Debts paid, safe delivery granted, body infection healed – miracle galore

By Brother Ibeabuchi from Anambra state

The God of Chosen is so great. During the Sunday May 21st service, many miracles and testimonies were recorded ar the Anamabra state headquarters of the Lord’s Chosen, below are some of the testimonies recorded.

Body infection instantly healed

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-21 at 09.24.22

Brother onyekachi is thanking God for healing him from body infection that lasted for 13 years.

According tp Bro. Onyekachi, after the Mbirie, Imo state Crusade,  God of chosen visited him and change his story and today he is healthy and grateful to God for taking away this affliction that has worried him for so long.

Long Term Debts paid

Brother Eddy is thanking God for his mercy upon his life.

During his testimony, Bro. Eddy testified of how God made people who have been owing some huge amount of money to finally pay.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-21 at 09.23.26

According to him, he had been going to them for them to pay him since last year and they have been telling him one story or the other and since he is in desperate need of the money he decided to bring it to the God of Chosen.

This month of may 2017, they started calling him one by one that they want to give him his money, that is how God of Chosen made people owing him to willingly pay him all the money thay are owing him.

Finally I give all Glory be to God Almighty for this miracle and his mercy upon his family.

Self delivery granted

Sis Kalister is thanking God  for  her daughter’s self  delivering.

he has been going true  many terrible thing like evil attack and her family is after their life but at the end God of chosen  prove himself.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-21 at 09.56.30

I am also thanking God for His mercy upon my life by granting me financial favour, open doors, and protection.

I want to wish Daddy G.O and all the Chosen members worldwide heaven at last in Jesus name.


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