Wonder Working God 2017: Miracles unheard, Praises in the high – Highlights

Wonder Working God 2017: Miracles unheard, Praises in the high - Highlights

Testimonies and flags at The Lord's Chosen Programme 2

How wonderful our God is, that He decided to prove to the Chosen People that indeed He is the wonder working God.

He proved this at The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement’s International Headquarters, The Chosen Revival Ground, Ijesha, Lagos state Nigeria. Many people came from various places (far and near) in order to encounter this wonder working God and also be a partaker of his wondrous things.

15th July 2017 been the first day of the programme, God first proved himself as a wonder working God through the testimony of two cases of 30 years deaf and dumb from birth been rolled away instantly.

The wonders of God began as the chorus leaders led in mighty praises and worship, then the various choir groups of the church assured the church that the God of wonders will work on them through their heavenly ministrations.

Finally, the message was preached. Towards the end of the service, the General Overseer made prayers for the church, confirming that the God of chosen is indeed a wonder working God.

The grand finale was awesome as unbelievable things became believable. The blind received their sight, the deaf began to hear, the dumb began to talk, broken bones were restored, paralysis and arthritis that has lasted for years rolled away. Lets I forget, a chosen sister received a contract worth millions of naira, she became a millionaire and her story changed for good.

The program was a success as the wonders of God was seen in the midst of the people, lives were transformed and souls were thirsting for righteousness.

The wonders of God was seen greatly in Lagos which made the programme a successful and a remarkable one. This is also the first crusade with the theme “THE WONDER WORKING GOD”

The church departed with joy and gladness as the wonder working God intervened in their lives


Below are some of the testimonies and miracles recorded during the programme.

Sis Veronica

Sis Veronica is thanking God f healing her from heart attack at umuahia crusade and also healing her from problem in her anus after going true x .try God of chosen thank you for healing me from this problems in Jesus name

Brother onady

Brother Onady was delivered from the spirit of madness after our dady G.O prayed f me I come back with my séance again and God send that evil madness to the sender


Brother & sister Stanley Adindu is thanking God for restoring her wife back to life in her school during exam period in all from death to life glory be to God thank you Jesus

Brother John is thanking God for divine intervention in her dream after the angle visited him now is normalized glory be to God

Bro Joseph favoured with a a free plot of land and delivered from a native doctor

Bro Emmanuel testifying on how bullet couldn’t penetrated after he and his wife declared that they were chosen. Only God can do this

Bro Simon testifying on how God delivered his sister from one year violent madness. Only God can do this

Sis Maria is thanking God for healing her from the spirit of sickness that have been disturbing her for long time ,even the doctor rejected her in the hospital ,our G.o pray yesterday and canceled every spirit of sickness after that prayer today she is free

Brother Mosco is thanking God for removing six yes of diabetes

Sis beauty Celestine is thanking God for healing his son from spirit of sickness

Sister Glory is thanking God for healing her from the spirit of diabetes for long time this is the first time am joining chosen for God healing me am now a chosen praise they lord

Sis Chinyere Blessing is thanking God for Brocken the spirit husband for 22yrs after our dady G.O prayed yesterday

Sis Eberechuckwu – Thanking God for delivering her from evil covenant entered through her father and,also favouring her with a miracle shop

Bro Moses Joseph thanking God for rolling away 7 years sickness during yesterday’s programme through our G.o. declaration, Chosen praise the Lord

Sis Justin is testifying on how God of chosen rolled away breast pain,and also cancer that have lasted for I year busted chosen praise the Lord

Sis Ifeoma Miracle is thanking God for healing her from sharp pain for long time yesterday Our G.O said if u are having pain lay ur hands any were u are having pains so as I do so for naw am heal praised they lord

Sis Mathew Esther thanking God for rolling away delay in conception she came to Chosen last year and gave birth this year chosen praise the Lord.

Bro Chima Alozie thanking God for arresting him through the Chosen calender,he was formally into duping people but God arrested and delivered him chosen praise the Lord.

Bro Michael testifying for how delivered him from a mysterious sickness through Chosen apron,secondly testifying for how he was called back after been dismissed from the Army since 2007 despite him not being a Chosen and now he is totally healed. what a mysterious worker Chosen praise the Lord.

Pastor Nneji testified that he is a pastor in another church but believes in the God of chosen. He sowed here and God opened his ways and blessed him with a land. He continued to sow and God blessed him with two cars

Sis Eke Ijeoma is thanking God for granting her salvation and delivering her from premature death through Chosen cable,thirdly thanking God for how God launched her into a millionaire,Chosen praise the Lord.


1. Bro Samuel Olayemi: He was a Muslim before but during a three days program in his home town in Benin while he was going to get food to eat he encountered the CHOSEN people and decided to be a chosen because before them he was not sleeping comfortably but slept well after the crusade. His dad tried to oppress him because of his conversion and collected what he was doing but the God of chosen established him.

2. Sis Charity Igbe: She was directed to umuahia crusade by her son, she usually have evil dreams and was not breathing properly but our daddy mentioned her case and it ceased immediately.

3. Sis Favour Nwachukwu: Joined chosen 2007, she is thanking God for making her a first-class student in her class and she is in basic 5.

4. Bro Peter: He was having eye problem and high blood pressure and have gone to so many places without result, but when he heard that our G.O was coming to Abuja, he attended the program and his case was mentioned and immediately he felt a sensation and since then everything ceased.

5. Sis Joy Anyado: She testified of how God delivered her from a terrible heart problem after G.O’s declaration at umuahia crusade.

6. Bro Nnedi Martin: He testified on how God of chosen delivered him from the spirit of madness that possessed him for 9 years and returned and returned it back to the sender who confessed and died, God also helped him to recover 4 plots of land belonging to his father.

7. Bro Felix: Joined chosen last year (2006), he brought his friend to the church on the 13th of June 2017 being Thursday and after our pastor declared all the deaf and dumb free, his friend who was deaf and dumb started speaking that was how the yoke of 52 years deaf and dumb got knocked out.

8. Bro Fidelis Ezeoha: Joined chosen 2006, he was on his way to commit suicide before someone invited him to the Lord’s chosen, he came and after pastor’s prayer he was freed from 16 years yoke of epilepsy.

9. Bro Emmanuel Nnaka: Joined chosen 2004, he was sitting in his house with his wife and children then suddenly he healed a voice saying please don’t kill me, he checked through the window and saw that his neighbor is been attacked by robbers, his wife then said to the husband “let’s go save our neighbor”, he collected his apron and went outside to confront the robbers the husband and wife then declared whom they are, the robbers shot them but the bullet did not penetrate they shot again but the bullet still didn’t penetrate then the armed robbers surrendered.

10. Bro Kinsley Ike: Little Sis Blessing Ediduk was butchered into pieces by ritual men and buried but the God of chosen rose her up again after 3 months that she had been buried, she rose up after hearing a voice that told her to rise up, she rose up, she is indeed a mystery of the wonders of this great God of chosen.

11. Bro Samuel and Sis Ngozi Nweke: There had been a sickness which was inherited and has been tormenting his family but as the G.O mentioned the case they were delivered.

12. Bro Innocent Anthony: He thanked God for making him and his family a chosen, on Thursday our G.O was ministering but he (bro innocent) was in Enugu with his family and following through the cable and our G.O said God will give you a sign in this program, his wife saw herself with him in a house locked up with no way out and an angel appeared and asked what the problem was, they told him and the angel said he knows the person with the key.


1. 7 months paralysis hands and legs healed- Sis Gift

2. 7 months inability to walk healed- Sis Obigali.

3. 1 year and 6 months leg pain instantly healed- Sis Comfort.

4. 2 years arthritis rolled away- Sis Victoria.

5. 10 months total stroke healed- Bro Raphael

6. 2 and half years arthritis knocked out- Bro Isreal.

7. 4 months stroke healed, can now walk- Bro Ben.

8. 16 years diabetes and general body pain rolled away- Sis Mary.

9. 7 months body pain and weakness knocked out.

10. 4 months waist pain after an accident rolled away.

11. 9 months stroke instantly rolled away.

12. 2years paralysis healed-Sis Chinaka Onyinye.

13. 30 years deaf and dumb knocked out- Bro Reginald

14. 13 years deaf and dumb healed instantly- Sis Simbiat Soliu.

15. 2 years broken bones joined together.

16. 10 months stroke rolled out

17. 5 weeks broken legs healed- Bro Femi Emmanuel.

18. 4 months stroke healed- Bro Matthias.

19. 4 months broken bone joined together- Bro Uche.

20. 8 months stroke rolled away- Bro Elijah Yusuf.

21. 3 years broken bones joined together- Bro Sunday.

22. 5 years stroke healed can now talk- Sis Ekiate.

23. 8years deaf and dumb from birth- Sis Amarachi and little Sister Precious deaf and dumb for 3 years technically knocked out.

24. 5 years madness healed- Bro Samuel.

25. 12 years constant urinating rolled away.

26. 1 year body pain healed.

27. 11 years heart pain healed.

28. 2 years stroke instantly healed.

29. 4 years waist pain rolled out.

30. 10 months stroke healed- Bro Matthew.

31. 9 years deaf and dumb from Lagos healed.


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