Sorrow to Joy 2017 declarations


Some of the declarations from the General Overseer on Sorrow to Joy 2017.

  1. The devil is angry, roaring up and down like a lion, but he is not a lion. Jesus Christ is the lion. He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah – He will eat up the devil”

  2. “Anywhere you are following this programme from, as I am making these declarations, deliverance shall follow you in your homes”

  3. “You see those people asking you where is your God, from today, they will begin to see your God and what He is doing in your life”

  4. Today, as I lift my voice towards you and anchor to it, your sorrows shall be turned into Joy”

  5. This year alone, you will prove to people who are in doubts that there is a Father in heaven

  6. “I as I pray for you, you will go home with joy”

  7. After today, the will of God shall be done in your life

  8. “You see you, your own case is settled in Jesus name”

  9. As I say amen to your case, it shall be amen in heaven and it is settled

  10. You might have visited numerous places without solution but today solution will follow you

  11. “I want you to take note, the devil is the cause of every evil thing happening in the world”
  12. No matter what is causing you sorrow, the Lord will turn it into Joy

  13. People are asking you where is your God, the lion of Judah has prevailed, you are free.

  14. Every delay in marriage yoke shall break today

  15. When the devil comes to attack or compromise,resist him and watch him flee.

  16. Don’t open your heart to sin and he will never defeat you

  17. Today, Solutions shall follow you

  18. As I pray for you, you shall go home with Joy

  19. As I say you will be free, in Jesus name you will be free

  20. I don’t know what you are going through, today you shall encounter power in Jesus name

  21. You see you, God who brought you here will settle your matter in Jesus name

  22. The assurance I am giving to you is that God will wipe away your tears

  23. That enemy troubling and fighting you, the Lord will settle them

  24. Do not be afraid, your sorrows shall turn to Joy

  25. I don’t know the experience you have, that sorrow must turn to Joy

  26. There is no point of you wishing to die, that death sentence has been cancelled

  27. Every root of sin in your life, be uprooted in Jesus name

  28. You that has terrible headache, be healed

  29. Heart problem receive your healing in Jesus name

  30. Terrible cough,dry cough and asthmatic cough be healed in Jesus name

  31. Let your two kidney be healed in Jesus name

  32. Internal hotness of the body receive your healing Amen

  33. Terrible heaviness be removed in Jesus name

  34. Every problem you brought, shall not follow you out

  35. You that can’t sleep at night…tonight you will sleep like baby in Jesus name

  36. That case of impotency be healed in Jesus name

  37. Rashes be vanished away in Jesus name

  38. Problems in marriage i break the yoke in Jesus name

  39. I decree in that family that today joy and peace shall be yours and God shall intervene

  40. Strange human in that marriage in the name of Jesus I uproot her in Jesus name Amen

  41. Every hand that tries to touch your baby shall wither in Jesus name
  42. That strange thing coming out of your body should dry up now
  43. You that they are promising to favour you today let dat favour follow you in Jesus Amen
  44. Everything troubling you, I break the yoke now
  45. Whwhatever they have used to lay the foundation against those living in that house be cancelled
  46. I stop that evil of death in your family
  47. In your family they are recording death every year, I break that yoke and you will fulfill your age in Jesus name Amen
  48. That thing making noise in your body, I silence it now
  49. All those mocking you because things are not working well, I open your way
  50. Let there be connection, open doors, favours in Jesus name
  51. The Lord has given you victory over any body troubling you