LIVE: GRAND FINALE OF OJI RIVER 2017 – God’s time to Take Over (Day 2)

IMG_20170603_160217Good morning!

We happily welcome you to the live update of the grand finale of the programme God’s time to take over

The programme is happening live now at the Model comprehensive secondary school, Inyi, Oji River LGA, Enugu Nigeria.

One thing is certain, as you are following this programme, we assure you that your life will betaken over and ill never remain the way it is, because the God of Chosen is set to tak over your life and do a new thing in your life.

Follow live updates below as we take you through the programme for the day. You can follow the live commentary also on all our social me dia handles below.


12:04′ The Choir ministrations has ended with a very powerful rendition from the Duet sisters, and IT IS TESTIMONY TIME

10: 30′ The Chosen Central Choir ministering to the congregation

The Chosen Central Choir ministering to the congregation 3

10:15′ Chosen Armed Forces Revivalists’ rendition has come to an end and the Central Choir is on the stage

10:06′ The P.R.O ministrations has come to an end and the Chosen Armed Forces Revivalists matching up to the stage now to minister

10:00′ “Be a Chosen and move higher” – The P.R.O ministering to the congregation

9:48′ The youth Choir ministrations have come to an end and the P.R.O group is now on stage to minister their songs

9:39′ The P.R.O group getting set to minister to the congregation

9:36′ Youth Choir Ministering to the congregation

9:24′ Powerful ministration by the Campus Choir

Crowd dancing to the song by the Campus Choir

9:15′ The youth Choir getting set to mount the stage for their song ministrations

9:15′ Campus Choir ministering at Oji 2017

9:06′ The Chosen Campus Fellowship Choir matching up to the stage as the Children Choir dance out after a wonderful ministration

9:04′ Next on the list to minister is the Chosen Campus Fellowship Choir

9:00′ Second song by the Children Choir – Brethren you will never see your problem again …as the Lord has come to take over

Children Choir ministration 2

8:58′ First song by the Children Choir – Why not come back to the Saviour today

8:55′ The Children Choir ministering to the congregation

Children Choir ministration

8:50′ The opening prayers have come to an end. The Children Choir is getting set to kick off the day’s Choir Ministrations

8:48′ Opening prayers led by Pastor Sam Obijiaku ongoing

8:39′ Choruses ongoing, to be followed by opening prayers

8:37′ Please if you are following this programme for the first time, CLICK HERE to fill in this contact information

8:35′ Here are lists of the nations that attended the last Mountain top – Mgbidi 217 International crusade

8:30′ Pastor Sam: “This ministry that started in a small place in Ilasa, Lagos ha spread virtually all over the world

8:29′ Pastor Sam announcing the Ministry’s visions and missions.

8:24′ Welcoming of new comers, guests and invitees with the song “O ye people

8:20′ The morning choruses have come to an end and the National Moderator, Pastor Sam Obijiaku is on the podium

8:17′ SINGING: Agaghim agba aka ala (I will not leave this place empty handed)

8:14: SINGING: He answers prayers – The revival continues…


8:03′ SINGING: Chineke Chosen N’Aza ekpere (The God of Chosen answers prayers

8:00′ The Chorus leaders are on the stage now, the revival is shaking

7:00′ We are live on ground, the revival has began!


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