Little bro. Opeyemi Olutade and his mother in the Lord's Chosen Podium

Little bro. Opeyemi Olutade who belonged to the other religion, testifies of how God rescued him from the hands of kidnappers. On a faithful day, as he was on his way to school in Ogun State, he was called by some strangers who asked him to get into a ‘jeep’ and he was being taken to an unknown place.

But as they progressed on the way, something strange happened; a spirit said to the little boy to declare that he was a Chosen (note that at this point the little boy wasn’t a member of the Chosen church, he wasn’t even a Christian) As he obeyed the voice of God and declared himself a Chosen, just at the first declaration, the kidnappers surrendered. They eventually took him to the popular Oshodi bus stop in Lagos.

While he was still there, he kept saying the word CHOSEN, some concerned citizens saw him and on hearing the word Chosen, they brought him to Ijesha where the headquarters of THE LORD’S CHOSEN CHARISMATIC REVIVAL MOVEMENT is located.

Later on, his family members were contacted and he narrated his story. Today, the family has indicated interest to serve God in Chosen church. Praise the Lord.


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