“There shall be nothing cast their young nor be barren in thy land. the number of thy years I will fulfill.” Exodus 23:26

Ngozi Chukwugbo

There is nothing impossible before God. It is as a result of this God broke the yoke of 26 years barrenness in my life.

For the past 26 years we got married, we have been searching for the fruit of the womb. There is nothing within our reach we did not do yet there was no result. We came in contact with The Lord’s Chosen in the year 2007. I saw more of God’s power in the ministry and we took a decision to challenge God in relation to our situations.

I agreed with my husband to build a church for The Lord’s Chosen. The church cost us over N3m. after that I went to Enugu crusade. As soon as the G.O mounted the pulpit my case was the first he mentioned and I fell under anointing. After the crusade, I came back and few weeks later, I missed my period. At the appointed time I delivered of the baby.

I thank God for remembering me and granting my heart desire. May the name of the Lord be glorified.

To God be the glory!
Sister Ngozi Chukwugbo
Benue State


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