​Revelation by Bro Thankgod Christopher whom God allowed to get into hell

It was terrible. He cried for death but it didn’t come, he wanted to rest but there was no pillar, he cried for mercy but he was ignored.

He saw a young girl there too.

Then he had a voice, instructing him to sing  but the girl beside him who equally heard the instruction started singing a song. Bro. Christopher asked her to shut up that that was not the kind of song expected there. He immediately sang the song – Chosen are saying You are worthy… To God be the glory, that song delivered him. He was lifted from there and back to earth and was then asked to enter into his body. 

The heat alone was unbearable, it was a spiritual encounter but physically he was soaked with sweat so much that it seemed like he just came out of a river. 

He ended it with a prayer, that we will escape hell and make heaven by the grace of God in Jesus name. 

The General Overseer, pastor Lazarus Muoka Comments.

“Heaven is real, we have been preaching holiness and righteousness but unfortunately some people are on their way to hell by their life style… You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Heh! I pray it’ll not be your portion that after hearing this truth, it shall not set you free because of your lifestyle. This revelation calls for sober reflection, self examination… You might have lived 60/70 years on earth but a day in hell is like eternity…

My prayer is that, that shall not be our portion.

I want all those who heard this testimony to think and check themselves…

Some of you wait for the message, No, the message might come from chorus, prayer, choir ministrations or testimonies! 

My prayer is that after hearing this message, you will not come to church late, live anyhow and you’ll strife to enter, though it is not by struggle. 

If you are acquainted in chosen, the songs, the doctrine, the word of truth and you live by the word, even hell will reject you…”

Heaven is real, escape now that there is grace. Jesus is ever ready to take you, come as you are and he’ll give you beauty for ashes.


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