HIGHLIGHTS: Oji 2017 – God’s Time To Take Over (day 1)


Today 3rd June, 2017 can never be forgotten in the land of Oji River where the Lord visited.

Oji was on fire with the revival praises, chorus and laud rendered to the God of Chosen in the early hours of the morning.

The ministrations from the Chosen Kids, Children Choir, The Youth Choir, Campus Choir, The Adult Choir, PRO group,The Central Choir and The Duet Sisters blessed the souls that attended the first day of this great crusade and viewers all over the globe.

The many number of Testimonies that was shared really proved the Mark of Approval from the Lord.

I’m still very shocked over the great instant miracles that took place today during the prayers of the General Overseer , Pastor Lazarus Muoka at the program. The most outstanding and unbelievable of them all is the instant miracle of an elderly woman who had suffered from cancer for years but she received her healing after the prayers of the pastor, there was also another case of two brothers who were born deaf and dumb and many others, thee shook the congregation and set jubilation in the hearts of those present in the crusade.

Above all these, the Heavens rejoiced of the SOULS that were saved through the undiluted Word of God that was ministered through the Servant of God.


People from all around the globe were really blessed.

Indeed the first day of the program ended in endless praise.


16:48′ Final prayers ongoing


4:43′ The message has come to an end and final prayers ongoing

1:23′ The testimony section has come to an end and… IT IS TIME!

1:23′ coming up shortly: G.O’s ministrations

13:16′ The last testifier on the podium as the testimony section is gradually coming to an end

12:52′ Some of the traditional rulers at the Oji River 2017 crusade

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10:55′ Some of the testimonies recorded so far at the Oji-River 2017 crusade

  • Sis Nkemdirim is thanking the God of chosen for healing her from hyneia.

  • Bro Raymond Mmadu Okeke – Thanking God for giving him a miracle car.

  • Bro Chigozie Francis is – Thanking God for delivering him from masturbation and fornication and for also relocating his brother from Libya after the G.O prayers

  • Eucharia Nwanyi is thanking God for the salvation of her soul.

  • Bro Ndubuisi is thanking God for breaking the yoke of 18 years Wrong marriage and also blessing his present wife with 7 children after premature death of the previous ones.

  • Elizabeth Orli is thanking God for making her son a chosen and also breaking the yoke of bareness in the life of her daughter in law.

  • Sis Akachukwu faith is thanking God for healing her from unknown affliction that lasted for 8 yrs and also God arrested the power behind it.

  • Bro Roland Mutop from Cameroon – Thanking God for saving him from accident after declaring who he is through the direction of a voice

  • Sis Loveth Ikechukwu is thanking God of chosen for protection upon her and her family.she’s thanking God for breaking the yoke of premature death in her husband family

  • Bro Ugwu Ikechukwu healed from staphylococcus that lasted for 22years.

  • Bro Humphrey Ibeh is thanking God for healing him of diabetes saving him from assassin after joining chosen and supporting the work of God.


11:09′ The Central Choir ministration has come to an end and on the stage to minister now is the Chosen Duet sisters

10:05′ COMING UP NEXT: Testimonies of the wonders of the God of Chosen

11:01′ The Central Choir ministering to the congregation

10:52′ The Central Choir in combination with Enugu state Choir getting set to minister to the congregation

10:31′ The P.R.O group ministering to the congregation


10:31′ The Youth Choir’s ministrations is over and on the stage now is the P.R.O group


10:28′ We happy to inform you that the General Overseer (G.O) Pastor Lazarus Muoka is live on ground.

He is here to declare deliverance and freedom in your life, just stay put and follow the updates to the end

10:28′ Ihe ga eme na ebe taa (Somthing will happen in this place (Oji) today,

10:23′ The Youth Choir Ministering to the congregation

10:20′ The Youth Choir ministering the song titled “He has come to take over”

10:14′ The Campus Fellowship ministrations have come to an end and the Youth Choir is getting set to minister to the congregation

10:12′ March over your enemies, because the God of Chosen has arrived in Oji-River – The Campus Choir ministering

10:10′ Ndi Oji g’ama na Chineke Chosen na aza ekepre taa (The people of Oji will know that the God of Chosen answers prayers today)

  • The Campus Choir ministering to the congregation

10:03′ The Campus Choir on the stage to minister to the congregation

9:58′ The Children Choir ministering to the congregation

9:51′ The Children Choir rendering the song titled ‘Eligwe’, warning the participants about the need to prepare for rapture before it is too late

9:46′ The Children Choir getting set to minister to the congregation

9:40′ The Chosen Kid soldiers ministering to the congregationIMG_20170603_093558

9:30′ Also getting set to minister is the Chosen Children Choir, with their beautiful wine-coloured outfit, the Children Choir is a set to watch

9:29′ Opening prayers continues as more participants continues to flow into the venue of the programme

9:25′ SINGING: Where is the God of my pastor power

9:24′ The Chosen kid soldiers getting set to minister to the congregation as the participants continues to pray

9:22′ Opening prayers continues

9:21′ Singing: I need power from above

9:19′ Opening prayers ongoing

9:18′ Pastor Sam leading the congregation in a smooth worship session, to be followed by opening prayers

9:8′ Pastor Sam announcing the vision and mission of the of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement

9:05′ The Congregation welcoming the participants in the name of our Lord Jesus Chsrist

9:03′ Pastor Sam inviting all who have testimonies of the God of Chosen to come forward for the opportunity to testify

9:03′ The Moderator Pastor Sam Obijiaku is now on the pulpit

8:56′ SINGING: Nyem oke nkem (Give me my own potion)

8:54′ SINGING: God of Chosen can do everything

8:48′ Na ime gi ka mgbabaworo, oh Jehova ekwela k’ihere me mu (God I run unto you, oh Jehova do not put me into shame)

8:34’Chosen are taken over glory be God

8:28’Singing: He that cometh from above is above them all

8:24′ Singing: Chiwanu na ime ndum (God Rule in my life)

8:01′ The stage is set, the congegation are flowing in, the Chorus leaders are on the stage for the chorus section… and we are LIVE

7:30′ The pulpit beautifully decorated in anticipation of the presence of God

7:00′ We have arrived at the venue and ready to guide you through all you need to know.

6:30′ Good morning!

We happily welcome you to the live update of the programme God’s time to take over

The programme is happening live now at the Model comprehensive secondary school, Inyi, Oji River LGA, Enugu Nigeria.


Visited By a Strange Being, Delivered From Spirit of Death

My name is Brother Chukwuma Nweke. I joined this great Movement this year at Mgbidi. I am from Aba.

Brother Chukwuma Nweke

Here comes my testimony:

We came here for the crusade titled “…And the Enemies Submitted” in June. After the crusade, we left. When we reached home, I entered into seven days prayer after the crusade. On the first day of July, I was in my shop. My wife came to me and asked me whether I was sure that my prayer was not disturbing the neighbourhood. I answered her that if my prayer is disturbing the vicinity, it means that, that person is evil. In fact, I rebuked her. Then as she came into the shop to pick something, I heard a voice that said three times, “Please, I want you to accommodate me in your house”. Whatever the voice said that day, he repeated it three times. The voice continued and said, “I saw a house in a particular place. The house rent is one hundred and twenty-five thousand naira. Then, I looked up and saw a man standing in front of my shop. The man said, “You may see me as a mad man but I know that you have an inner eye. You have been calling me. You have been disturbing me, now I have come”. I now asked the man, who are you? He repeated, you may see me as a mad man…. Then, I offered him a seat in my shop. He repeated what he said before, “You have two options, the house I saw in a particular place which the rent is one hundred and twenty-five thousand naira.” I said Sir, please, I don’t have this kind of money here. At this point, my wife shouted where she was that I should go to the bank and get the money. Eventually, I wrote a cheque and gave my wife to go to the bank and withdraw the money but I forgot that day was a public holiday. When my wife got to the bank, the bank did not open and so she came back. However, when my wife left for the bank, the man asked, how do you feel helping the poor? I answered that am excited. Then, he asked me a question again: did Abraham kill Isaac? I said no. He said, “You fail, Abraham killed Isaac in his heart, in his mind”. He had already sacrificed Isaac before going to the bush. And as he sacrificed Isaac, God blessed him beyond measure and made him the father of many nations. I was looking at the man though I could not see the man’s face because he was facing away from me and as I tried to see his face, he turned it the other side. When my wife came back and complained that she did not get the money, the man laughed and said that he knew that she would not get the money.
I then asked him what he wanted me to do. I said to him, “I cannot accommodate you in my house because am a family man”. He laughed. I decided to go and borrow. As I walked out, he called me back and said, “You and your family will never beg all the days of your life.” I said amen. At last, I went to the elder brother to my boss and graciously, he gave me the money and I came back to my shop to give the man the money.
As I wanted to give him the money, he said I should hold on, that I should ask for three things while my wife would ask for one. We did that and gave him the money and he said, “God has disappointed your enemy today and premature death which they have assigned to you is automatically cancelled.” Immediately, he said this, something left my lower abdomen, came to my heart, then to my forehead and flew away. My body started vibrating and I was confused and sat down on my chair. Then the man said he was going. Then, I managed to say bye-bye to him and he left. I mustered courage and followed him but along the way, he disappeared. That was my encounter with the strange being. Since that day the man visited me, my life changed. Our G.O usually says that money is not by struggle, it is by the grace of God. Now, if I off load a container, it doesn’t waste time, I will sell all. Even those that feel they are into occultism to help them prosper in business; I sell more than all and even help them to sell.
I really thank God of Chosen for delivering me because I did not know what the enemy and his agents had planned but God frustrated them through the visitation of the strange man.

Moreover, God frustrated one of my customers from Port-Harcourt who bought goods from me. He paid for the fifty cartons of the product. After supplying the complete fifty cartons, he turned back and said, it was thirty-five cartons that were supplied. As he came back to make trouble with me, they called him from Port-Harcourt that they had seen the remaining fifteen cartons in his ware-house. God of Chosen is wonderful indeed.

At this juncture, I pray for my General Pastor and all the Chosen worldwide, heaven at last in Jesus name.
Praise the Lord!

Brother Chukwuma Nweke
Aba, Abia State.