Powerful intervention forces company to pay a Chosen long overdue debt

Bro. Chukwuemeka Chigozie is Thanking God for the grace to be a Chosen

He testify that he was being owed by a company that he works for, but during the month of mercy, daddy G.O asked the participants in the service to pray and ask God for mercy and he did. 

When he went home, he slept and had a dream. In the dream he was praying and eventually there came a smooth and loud voice that said to him that He has intervened

“My son, I have intervened in your case, I have shown mercy to You, from today, you are a free person and those people owing you will call you to come get your money” – The voice said to him. 

After that day, he came to church and Daddy declared again saying “You that has been owed for a long time, I command them to pay you now or get ready for the anger of God. If they refuse to pay you in days to come, the anger of God will be upon them and they will not stand it”

When he got home that day, he was in his backyard washing, then a call came in and and asked him to go to the office and pick up the check. 

After receiving the check, he want to the bank to cash it, but on getting there, the bank attendant told him that there is a mistake in the check and so they can’t accept if. He looked at the check and noticed that the figures didn’t rhyme with the words, so he had to go back to the company cashier to correct it. 

On reaching there they asked him to come back, but he was reluctant and became angry. While he was still complaining angrily, a voice came to him and said to him “did you not remember the words of the G.O?”. After hearing that, he went home to wait and pray for his return on Monday as they asked him to come back. 

On Monday, he went back and they gave him a correct check and apologized to him for the mistake they made when issueing the previous one and for all the inconveniences it must have cost him. 

Only God can do this.


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