Little bro. Opeyemi Olutade and his mother in the Lord's Chosen Podium

Little bro. Opeyemi Olutade who belonged to the other religion, testifies of how God rescued him from the hands of kidnappers. On a faithful day, as he was on his way to school in Ogun State, he was called by some strangers who asked him to get into a ‘jeep’ and he was being taken to an unknown place.

But as they progressed on the way, something strange happened; a spirit said to the little boy to declare that he was a Chosen (note that at this point the little boy wasn’t a member of the Chosen church, he wasn’t even a Christian) As he obeyed the voice of God and declared himself a Chosen, just at the first declaration, the kidnappers surrendered. They eventually took him to the popular Oshodi bus stop in Lagos.

While he was still there, he kept saying the word CHOSEN, some concerned citizens saw him and on hearing the word Chosen, they brought him to Ijesha where the headquarters of THE LORD’S CHOSEN CHARISMATIC REVIVAL MOVEMENT is located.

Later on, his family members were contacted and he narrated his story. Today, the family has indicated interest to serve God in Chosen church. Praise the Lord.



Here are top testimonies from the latest edition of the Time of Visitation

The captivity of Dr. Martin was turned around by his faith in God of pastor Lazarus Muoka. It was joy galore for Brother Martin Kehinde – a neuro surgeon who has been blind as a result of bomb blast that occurred in Jos, Plateau state about four years ago as he regains his sight on coming in contact with God of Chosen on 18th April, 2017.


My name is Divine C and I worship at Aba, Okigwe Road Branch to be precise. Brother Chigozie Victor is my neighbour. I brought him here yesterday. 

He was born twenty-nine years ago with deafness and dumbness. As we came yesterday, the general Pastor mentioned the case in the course of his prayers. That marked the end of deafness and dumbness. Now, he can hear and speak.


Brother Okoro Napoleon is a legal practitioner. He is testifying the goodness of God upon his life in Mbieri crusade yesterday (1st April, 2017). He was surprised at what God can do. He said he was able to walk from the canopy he was staying without his usual walker to the podium. He said the sickness of paralysis lasted five months.

They came very early to the programme through his walker. He walked to the altar and presented himself to God and asked God of Chosen not to pass him by. They stayed all through but eventually general Pastor did not come. They listened to cassette and the meeting dismissed but the man was satisfied, hearing the voice of the general Pastor and the miracle that happened was that, the catheta the doctor fixed on his private part dropped of its own accord and he began to urinate on his own.


My name is Brother Ifeanyi A. Ibeh from Ehime Mbano. I was the general Pastor of a particular ministry called The Sheep and Care Ministry and I was watching The General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen on my cable. This was before I became a Chosen. As I was watching him, I was praying for financial blessing because there was this money I was expecting but the money was not coming. Even the bike I was using was in a sorry state. If you see the bike, you would have mercy on me.

One fateful Friday in 2015 in October, a voice ministered to me while I was watching the Chosen cable to close my church and hand it over to Chosen. I resisted the voice. At another time, I was watching the Chosen cable again and general Pastor was preaching and that day, he was speaking directly to me. I could not believe it. Then, he pointed to me and said my faith is greater than your doubt.

Very clearly on a particular Thursday, I heard the voice again. “You will never have that financial breakthrough until you cross over to Chosen.” That morning, at about 10:00 a.m, I went to the church and removed my sign-board and parked it, then went to Chosen that morning, knelt down and prayed. I told God that I have come to Chosen and I would worship in Chosen on Sunday with my family and some members of my church. I went home and by 2:00 p.m, I received financial alert on my phone of over two million naira. Then the next day, I went and withdrew the money and bought a car. Then on Sunday, I told my wife that we were going to the source of the money that bought the car.  So, I drove them to Chosen where the car was dedicated by Pastor Great Obinna. Then I told my church members that if they wanted to go, I could drive them to the place with my car.

Moreover, I have been building a house since 2008 and the house has been overgrown with weed and there was nothing I could do because there was no money but today, God of Chosen has helped me to roof that house, and it is a centre for house care fellowship.

Brethren, I want to tell you that our general Pastor is a great man-of-God with divine unction. I pray for him and all the Chosen worldwide, heaven at last in Jesus name.

Praise the Lord!

Brother Ifeanyi A. Ibeh

Ehime Mbano, Imo State.

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INTERVIEW: Pastor Lazarus Muoka reveals the reason behind ‘God’s Time to Take Over’ Anambra programme

#Interview with the General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, Pastor Lazarus Muoka at the grand finale of the Ihitte 2017 Programme titled “God’s time to Take Over”

Pastor Lazarus Muoka 2

“My prayers for everyone participating in this programme is that they all shall be blessed and they shall prosper in everything they venture into”

During an interview with the General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka said the reason for this programme is to invite God to take over the land and bless the inhabitants.

Pastor Lazarus Muoka 5

Daddy G.O said his prayer is that by the end of this programme, a the participants, including those who are working to make it successful will go home blessed and fulfilled.

Meanwhile, the Ihitte 2017 miracle crusade, as the Lord almight promised, is one of the best crusade to be organised by this great ministry in 2017 and just like we pray and hoped, the programme was very successful and the weather was conducive, be God we have a God, The God of Chosen the Miracle working God.

Ihitte 2017 – God’s Time to Take Over (Day 2)

Pastor Lazarus Muoka 3


The end has come for the programme, it was blessed, it was great… Only God can do this!


17:34′ The Final prayers have been made, the grace share… and that is the end of the Ihitte 2017 Crusade. God is great

16:32′ Be on your fit wherever you are and begin to pray for mercy

16:47′ The large number of people that came out to give their lives to Jesus Christ after accepting them as their Lord and personal Saviour

16:29′ Begin to ask God to search you and forgive you for every sin you must have committed, knowingly or unknowingly

16:28′ Whereever you are following the programme from, rise up on your phone and begin to ask God for mercy, tell Him that you are asorry and ask Him for forgiveness

16:17′ If you are divorced or you are no longer living with your wife, but with another woman as a second wife, remember what bible said in Mathew 19:4-6, that what God has joined together, let no man put apart.

16:14′ If you are taking alcoholic drinks, do you smoke; go and break those bottles, throw away the weed, amend your ways and turn to God for mercy

16:12′ Amend your ways. All those people involved in fornication, adultery, masturbation, abortion, prostitution, homosexuality; all those things are abominations in the sight og God, repent now, amend your ways and tell God no more.

16:10′ Repent and promise God no more. If you have been a native Doctor or you belong to any kind of cultism, repent now, ask God for mercy because you can’t enter heaven.

16:98′ SALVATION MESSAGE underway

16:08′ READING John 14:13

16:7′ Whatever you are asking in this programme you shall receive

16:6′ As you ask from the Lord’ all your needs shall be supplied

16:6 If I say it, God confirms it. If you are in any prison, physical or spiritual, I lose you and set you free in Jesus name

16:5′ READING: Isaiah 61:1

16:5′ I want you to know that the power of God is here to answer your prayers

16:04′ As I am speaking now, power is waiting for actions. That power is waiting and saying Pastor do quick

16:03 READING: Luke 5:17

16:02′ Once you hand your problems over to God, there shall be intervention from God

16:02′  SINGING: We are handing over into God’s hands

16:01′ Be in expectations that God almighty will take over your entire problems

16:00′ You can never participate in this programme, the God who blessed Abraham in all things, that God will bless you in all things

16:00′ Reading Isaiah 45:19

15:57′ You see today, you are going home with power

15:53′ I say to you, above all the miracles today, you shall go home with power, and I will hear your testimonies

15:52′ POINT 2

  • Our Expectations and God’s interventions
  • TEXT: Isaiah 45:19

15:52′ Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, Today and Forever

15:51′ Read Mathew 15:30, Mathew 19:2

15:49′ Reading Mathew 11:4-6, 12:16

15:49′ You see in your life, every dead situation shall come back to life

15:48′ You see in your life today, impossibilities shall be made possible

15:47′ Reading Mathew 9:20

15:46′ Reading Mathew 8:1 and 16

15:41′ Reading Mathew 4:23

15:43′ If you have not come accorss problems that will take you to many hospitals but no solutions, you will never appreciate this Ministry

15:42′ I pray, that the God that healed these people, the God that saves, He will do it for you

3:41′ This problem you see today, you shall see them no more

15:17′ SINGING: Arise oh Lord and Take over

15:15′ “When I speak concerning you, don’t ask how could it be? Just say amen and Believe, because it has been happening all over the world and it will happen to you too


  • TOPIC: God’s Time to Take Over (prt 2)
  • TEXT: Joshua 5:15-16, Isaiah 59:19, Mathew 17:16-20
  • PREACHER: Pastor Lazarus Muoka

3:11′ The instant miracles session has come to an end and the message is ongoing


#Interview with the General Overseer at the grand finale of the Ihitte 2017 Programme titled “God’s time to Take Over”

“My prayers for everyone participating in this programme is that they all shall be blessed and they shall prosper in everything they venture into”

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10:32′ The Choir Ministrations has come to and IT IS TIME FOR TESTIMONIES

10:27′ The Chosen Central Choir ministering to the congregation

Central Choir Ministering

10:07′ The Chosen Central Choir getting set to minister their songs as the PRO dances out of the stage

10:05′ PRO singing: Chosen are on the Higher Level

10:02′ The PRO turning up the heat at the crusade ground with soul reviving songs. Only God can do all this, so, why can’t we dance and be glad in Him

9:45′ PRO Group Singing: Anyi bu osisi oma n’ami nkpuru oma (We are tree that bears good fruit)

9:45; HALLELUJAH! The God of Chosen is So great! Okay, on the stage now to minister is the PRO group of the Lord’s Chosen beginning with the song ‘God and create awareness that Jesus is coming very soon’

9:38′ The Youth Choristers shaking the entire crusade with a revival song. before the Youth were the Campus and the Children Choir who rendered wonderful songs to the God of Chosen.

9:37′ The Morning Choruses led by the Chorus leaders have ended, and the Choristers are coming in turn to minister top the congregation

Ihitte 2017 – God’s Time to Take Over (Day 1)

The Duet Sisters

The first day of the programme – God’s Time to Take Over’, the first programme to be held in Anambra state in the year 2017, as we prayed and hoped, has come to an end and the expectation for the second day being the grand Finale of the programme is high due to the kind of miracles recorded in the first day.

We will be back tomorrow for the grand finale of this great programme and we hope you have been blessed.

See you tomorrow by 7:00pm Nigerian time

Goodbye for now and God bless you

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18:15 My daddy, all these ones outside Nigeria and all over the world following this programme, my father I pray grant them their heart desires in Jesus name

18:15′ Now pray and hand over all your challenges to God, pray and tell God what you want from now to tomorrow


  1. Receive your instant healing in Jesus name
  2. You that ate something in the dream, in the name of Jesus I command you to vomit in Jesus name
  3. I pray for you that doesn’t sleep in the night, I command you to begin to sleep in Jesus name
  4. Whatever, that spiritual snake projected in your stomach, I command it to come out and catch fire in Jesus name
  5. You carrying heavy load in your head, I command that Load to be removed in Jesus name
  6. You having a heart pain, I command you to be healed and receive a new heart in Jesus name
  7. That leg poison, I command it be healed in Jesus name
  8. Constant urinating, diabetes, I command it to vanish away in Jesus name
  9. The case of AS be cancelled in Jesus name
  10. I pray for you suffering from infections leading to swollen stoma ch be healed in Jesus name
  11. I pray, all you having dreams of dead people, I command it to be stopped and let those dead people vanish away in Jesus name
  12. You that have been venturing into different business but none have been successful, I command you this moment begin to prosper in Jesus name
  13. The case of HIV be healed in Jesus name
  14. All those rashes and infections be healed in Jesus name
  15. My daddy, all I am asking, all this ones that have been having difficulties, I declare prosperity upon them in Jesus name
  16. That Child that have not been walking from birth, where ever you are I command you begin to walk in Jesus name
  17. From this programme, all of you seeking for the fruit of the womb, I declare that from now to the next nine months, you shall have your own baby in Jesus name
  18. Yoke of epilepsy I command it vanish away in Jesus name
  19. My Daddy, that person having family battles, no matter wheer they have taken your name to, I command them to confess and I set you free in Jesus name
  20. Precious daddy, touch every one, every plan you have not planted in their body, I command it be uprooted in JESUS name
  21. I command those they have vowed  to destroy to be receive victory in JESUS NAME
  22. That person that sat for exam but you can see your results, I command that resuklt to come out now in Jesus name
  23. All of you praying for miracle visa, I pray that from this moment you shall be called for that visa in Jesus name
  24. Precious daddy, every battled my people have been going in the dream, I pray you give them victory in Jesus name
  25. That abandoned project, whatever they must have done against it, let it be broken and let that project be completed in Jesus name
  26. That evil that is just snipping over your project, I command that person to be moved out of your way in JESUS NAME

17:59′ SINGING: Remember me oh Lord’ remember me in your kingdom

17:55′ Now begin to hand over all your problems and challenges to God

17:53′ SINGING: Eburum Nkpam bia N’ulo Gi, Chim ekwela K’mburu ya laa (God I come before you with my problems, my God do not allow me go back with them)

17:52′ We are handing over into the God’s hands

17:52′ COMING UP NEXT: Final Prayers and Declarations

17:50′ SINGING: Chineke I D’Ma (God you are Good)

5:49′ G.O praying for the participants worldwide

17:46′ SINGING: It is finished on the cross, my sorry if FINISHED on the cross

17:44′ If you have made that prayer, YOU ARE FREE! Go back now and begin to enjoy your freedom and liberation

17:44′ Father by your authority, I command that every one of them be totally free in Jesus name

17:43′ SINGING: I am free, totally, Jesus made me totally free

17:42′ Any shrine, marine, ocean, anywhere your mother or family people tie your soul, I lose you in Jesus name

17:41′ Anywhere you are connected to be doing ungodly things, I lose you from that connection in Jesus name

17:40′ My daddy, you said in your word that when you see the blood, you shall pass over, father, as I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ, my daddy, forgive them and show them mercy

17:38; Now put your hands up as the G.O begins to pray for you and ask God for mercy upon your life

17:37′ SINGING: I surrender all to Jesus, Blessed Saviour

17:35′ If you have acknowledged your sins, now close your eyes and tell God no more, begin to ask God for forgiveness and and tell Him how sorry you are. Promise God that you will never go back to them again

17:29′ If you are truly sorry for your sins and you want to show God that you are, rise up, place your hands on your chest and begin to aknowldge your sins

17:29′ SINGING: I am sorry Lord

17:28′ Wherever you are following this programme from, rise up on your feet and begin to ask God to show you mercy

17:27′ The message has come to an end, to to go to the Lord in  prayers for mercy and ask for forgiveness

17:14′ Remember the Lord asked who shall be Holy and God said you shall be holy for I my God is a Holy God

17:13′ If you turn away from your sins today, accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour, believe me, God will take over your life

17:11′ Salvation message ongoing as the G.O begins conclusing the message of the day

16:35′ POINT 2: Our response and Benefits


16:20′ I want to let you know, God has come with instruments of Joy, signs and wonders, miracles and He is here to bless and take over your affairs

  • Brothers and Sisters, God shall heal you, no matter what your problem might be
  • All the problems, bring them to the Lord today, no matter how many years it may have stayed in your life, whatever they might have said, forget about them and come to the Lord in prayers, I’m assuring you, my God will see you through

16:06′ The message still ongoing


  • POINT 1: The reason and instruments for taking over


  • TEXT: Joshua 5:13-15, ISAIAH 50:19, ISAIAH 43:3
  • TOPIC: God’s Time to Take Over (prt 1)
  • PREACHER: Pastor Lazarus Muoka

15:46′ The prayers has come to an end and it’s time for THE MESSAGE

15:22′ COMING UP NEXT: The Message from the pulpit

15:21′ Anywhere you are following this programme from, place your hands on your chest as the G.O continues deliverance prayers

15:20′ Manifestation of the Holy Spirit as the G.O begins deliverance prayers

15:19′ The instant miracles session has come to an end and the G.O is praying for the participants.

13:45′ Bro Mmaduka also testified how he was healed of Tuberculosis

Bro Mmaduka also testified how he was healed of Tuberculosis

  • The brother talks to the congregation, by name Maduka Chukwudumebi Joshua. He tells of how all his brother’s money was spent on his sickness. But God of Chosen that does wonders made a name for himself.
  • Bro Mmaduka thanking God for his divine intervention.
  • Bro Mmaduka thanking God for his divine intervention.

14:42′ The hour we all are waiting for is here. The G.O is on the Pulpit to declare freedom in your life

13:38′ Some of the testimonies recorded so far in the day’s programme

  1. Bro Columbus Okekenwa – Healed of frequent deification

  2. Sis Helen Sunday from Akwa Ibom. She is thanking God for salvation and for delivering her from the bondage of sin.A friend introduced her into prostitution.she also thank God for His healing upon her uncle after she prayed for Him.

    She joined the work force and thank God for His blessings upon her family

    She advises sinners to give their lives to Christ.
    She advises prostitutes to change that there is nothing there.

    She prays for the church.

  3. Bro Uchenna Ibeaso – Salvation granted, financial favour granted after accepting Christ

  4. Sister healed of infection. She also testified of how she was blessed and favoured with a shop and a big deep refrigerator

  5. Sister Michael Favour – Yoke of Female children in her mother’s life

  6. Bro Ugochukwu Ugbo – Delivered from a ghastly motor accident

  7. Sister Ann Ifeanyichukwu – God prove Himself and healed her of her sickness after she challenged Him that she is not Going to take any medicine again

  8. Sister Oluchi Igwe – Free education granted throughout her university

  9. Bro Chijioke thanking God for saving him from accident

  10. Sister Keziah Timothy – Healed of constant urinating

11:54′ The Duet Sisters ministering to the congregation

The Duet Sisters


11:22′ The Central Choir has left the stage as the Duet sisters gets set to minister

10:05′ The Chosen Central Choir Ministering to the congregation


10: The Youth Choir ministering to the congregation just before the PRO group mounted the stage

The Chosen Youth Choir Ministering at Ihitte 2017 crusade

10:29′ The Chosen PRO group ministering to the congregation

PRO group ministering to the congregation10:27′  The PRO group on the stage to minister to the Congregation

10:25′ Choir ministrations so far

  • Children Choir
  • Campus Fellowship Choir
  • The Chosen Youth Choir

9:42′ the Chorus leaders dancing to the Glory of God.

Chorus leaders dancing

9:30′  Congregation join in to celebrate Gods doing

8:30′ Good morning and Welcome to the day one of the Holy Ghost inspired international Crusade happening live at the Community Secondary School, Ihitte Anambra state, Nigeria.

According to the covenant the God of Chosen had with our Daddy G.O, this a programme God had promised to use to bless and take over our lives and change our situations.

The Chosen Press is live on the ground to bring you the live update of the programme, just in case you were not able to make it to the crusade ground or you wish to see the service in extraordinary way.

We are also live on our Facebook Group via

God of Chosen is ready to take over your life, Jesus is Lord.


After her testimony (READ TESTIMONY HERE) T.O.V crew had an exclusive interview with her where she told us what it feels like to be barren as a woman for 26 years and all that she went through before being blessed with a male child.

Ngozi Chukwugbo 2


May we meet you ma?

My name is Sister Ngozi Chukwugbo

When exactly did you get married?

I got married in 1988.

Along the line what happened?

Well, nothing happened. I got married and wedded like others, hoping to have children, we tried our best but to no avail. We did not know what was the problem, but eventually God saw us through two years ago.

Did you not go to the hospital all this while?

We went to hospital but they said there was no problem. Around 2006, I was told that only prayer can see me through. I kept following God and before I knew it, Chosen was established and I joined Chosen in 2005

Where and where did you visit before joining Chosen?

I went to uncountable places. They are so many that I cannot mention them
Intercepts: mention some of them
I went to premier hospital at Abuja where they are doing transplanting, I went there and even native houses, and all those things.
I also visited several churches but when I got the revelation that nothing can help me except prayer, I stopped going anywhere.

All this while what was the reaction of your people and also your husband’s people?

Well, everybody loves me, they were not bad to me. we were living in peace.

In my own family, everybody was praying and asking for God’s intervention upon my head.
We were living in peace including my husband. I thank God for his life, a bad friend of his told him to go and marry, that am wasting his time but he didn’t do that, so I thank God for my husband.

You joined Chosen in 2005. How did you know about Chosen?

One of my husband’s younger brothers lives in Lagos, his name is Aloysius, he introduced Chosen to my husband. That time there was this small magazine Chosen was publishing. He would send it to my husband and my husband will give it to me, from there, I joined Chosen. That time he would always tell me when they are organizing “Hope for the Barren” programme and I would come.

Since you were introduced to Chosen what made you to continue? You have been in other places, you did not continue, what made you to continue in Chosen?

Before I became a Chosen, God told me that no matter where I run to, I would serve him because I was in an orthodox church and was serving God with zeal. So when God made that statement, I said but am serving you. In a week, I would get the revelation up to three times. When I left orthodox church and went to one church, God said I should go back, that, that is not where He wants me to serve him. To God be the glory, when I eventually came to Chosen and heard the message of our Pastor, I was crying like a baby. I thought I was serving God before, I did not know that I have not started. The massage of the general Pastor kept me and made me to continue. In fact, I was so obsessed with Chosen that in my area, if they want to mock themselves, they would say ‘Okey wife’s church’ (Chosen). Then I began to work for God.

At what point did God say, it is time?

I joined Chosen in 2005 and in 2007 after counselling and deliverance service, I went home and I found myself in the dream singing, ‘He has given me the joy of my heart, he has given me the joy of my heart, after so many years of my barrenness, Jesus has given me the joy of my heart. As I was singing the song, I woke up. Then in 2009, we came for counselling and deliverance service again, after the service, I went home and laid down, the angel of our G.O visited me and said I should not worry, that I should go and buy my baby things, I obeyed and went and bought my baby things, then called our branch Pastor and he prayed for me and said nobody would use those things except my baby. That was how the journey started and eventually I took in, devil did not relent, there was battle upon battle but at the end, God gave me victory and I was delivered on 11th of June on the day of “And the Enemies Submitted”.

Eventually when you gave birth to your baby, what was the reaction of those who have said one thing or the other against you?

They were asking whether I was the one that gave birth to this baby. Even when I was pregnant they said that I just put something in my stomach. Even in the day of my dedication most of them came and said, they want to hear the testimony.

Today, I thank God for making a name for Himself. All the people that said one thing or the other, because I do go for morning cry, inviting people to come to Chosen. They will mock and say,’ what has God done for her?’ Now God has shut up their mouths. That is my joy, brethren; there are benefits in serving God.

Now how do you feel being called mama Dominion?

I am more than happy. At times I would raise the baby up and be asking, is this my baby? I am very happy.

God promised you to be pregnant and have your baby since 2007, and He waited till 2014 to fulfill His promise, what were you thinking while you were waiting?

In fact, at a point I did not know what to pray for again. I would just open my Bible and say God of Chosen, you said, whoever that trusts in you will not be put to shame.

What is your advice for those who are still searching for their own fruit of the womb?

I want them to know that if I can be a mother, they should not bother themselves. God of Chosen, who did it for me, He is still alive. As God used G.O to mention my case, so shall He use him again to mention your case in Jesus name.
They should hold God of Chosen tight and they should know that God of Chosen is mighty in battle and He is the man of war.