselling and deliverance service again, after the service, I went home and laid down, the angel of our G.O visited me and said I should not worry, that I should go and buy my baby things, I obeyed and went and bought my baby things, then called our branch Pastor and he prayed for me and said nobody would use those things except my baby. That was how the journey started and eventually I took in, devil did not relent, there was battle upon battle but at the end, God gave me victory and I was delivered on 11th of June on the day of “And the Enemies Submitted”.

Eventually when you gave birth to your baby, what was the reaction of those who have said one thing or the other against you?

They were asking whether I was the one that gave birth to this baby. Even when I was pregnant they said that I just put something in my stomach. Even in the day of my dedication most of them came and said, they want to hear the testimony.

Today, I thank God for making a name for Himself. All the people that said one thing or the other, because I do go for morning cry, inviting people to come to Chosen. They will mock and say,’ what has God done for her?’ Now God has shut up their mouths. That is my joy, brethren; there are benefits in serving God.

Now how do you feel being called mama Dominion?

I am more than happy. At times I would raise the baby up and be asking, is this my baby? I am very happy.

God promised you to be pregnant and have your baby since 2007, and He waited till 2014 to fulfill His promise, what were you thinking while you were waiting?

In fact, at a point I did not know what to pray for again. I would just open my Bible and say God of Chosen, you said, whoever that trusts in you will not be put to shame.

What is your advice for those who are still searching for their own fruit of the womb?

I want them to know that if I can be a mother, they should not bother themselves. God of Chosen, who did it for me, He is still alive. As God used G.O to mention my case, so shall He use him again to mention your case in Jesus name.
They should hold God of Chosen tight and they should know that God of Chosen is mighty in battle and He is the man of war.


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