Live: The Wonder Working God (Day 1)


Welcome to the Live update of the long awaited Holy Ghost powered international programme titled “The Wonder Working God’.

God, through His servant Pastor Lazarus Muoka has made  it known that no matter what your request is, the blessings that comes with this programme will not exclude you and God will bless and renew your age.

We urge you to stay tuned and follow the live update of this programme as it progresses.

We are also live on our social media handles. Follow us now to also see updates from the Press team on ground.



9:14′ Opening prayers led by Pastor Sam Obijaku

9:12 – The morning Chorus has come to an end and the Moderator, Pastor Sam Obijiaku is now on the podium

8:37 – Morning revival ongoing as the Chorus leaders takes over the microphone

8:02 –  The stage is set, the choruse leaders are ready… and we are live



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Good morning!

Welcome to the grand Finale of Umuahia 2017 crusade titled ‘God’s Time To Take Over’.

What you received, felt and/or what you saw yesterday, according to the word of God, is nothing to be compared with what you shall see today — the grand finale.

Here is highlights of everything that happened at the first day of the power-packed crusade.

The Chosen Press is LIVE on the ground today to bring you a live update of the event and all you will need to know.

Follow the live and complete update below

11:17′  Highlights of the programme so far

Choruses led by the wonderful Chorus leaders, which led to a morning might revival


7:30′ Good morning!

Chosen Evangelist sisters rejoicing in God's presence


WhatsApp Image 2017-07-01 at 08.38.13(1)

Concluding the first day of this program, multitude of souls turned from their sins and surrender again to Jesus Christ.

The pastor went on to call down blessings, healings and testimonies upon the lives of the participants of the program.

We enjoin and encourage you to key in tomorrow to as we bring to you the finale and the power packed event of God’s drawn down power tomorrow.


Follow our live updates below and be blessed in Jesus name.

17:46′ G.O’s declarations continues as we gradually drawing close to the end of the programme

17:45′ Singing: Amen… Jesus said Amen

17:44′ Final prayers and declarations ongoing

17:23′ The hour has come, Finally!

17:21′ Singing: ‘My sorrow is finished on the cross’

17:19′ Salvation thanksgiving ongoing as the new converts give thanks to God for saving their soul

17:17′ Coming up next: Final Prayers and declarations from the holy altar

17:06′ Multitudes trooping out in numbers to answer the altar call and accept Christ as their Lord and personal saviour

17:05′ Altar call ongong as the G.O begin urging participants who wish to give or wish to rededicate their lives to Christ

17:04′ Singing: ‘I am sorry Lord’

17:04′ The message has come to an end and congregational prayers for mercy ongoing

16:37′ Coming up next: Altar Call and Salvation prayers

16:35′ Salvation message ongoing: “A Christian is not a sinner and a sinner is not a Christian” – G.O

16:31′ Points to consider

  • 2. Our expected response and benefits

TEXT: 1 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. (KJV)


16:30′ “Total freedom shall be your portion today and tomorrow in Jesus name” – Pastor Lazrus Muoka

16:28′ “Present all your present all your problems, requests to God today, do not let any of them follow you home without being presented to God” – Pastor Lazrus Muoka

16:01′ Points to consider

  1. Reasons and instruments of taking over

Text: Revelation 12:7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels” (KJV)

15:45′ The message

  • Topic: God’s Time to Take Over (Part 1)
  • Text: Joshua 5:13-18. Isaiah 59:19’Mathew 17:14
  • Minister: Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Joshua 5:13-15 (KJV)

13 And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, behold, there stood a man over against him with his sword drawn in his hand: and Joshua went unto him, and said unto him, Art thou for us, or for our adversaries?

14 And he said, Nay; but as captain of the host of the Lord am I now come. And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship, and said unto him, What saith my Lord unto his servant?

15 And the captain of the Lord‘s host said unto Joshua, Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon thou standest is holy. And Joshua did so.

15:38′ Deliverance prayer continues

15:26 | Coming up next: The message

15:23′ Deliverance prayers led by the General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka is ongoing – The Presence of God is being felt all over the venue

15:22′ The Testimony time has come to an end and the G.O is on the pulpit

14:38′  Some of the testimonies recorded in today’s programme

  1. Bro. Samuel Okorie – Thanking God for delivering him from a wicked demon that made him work like a mad man for up to 15 years
  2. Bro Mathew Okoye – Thanking God for saving him from drunkenness, also he was saved from death after an encounter with The General Overseer and Wife in the dream
  3. Bro. Ikechukwu Timothy Chosen – Thanking God for helping him come first class
  4. Sister Ngozi Mgboweyin – Thanking God for healing her of body pain during the Orji crusade. She is also thanking God for granting safe delivery for her brother’s life
  5. Bro. Prime Ohaeri – Delivered from Spirit of death
  6. Bro Christopher Ogbonnaya – Request for Miracle car granted
  7. Sis. Chukwuma – Baby boy granted
  8. Bro. Stephen Uboh – Healed of stooling blood
  9. Bro Peter Kalu – Delivered from 5 years insanity
  10. Sister Rose Philip – Saved from armed robbery attack
  11. Sis. Ephraim Ezinne – Delivered from series of miscarriages
  12. Bro Obioma Tochkwu Praise – Healed of unknown affliction that lasted for over 16 years


11:24′ The Chosen Duet Sisters ministering to the congregation

11:05′ The P.R.O Group ministering to the congregation, to be followed by the Central Choir in conjunction with the Abia state Choir


10:29′ The Youth Choir ministrations has come to an end and the P.R.O group are on the stage

10:3′ The P.R.O Group ministering to the congregation the song titled ‘Jesus is coming soon’

10:26′ “God will take over” –  A strong message coming through the choir ministrations by the Youth Choir

10:8′ The congregation rejoicing at the arrival of God in Umuahia

The congregation rejoicing at the arrival of God in Umuahia

9:51′ The Lord’s Chosen Campus Fellowship Ministering to the congregation

The Lord's Chosen Campus Fellowship Ministering to the congregation

9:48′ The Lord Chosen Nursery and Primary School, Aba ministering to the congregation

The Lord Chosen Nur and Pry School, Aba

9:35′ Getting set to minister now is the Children Choir from The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Nursery and Primary School, Aba, Abia state

9:26′ The children choir ministering to the congregation “Heaven is a place I want to be”

The children choir ministering to the congregation "Heaven is a place I want to be"

9:14′ Line up of the Choir ministrations in today’s programme is as follows

  • Abia state Children Choir
  • Campus Fellowship Choir
  • The Youth Choir
  • P.R.O Group
  • The Central Choir in conjunction with the Abia state adult Choir and
  • The Duet sisters

9:11′ COMING UP NEXT: Choir Ministrations

The Abia state Children Choir getting ready to kick off the Choir ministrations in today’s programme.

9:07′ Opening prayers led by the moderator, Pastor Sam ongoing

9:04′ The moderator, Pastor Lazarus Muoka,  on the podium welcoming the people.

The moderator on the podium welcoming the people.

9:16′ Opening prayers continues with the song ‘My Lord Jesus remember me!’

8:49′ Choruses continues with Evangelist sisters rejoicing in God’s presence

Chosen Evangelist sisters rejoicing in God's presence

8:45′ Participants dancing as morning praises continues

8:43′ Singing: Anyi Nwere Odum (We have Lion of Tribe of Judah)

8:37′ Singing: Omere ya n’mbu, oge eme kwa ya na ubochi taa… na ime ndum (He did it before, He will do it today in my life)

8:32′ Singing ‘Amaram N’oge eme ka obi dim mma (I know that he will make me happy)

8:13′ The Chorus Leaders are now on the stage

The chorus Leader leading in the worship session

7:53′ The Venue is set, the chorus leaders are on the podium… and we are live

7:30′ Good morning!

A joyful welcome to the first day of Umuahia 2017 crusade titled ‘God’s Time To Take Over’.

Today being July, 1st (2017) and it is also the first day of the programme, it is not by chance that this programme is happening to you and you are lucky to be a participant.

We believe that at the end of the day you will go home with blessing and testimonies, because there is nothing that will hinder you from taking your  blessings home today.

The Chosen Press is LIVE on the ground to bring you a live update of the event and all you will need to know.

HIGHLIGHTS: Oji 2017 – God’s Time To Take Over (day 1)


Today 3rd June, 2017 can never be forgotten in the land of Oji River where the Lord visited.

Oji was on fire with the revival praises, chorus and laud rendered to the God of Chosen in the early hours of the morning.

The ministrations from the Chosen Kids, Children Choir, The Youth Choir, Campus Choir, The Adult Choir, PRO group,The Central Choir and The Duet Sisters blessed the souls that attended the first day of this great crusade and viewers all over the globe.

The many number of Testimonies that was shared really proved the Mark of Approval from the Lord.

I’m still very shocked over the great instant miracles that took place today during the prayers of the General Overseer , Pastor Lazarus Muoka at the program. The most outstanding and unbelievable of them all is the instant miracle of an elderly woman who had suffered from cancer for years but she received her healing after the prayers of the pastor, there was also another case of two brothers who were born deaf and dumb and many others, thee shook the congregation and set jubilation in the hearts of those present in the crusade.

Above all these, the Heavens rejoiced of the SOULS that were saved through the undiluted Word of God that was ministered through the Servant of God.


People from all around the globe were really blessed.

Indeed the first day of the program ended in endless praise.


16:48′ Final prayers ongoing


4:43′ The message has come to an end and final prayers ongoing

1:23′ The testimony section has come to an end and… IT IS TIME!

1:23′ coming up shortly: G.O’s ministrations

13:16′ The last testifier on the podium as the testimony section is gradually coming to an end

12:52′ Some of the traditional rulers at the Oji River 2017 crusade

Read details>

10:55′ Some of the testimonies recorded so far at the Oji-River 2017 crusade

  • Sis Nkemdirim is thanking the God of chosen for healing her from hyneia.

  • Bro Raymond Mmadu Okeke – Thanking God for giving him a miracle car.

  • Bro Chigozie Francis is – Thanking God for delivering him from masturbation and fornication and for also relocating his brother from Libya after the G.O prayers

  • Eucharia Nwanyi is thanking God for the salvation of her soul.

  • Bro Ndubuisi is thanking God for breaking the yoke of 18 years Wrong marriage and also blessing his present wife with 7 children after premature death of the previous ones.

  • Elizabeth Orli is thanking God for making her son a chosen and also breaking the yoke of bareness in the life of her daughter in law.

  • Sis Akachukwu faith is thanking God for healing her from unknown affliction that lasted for 8 yrs and also God arrested the power behind it.

  • Bro Roland Mutop from Cameroon – Thanking God for saving him from accident after declaring who he is through the direction of a voice

  • Sis Loveth Ikechukwu is thanking God of chosen for protection upon her and her family.she’s thanking God for breaking the yoke of premature death in her husband family

  • Bro Ugwu Ikechukwu healed from staphylococcus that lasted for 22years.

  • Bro Humphrey Ibeh is thanking God for healing him of diabetes saving him from assassin after joining chosen and supporting the work of God.


11:09′ The Central Choir ministration has come to an end and on the stage to minister now is the Chosen Duet sisters

10:05′ COMING UP NEXT: Testimonies of the wonders of the God of Chosen

11:01′ The Central Choir ministering to the congregation

10:52′ The Central Choir in combination with Enugu state Choir getting set to minister to the congregation

10:31′ The P.R.O group ministering to the congregation


10:31′ The Youth Choir’s ministrations is over and on the stage now is the P.R.O group


10:28′ We happy to inform you that the General Overseer (G.O) Pastor Lazarus Muoka is live on ground.

He is here to declare deliverance and freedom in your life, just stay put and follow the updates to the end

10:28′ Ihe ga eme na ebe taa (Somthing will happen in this place (Oji) today,

10:23′ The Youth Choir Ministering to the congregation

10:20′ The Youth Choir ministering the song titled “He has come to take over”

10:14′ The Campus Fellowship ministrations have come to an end and the Youth Choir is getting set to minister to the congregation

10:12′ March over your enemies, because the God of Chosen has arrived in Oji-River – The Campus Choir ministering

10:10′ Ndi Oji g’ama na Chineke Chosen na aza ekepre taa (The people of Oji will know that the God of Chosen answers prayers today)

  • The Campus Choir ministering to the congregation

10:03′ The Campus Choir on the stage to minister to the congregation

9:58′ The Children Choir ministering to the congregation

9:51′ The Children Choir rendering the song titled ‘Eligwe’, warning the participants about the need to prepare for rapture before it is too late

9:46′ The Children Choir getting set to minister to the congregation

9:40′ The Chosen Kid soldiers ministering to the congregationIMG_20170603_093558

9:30′ Also getting set to minister is the Chosen Children Choir, with their beautiful wine-coloured outfit, the Children Choir is a set to watch

9:29′ Opening prayers continues as more participants continues to flow into the venue of the programme

9:25′ SINGING: Where is the God of my pastor power

9:24′ The Chosen kid soldiers getting set to minister to the congregation as the participants continues to pray

9:22′ Opening prayers continues

9:21′ Singing: I need power from above

9:19′ Opening prayers ongoing

9:18′ Pastor Sam leading the congregation in a smooth worship session, to be followed by opening prayers

9:8′ Pastor Sam announcing the vision and mission of the of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement

9:05′ The Congregation welcoming the participants in the name of our Lord Jesus Chsrist

9:03′ Pastor Sam inviting all who have testimonies of the God of Chosen to come forward for the opportunity to testify

9:03′ The Moderator Pastor Sam Obijiaku is now on the pulpit

8:56′ SINGING: Nyem oke nkem (Give me my own potion)

8:54′ SINGING: God of Chosen can do everything

8:48′ Na ime gi ka mgbabaworo, oh Jehova ekwela k’ihere me mu (God I run unto you, oh Jehova do not put me into shame)

8:34’Chosen are taken over glory be God

8:28’Singing: He that cometh from above is above them all

8:24′ Singing: Chiwanu na ime ndum (God Rule in my life)

8:01′ The stage is set, the congegation are flowing in, the Chorus leaders are on the stage for the chorus section… and we are LIVE

7:30′ The pulpit beautifully decorated in anticipation of the presence of God

7:00′ We have arrived at the venue and ready to guide you through all you need to know.

6:30′ Good morning!

We happily welcome you to the live update of the programme God’s time to take over

The programme is happening live now at the Model comprehensive secondary school, Inyi, Oji River LGA, Enugu Nigeria.

Highlights: Abuja 2017 – God Has Come to Do It

Good morning!

A joyful welcome to the Holy Ghost inspired Crusade titled “God has come to do it” happening live at the Eagles Square, Federal Capital Terrotoy (FCT) Abuja Nigeria.

The Chosen Press are live on the ground to bring you the complete update of the crusade.

Follow the live updates below and scroll down to bottom to comment and share your heart.


10:03′ Chosen Hausa Brethren Choir ministering


9:46′ The Lord’s Chosen Hausa Brethren Choir on the stage to minister

9:44′ The Children Choir Ministering to the congregation

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-21 at 09.42.46

9:33′ The Opening prayers has come to an end, and the Children Choir are set to minister

9:29′ The Chosen Children Choir getting set to minister to the congregation

9:27′ Opening prayers by the Moderator Pastor Sam Obijiaku

9:24′ The Moderator Pastor Sam Obijiaku live on the Podium to moderate Abuja 2017 Crusade

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-21 at 09.14.20

9:15′ The Choruses have come to an end and the programme moderator Pastor Sam Obijiaku is on the podium

8:55′ SINGING: God has come to do it

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-21 at 08.49.27 (2)

8:53′ SINGING: Today my God will do you good


9:01′ Choruses still ongoing as the great revival begins to shake the Great Arena

8:51′ Singing: Today is the day of the Lord

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-21 at 08.49.27

8:43′ SINGING: He never fail me

8:41′ The Chorus leaders are now on the stage to lead the participants in the morning praise and worship


6:55′ All is set for the great revival to beging

Ihitte 2017 – God’s Time to Take Over (Day 2)

Pastor Lazarus Muoka 3


The end has come for the programme, it was blessed, it was great… Only God can do this!


17:34′ The Final prayers have been made, the grace share… and that is the end of the Ihitte 2017 Crusade. God is great

16:32′ Be on your fit wherever you are and begin to pray for mercy

16:47′ The large number of people that came out to give their lives to Jesus Christ after accepting them as their Lord and personal Saviour

16:29′ Begin to ask God to search you and forgive you for every sin you must have committed, knowingly or unknowingly

16:28′ Whereever you are following the programme from, rise up on your phone and begin to ask God for mercy, tell Him that you are asorry and ask Him for forgiveness

16:17′ If you are divorced or you are no longer living with your wife, but with another woman as a second wife, remember what bible said in Mathew 19:4-6, that what God has joined together, let no man put apart.

16:14′ If you are taking alcoholic drinks, do you smoke; go and break those bottles, throw away the weed, amend your ways and turn to God for mercy

16:12′ Amend your ways. All those people involved in fornication, adultery, masturbation, abortion, prostitution, homosexuality; all those things are abominations in the sight og God, repent now, amend your ways and tell God no more.

16:10′ Repent and promise God no more. If you have been a native Doctor or you belong to any kind of cultism, repent now, ask God for mercy because you can’t enter heaven.

16:98′ SALVATION MESSAGE underway

16:08′ READING John 14:13

16:7′ Whatever you are asking in this programme you shall receive

16:6′ As you ask from the Lord’ all your needs shall be supplied

16:6 If I say it, God confirms it. If you are in any prison, physical or spiritual, I lose you and set you free in Jesus name

16:5′ READING: Isaiah 61:1

16:5′ I want you to know that the power of God is here to answer your prayers

16:04′ As I am speaking now, power is waiting for actions. That power is waiting and saying Pastor do quick

16:03 READING: Luke 5:17

16:02′ Once you hand your problems over to God, there shall be intervention from God

16:02′  SINGING: We are handing over into God’s hands

16:01′ Be in expectations that God almighty will take over your entire problems

16:00′ You can never participate in this programme, the God who blessed Abraham in all things, that God will bless you in all things

16:00′ Reading Isaiah 45:19

15:57′ You see today, you are going home with power

15:53′ I say to you, above all the miracles today, you shall go home with power, and I will hear your testimonies

15:52′ POINT 2

  • Our Expectations and God’s interventions
  • TEXT: Isaiah 45:19

15:52′ Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, Today and Forever

15:51′ Read Mathew 15:30, Mathew 19:2

15:49′ Reading Mathew 11:4-6, 12:16

15:49′ You see in your life, every dead situation shall come back to life

15:48′ You see in your life today, impossibilities shall be made possible

15:47′ Reading Mathew 9:20

15:46′ Reading Mathew 8:1 and 16

15:41′ Reading Mathew 4:23

15:43′ If you have not come accorss problems that will take you to many hospitals but no solutions, you will never appreciate this Ministry

15:42′ I pray, that the God that healed these people, the God that saves, He will do it for you

3:41′ This problem you see today, you shall see them no more

15:17′ SINGING: Arise oh Lord and Take over

15:15′ “When I speak concerning you, don’t ask how could it be? Just say amen and Believe, because it has been happening all over the world and it will happen to you too


  • TOPIC: God’s Time to Take Over (prt 2)
  • TEXT: Joshua 5:15-16, Isaiah 59:19, Mathew 17:16-20
  • PREACHER: Pastor Lazarus Muoka

3:11′ The instant miracles session has come to an end and the message is ongoing


#Interview with the General Overseer at the grand finale of the Ihitte 2017 Programme titled “God’s time to Take Over”

“My prayers for everyone participating in this programme is that they all shall be blessed and they shall prosper in everything they venture into”

Continue reading…

10:32′ The Choir Ministrations has come to and IT IS TIME FOR TESTIMONIES

10:27′ The Chosen Central Choir ministering to the congregation

Central Choir Ministering

10:07′ The Chosen Central Choir getting set to minister their songs as the PRO dances out of the stage

10:05′ PRO singing: Chosen are on the Higher Level

10:02′ The PRO turning up the heat at the crusade ground with soul reviving songs. Only God can do all this, so, why can’t we dance and be glad in Him

9:45′ PRO Group Singing: Anyi bu osisi oma n’ami nkpuru oma (We are tree that bears good fruit)

9:45; HALLELUJAH! The God of Chosen is So great! Okay, on the stage now to minister is the PRO group of the Lord’s Chosen beginning with the song ‘God and create awareness that Jesus is coming very soon’

9:38′ The Youth Choristers shaking the entire crusade with a revival song. before the Youth were the Campus and the Children Choir who rendered wonderful songs to the God of Chosen.

9:37′ The Morning Choruses led by the Chorus leaders have ended, and the Choristers are coming in turn to minister top the congregation