Welcome to the last combined service in the month of July, great Jubilee service. We hope you receive every blessing coming from today’s miracle service.

We believe that whatever you had experienced in the time past, whatever you have seen, whatever miracle you heard happened in our previous service would be too small to be compared to what is going to happen to the lives of as many people that are going to participate in today’s programme.

Therefore we urge you to have you device glued to this page and all of our pages across the social media to get the live and complete commentary of the service. As you do so, The God of Chosen, the God of signs and wonders will see you through in all that you need Him in Jesus name.


9:54 – The  lords chosen secondary school Festac, Lagos Nigeria is appreciating God of chosen for giving them excellent result in the just concluded senior WAEC examination 2016/2017

9:33 – Bro Matthew is thanking God for making him a chosen and also thanking God for healing him from stomach ulcer

9:16 – Sis ifenyinwa is thanking God for his massive intervention upon her life

9:15 – Bro Moses is thanking God of chosen for bringing him back to life.

8:59 – Bro musa is thanking God for restoring back his job

8:30 – We welcome you to the time of testimony where we hear the wonders GOD Is doing in chosen

8:28 – The central choir ministration has come to an end assuring us the lord will give us jubilee for the captives

8:12 – The Children Choir’s ministrations has come to an end and the Youth Choir are on the stage

8:10 – Today’s service began with morning Choruses led by The Chorus Leader, Sister Ijeoma, followed by Opening prayers by the National moderator, Pastor Sam Obijiaku

8:00 – The auditorium is filled, the stage is set and …we are LIVE!


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