And the winner is…

Anambra state!

After a very keen and tough competition that involved the five states of the Eastern Zone of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, we are glad to announce to you that Anambra state chapter of the Campus fellowship has won the competition and goes home as 2017 NOE Champions.


5:35′ The presentations by the ‘1932 Christians’ titled ‘Old time religion’ has come to an end

5:58′ The judges are making their remarks, to be followed ny the much expected announcement

5:57′ The Judges are on the podium to announce the winner

5:40′ The awards has been given out to the recipients, and the time, the big time has come

5:32′ The national Choir leader Bro Solomon on the stage now to present the awards to “those that has contributed selflessly to the performance of the South East Campus Fellowship Choir’

5:33′ The ‘1932’ Christians performing on the stage

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-10 at 05.32.59 (2)

5:30′ Inviting the ‘1932 Christians for a brief drama and presentations

5:30′ The Hour of exhortations has come to an end and it is time for the big one

5:29′ Bro Chris praying for those who are looking for refreshment in their academic life

5:28′ Bro Chris praying for those who must have made mistakes in their Christian life and praying for grace to carry on to those who are struggling to remain in the right path

5:27′ Bro Chris praying for the participants and all those following the programme worldwide

5:26′ “If you would cry to the Lord, God will see you through and there will be a great change as you go back to School” – Bro Chris Nwambu speaking to the participants during the maiden edition of NOE

5:26′ Bro Chris leading participants in prayers of mercy and of grace

5:23′ “I urge you to continue serving the Lord while in the school. All these your evangelism, preaching, working for God, believe me, God is seeing them, and He will reward” – Bro Chris Nwambu speaking to the participants during the maiden edition of NOE

5:03′ The last parts of the ministrations has come to an end, it’s time for exhortations by Bro Chris Nwambu

Bro Chris Nwambu

3:21′ A powerful rendition by the Enugu state Choir has come to an end and the Anambra state choir is the next to sing

3:17′ Imo has left the stage after a powerful song ministrations and the Enugu state choristers are on the stage

3:10′ The Imo state Choir are on the stage now to render their acapela


3:09′ The Solo from Sister Oluebube has come to an end

2:50 Wonderful rendition by Sister Jacinta. Now on the stage performing is sister Oluebube

2:41′ The Ebonyi state Choir giving a very powerful rendition

Ebonyi state

2:35′ A very wonderful performance there by the Angelic voices of Abia state

2:33′ The Anambra state Choir singing

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-10 at 02.30.45

2:22′ The Enugu state Choir performing

2:15′ Now on the stage to perform is the Coal city Choir – Enugu state

2:13′ The performance has come to an end and the Choristers are dancing out of the stage

2:11′ Imo state Campus Choir singing

2:07′ The first to sing in the competition is the IMO STATE CHOIR

Imo state Choir Now on the stage to perform!

2:05′ The Judges for the competition are

  1. Sister Iheoma Iwumba
  2. Pastor Pascal Chigozie Nwachukwu
  3. Engineer Olubiyi Samson

2:01′ Before the proper competition is an address by the National Choir Cordinator – Campus, Bro Ifeanyi Emmanuel

1:56′ One of the Judges Engineer Olubiyi Samson reading the judging basis for the contesting state Choirs

1:54′ The big one is about to begin – The State Choir Competition

1:42′ The Drama ongoing

1:29′ The title of the drama is A mandate to take over and is a concept of the South East Campus Fellowship of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement

1:27′ The Choir ministrations has come to an end, next on the list is the drama group

1:10′ The Campus South East general Choir ministering TO THE CONGREGATION

00:57′ The praise and worship session has come and end and we are getting set for next in line

00:30′ Praise and worship continues with Bro Zumba Singing Preacher on the stage

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-10 at 00.34.07

00:02′ Choruses ongoing: the house is heating up

23:55′ Opening prayers led by the host, bro Smith has come to an end. Choruses ongoing

23′ 46′ Choruses ongoing as we get set to kick of the event

23:40′ All is set, the host, Bro Micheal Chinonso Smith is on the stage… and we are live!

A very warm welcome to “NOTES OF ENHAKKORE”,  the most anticipated Campus fellowship programme of the year.

We gladly wish to inform you that following this programme tonight would be one of the best things to happen to you this year.

We are now LIVE ON THE WEBSITE on, a page for you to be part of this programme is already running there and, most especially, we are set to bring you all you wish to know and the most entertaining programme you’ve waited for.

We are set to bring you the music praise and worship, the drama like you’ve never seen, the melodies of the angels above, and… Let’s not bore you, just hit and see for yourself self.

It’s a night to remember!


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