The Pastor in charge of Abia state, Pastor Bright Ikechukwu, during an exclusive interview with The Chosen Press expresses excitement over the successful hosting of the Abia state/Umuahia crusade 2017.

Pastor Bright Ikechukwu speaking to The Chosen Press during the just concluded Umuahia 2017 crusade

The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement held a 2-day state crusade titled “God’s time to take over”. The crusade was held the … Umuahia, Abia state during which many people with different types of sicknesses and disabilities were healed. During the crusade the blame walked, the deaf and the dumb heard and spoke respectively, the blind began to see, yokes were broken, many people were saved, and many, also, were set free from evil bondages and demonic afflictions

Speaking to The Chosen Press, Pastor Bright who was recently posted to the state to see over the affairs spoke on his expectations after the crusade, how he feels on being able to organise the crusade successful, what he want to leave as his legacies in the state when being transferred to another state and a special message to his fellow pastors in the ministry.

Below is an excerpt of the interview

The Press: Please, can you introduce yourself to us?

Pastor Bright Ikechukwu (PBI): By the special grace of God, my name is Pastor Bright Ikechukwu and by the grace of God I am the Abia state coordinator/Pastor.

The Press: Now that this program is a reality, what is your feeling?

PBI: Oh!  I feel as if am in heaven already for this is a dream fulfilled. I’ve been dreaming of it, believing God that one day it will come to reality.  As you can see, it’s a Dream come true and everyone is happy, likewise myself.


The Press: What are the challenges you faced towards putting this crusade up?

PBI: Honestly, it wasn’t easy but the Bible says that with God all things are possible. This has been a battle that started from above even from the kingdom of God. The Bible says that “Right from the day of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the battle continues, the battle between light and darkness. Hosting this kind of crusade, pulling people out of the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of God, you know that there will be lots of challenges, but then God has given us victory.

The Press: In Chosen, we have one major challenge, which is follow up. What are your plans to keep the souls that will be harvested today?

PBI: Of a truth, a man who wants to start building a house will start by checking the cost. I am ready and have already taken the cost, the harvest is ripe and by the grace of God, the labourers are here.

The Press: Who are the Labourers?

PBI: The Pastors, the regional pastors, the workers and everyone. The whole of Abia state and its environs have been expecting this great program and there are a whole lot of families whose members are yet to be born again. Through this program, watch out for the revival that will burst out, and the souls that will be harvested. So, the labourers are ready.


The Press: Sir, what is the state of your church now?

PBI: By the special grace of God, the church’s numerical growth in the branches, the regions and the state, is amazing.  There is revival everywhere. The programs in the different branches and regions and the state headquarters, has shown clear evidence.

The Press: What legacy would you want to leave behind in this state if you are eventually transferred to another state?

PBI: By the grace of God, you’ve seen what is happening here today, and the evidence is clear. I urge everyone to follow the teachings of the church and also emulate from the good works I left behind.

The Press: What is your message to everyone?

PBI: Well, my message to everyone is that since they have already tasted the other sides, which are darkness, and have seen the light, they should follow the light and the light will take them to our last destination which is Heaven at Last and to take part of the mandate which the Lord has given to us.


My counsel to them is that they be steadfast in the Lord, no matter the challenges, for the Bible says that “Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits” and also “Those who live godly in the Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” but no matter the persecution, I encourage them to be strong. For I know that after the rain comes the sun.

Praise the Lord!!!


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