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  1. 32 years yoke of barrenness broken
  2. Obeyed God and Blessed beyond measure
  3. Another fibroid turns to fine baby boy
  4. 18 years yoke of barrenness broken
  5. Delivered from armed robbers

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Publishers Desk

Once again the programme entitled “Hope For the Needy” is around the corner. It will take place on 25th and 26th November 2017.

Before the crusade comes up, we will hold a crusade in U.A.E (United Arab Emirate). Immediately after HFN crusade, the Chosen revival train will move over to United States of America (U.S.A) 2nd and 3rd December 2017.

May be U.S.A crusade will be used to round off crusades this year, however our anniversary comes up on 24th December while our usual December retreat comes up on 25th and 26th December 2017.

You are strongly advised to prepare yourself and get ready for these crusades. Whatever outstanding request in your life, through these crusades, God will hearken and do it for you in Jesus name.

So use this remaining days/weeks to begin to do publicity for the programme, you should also go into serious prayers and fasting, sanctify yourselves and get ready for the programme.

Already the church is into one month fasting 6-6 until 9th of November. After that, we revert back to our normal Monday to Wednesday 6-6, fasting and praying. Remember, we have entered ‘ember’ months and these months, satan and his cohorts are skimming strategizing and planning against the children of God. It behooves us to scatter their evil plans through our fasting and praying.

Moreover, you have to pray for your loved ones so that no weapon formed or fashioned against them shall prosper.
Also we are in perilous times when unusual things are happening. To combat them, you need to seriously pray and do the work of God.

Therefore buckle your shoes and let’s go fishing. God bless you.

You can get the complete edition of this magazine at any Lord’s Chosen branch near you or at any Chosen bookshop.


Joy unspeakable and All you need to know about the just concluded 2017 Chosen women programme

The much awaited women programme finally took place yesterday being the 28th of October 2017.The women arrived the crusade ground with much ardour and enthusiasm as they anticipated the great event. Indeed their expectations were not cut short as the crusade went on successfully.


At exactly 8:08am, the chorus leader mounted the podium to deliver songs of worship in reference to the God of chosen. After the worship session another chorus leader came up by 8 20 to lead the congregation into heartfelt praise songs. Songs like we have confidence in the lord who can never fail, what manner of man is Jesus Hallelujah amongst others were rendered with joy to God.

Next was the woman moderator who came on by 9:05am to officially start the programme. She calmly welcomed the newcomers and guests to the crusade by leading the congregation to sing the welcoming song. At about 9:15am, the congregation went to God in prayers to appreciate Him and commission the program into God’s hand. Other prayers were also made to God and definitely answers were given

At the end of the prayer session, the sisters youth choir were ushered in to render their much rehearsed songs led by Sis Peace Nwachukwu and Sis Esther Joseph .Indeed it was a beautiful sight to behold them in their well tied head gears and wrappers as they ministered to the glory of God. The songs were also conducted by sisters which added grace to the rendition. They sang the songs woman thou has found favour and my hands are filled with the favour of the Lord beautifully leaving the congregation dancing and jubilating to the glory of God.

As the youth choir stepped down by 9.50am the Akwa Ibom women group mounted the podium to render their songs to the already happy congregation. Their songs of praise also moved the congregation to different dancing steps.

The elderly women choir on behalf of our mummy G.O also came up to deliver their great songs titled I am a favoured woman, Elders of the Lords Chosen and women of favour .These songs were sang greatly as they wholeheartedly appreciated God.

The Ekiti women choir came up after the ministration of the elderly women choir with their rendition titled Consider your ways by Sis. Prisca Nwankwo, Sis. Joy Okorie, Sis. Ogochukwu Linus and Sis. Ebere Christian.

The PRO women group were not left out as they also rendered songs of praises to the God of chosen. Their mind blowing song titled God of chosen has taken us to another level left the congregation rejoicing all through.


The P.R.O group during their special programme song ministration


The Police and Paramilitary choir refused being sidelined as they also mounted the podium after the P.R.O group with their rendition titled Chosen woman rejoice which made the women dance and dance and dance.

The central choir after this ministration gracefully mounted the podium to deliver their much practised songs titled Sanctify Us Lord, Woman of favour, Hallelujah Hallelujah we have FOUND favour with God and Baba you do well. These songs were solemnly and perfectly rendered to the glory of God. They also presented a drama amidst their presentation. This drama encouraged the women to always endeavour to go out and invite people to the church thereby winning souls for God.

To finally round off the choir ministration, the duet choir group delivered their songs titled Stand by me and Our God will do it, he is a miracle God.

Other Features of the Day.

After the ministration of the duet sisters, Sister Obara Loveth from Abia State delivered bible recitations.

To colour the event, the women group delivered two lively drama presentations titled IMPATIENCE WITH GOD AND JUDGEMENT DAY.

The first drama displayed titled IMPATIENCE WITH GOD talked about the essence of being patient in life no matter the hurdles and struggles faced believing that God is able to meet all needs and answer all prayers. The women made us learn that patience while serving or walking with God is very necessary in our Christian race hence the need to have patience as a virtue can’t be overemphasized.

The second drama presentation titled THE JUDGEMENT DAY made us realise the importance of serving God wholeheartedly and in righteousness. This particular drama narrated how so many names were missing in the book of life due to their spiritual carelessness on earth though some faithful pilgrims made it eventually.

Testimony time:

The testimony session commenced at 1:48pm.The women testifiers came in numbers to magnify the Lord for his wondrous works in their lives.

Sis Chinenye Nwafor thanked God for delivering her from delay in marriage

Sis Helen Aba praised God for changing her daughter genotype to AA

Sis Angello Ohadro ulcer got healed after 2years.


Sis Chidimma Nkem testified on how God Of chosen blessed her with a son after having two miscarriages.

Sis Mary Fidelis thanked God for delivering her son from death.

Sis Glory Christopher thanked God for breaking the yoke of delay in marriage over 14 years.

Sis Valentine Umekeze also thanked God for uprooting fibroid and turning it into a fine baby.

Sis Nkechi Anozie testified on how God of chosen rescued her son from drowning in the well.

Sis Uju Arinze also testified on how God of chosen broke 6 years barrenness after last year woman of favour program.

These testimonies and many more made up the testimony session of the great program WOMAN THOU HAS FOUND FAVOUR 2017!

Instant miracles:

Immediately after the session of the testimonies the General Overseer mounted the pulpit charged and instantly began to declare great prayers of deliverance and instant miracles took place. These miracles included some of the following

Protruded stomach deflation

Spirit of Deaf and dumb from birth rolled away

5 years pains in the leg crushed

2weeks paralysis healed

10 months spirit of insanity delivered

3 years inablity to walk destroyed

2 months leg pains healed amongst others.

The instant miracles session ended well and the message of the day was delivered. The much planned message titled WOMAN THOU HAST FOUND FAVOR was taken from the below texts

The Message

Luke 1:2, 26-39, 45 Hosea 4:6

Body OF the Message

God has designed this program for women to show them that they have found favour with God right from the foundation of the world. Luke 1:28; genesis 1:28.


  1. The Fact That Women Hast Found Favour With God

God has made the woman a special creature from the foundation of the world, a helper to man which means her role is highly vital and no matter what a home is not complete without her presence. Genesis 2:20-23,13-19. A woman with a man can make the home safe, a woman is made to supplement a man and to make him complete. Genesis 2:23. Women are the mothers of all human beings no matter the personality and these show that women are highly favoured. Remember the son of God did not pass through a man but through a woman. Genesis 3:20. Our lord Jesus Christ demonstrated most of his miracles through the women this can be well understood in Matthew 28:2.With this, it cant be undermined that women are highly needed in all spheres of life.


  1. Our Expected Response And Benefits

In our text Mary is seen as a dedicated woman. She was not like every other person, she did not defile herself. She was not stubborn, she was not into painting or attachment, she was not obedient nor a backslider, she was a holy woman and a virgin and these made her highly favoured among other women Luke 1;27-30; Matthew 5:8. We must ensure to live a holy life and a righteous life so that God can bring out the qualities in us. Hebrew 12:14; 1peter 1:15-16. Women who will serve God like Mary in holiness and righteousness in this ministry will be highly favoured by God. You must not allow your child to dress like a worldly children, great men and women comes out from women who are born again with godly characters. Luke 1:45-53, so as you go on to live a life that pleases God and do away with sins you shall have favour with God and barrenness shall be rolled away. Luke 1:26-37.

He concluded with the message of repentance in which he charged all sinners and backsliders to turn to Christ, live a holy life and diligently look forward to making heaven.


After the life changing message, powerful declarations such as

Spirit of barrenness

Spirit of backwardness

Yoke of poverty

Yoke of spiritual marriage

Yoke of evil dreams

Yoke of evil woman tormenting families and many more were destroyed and the congregation received them in faith with a thunderous Amen.



The great programme came to a conclusion with the General Overseer praying and declaring out blessings to the women and others present by 6:34pm.The atmosphere was clouded with the glory of God as all present were highly blessed and favoured. With the joyful expressions on the women faces, it was obvious that the blessings of God were really showered on them. Happiness and excitement filled their hearts even as they returned to their various destinations.


Indeed woman thou has found favour 2017 was really great. The women were filled with an unspeakable joy as the crusade left them wowed even to the closing prayers. This programme O YES ended in praise all to the glory of the God of chosen!

Marvelous works of God of vengeance at Anambra state crusade

What shall say too this great God, if God be for us who shall be against us.

Enemies, problems, humans, satan, poverty* and others have provoked our God to rise. The Multitude that He granted actually proved that he has risen.

It did not end time, by the extra ordinary and acrobatic instant miracles take took place, truly there is no doubt that he is ready to help his people.

We are very grateful that the God of vengeance is set to avenge for His people over long aged problem and enemies. Let advice the enemies of Chosen to go away or they face confrontation.


The program started by 08:03am followed by a worship song that says “Accient of days as old as you are you never change”. After that she sang holy, holy, holy is the Lord, She went further and sing an Igbo songs that says “Onye ndi Muozi n’ mmadu n’enye ekele”, after the song she said a short prayer and the praises started by 08:13.

She started praises with “Chosen are saying you are worthy”, the first chorus lasted for 8 minutes before she sang another one that says “Oh my soul praise the Lord”. She sang “you are worthy ” for 3 minutes and she entered “Call him able God” by 08:26am.

The second singer (Brother Enoch) mounted by 08:27 and he sang “God of vengeance judge all my enemy” as his first song, He sang for 4 minutes and he entered and he entered “God of Vengeance, you will avenge for me”.

The congregation was charged by the song and, everyone started dancing and clapping also jubilating around the crusade ground, as they called upon the The God of Vengeance to avenge for them.


He changed from the song to Igbo song which says “Agha o, agha o, obughi anyi n’ebu agha, Okpara Chineke abiara ebu agha”. At 8:45, he start “Ihe anyi n’eme bu ihe muo, onye anyi na achuru aja bu oke muo.” By 8:47am, he changed to “Holy gost take over” after 2 minutes, He begin “Tell Pharaoh, Israel must go” and everyone carried their bags and choirs demonstrating that they are ready to come out of their captivities, going from sorrow and sickness. At 8:54am He sang say “Jesus , Jesus, say Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost, for minutes he changed to obughi to obughi anyi n’ebu agha. By 8:58am He ended the praises by matching, matching, Satan don’t fall for ground oh!

Immediately, the moderator take over by telling the congregation to shout for joy unto the Lord. He welcomed everyone to the program and He said the whole congregation should be on their feet as He welcome the new comers by 9:06am and He went on to share the church, vision, mandate and days of activities to the new comers. By 9:19am, the first congregational prayer started with Igbo worship that says “Ka anyi bule Gi elu na okwesiri gi” followed by we thank you Jesus, All glory honour to your name with prayer proper. The prayer ended by 9:33am

  • Choir Ministrations

Children Choir mounted the podium by 9:35am. Their first ministration “Vanity upon vanity in this world”. The children choir are asking the congregation where will your spend your eternity, because vanity upon vanity is the things of the world, ask yourself this question before it will be too late. Are you a sinner master is knocking at your door today.

2nd Ministration by 9:42 Igbo song Titted

“Baba, baba kule kule n’oche Gi, kule n’ihe Gi” mixed English Song “God of Vengence is here all your reproach is gone, you will never go home the same today. They assume us that they have a good news for us, a good news from the Lord, which ended by 9:52.

Youth Choir mounted the podium exactly by 9:55am

1st Ministration: “This is the time to arise and avenge for us” mixed with Igbo song that says “Onye isi agha Jesus, Kule n’agha buwerem agha, buwere m agha, na-mu adighi ike.” English version “God of Chosen come and avenge for us. Aha Gi bu Odukwu n’agha, Okwa Gi bu Dike n’agha, onye isi kule n’agba buwerem zuru ezu.”

2nd Ministration started by 10:07am

They are super excited as the as the soloist introduced the God of Chosen as a God that is so great and and a choir sister declared God as “Over dose”  “Over dose testimonies in Chosen, overdose of anionting of upon my pastor, over dose the power in Chosen.”

All this we are seeing in Chosen, our God is still saying that it is apetizier.    They switched to it is going to happen here today” and Biggi biggi god in this biggi chosen will give you biggi biggi blessings.

3rd ministration :- Agha o agha o, obuonye n’ebu agha? Okpara Chineke n’ebu agha.

After this wonderful youth choir left the podium all the congregation were so exited they were all seem like for them to remain there.

After them Police evangelist mounted the Podium with their action, and this actually draw the attention of all congregation and they were bold to announce to the congregation that they are meant to win all the soul of the ministering, and all the Force to Jesus Christ, when they release their second music “Jesus I salute you president General among the Nation”, all the congregation were all overwhelm with jubilation, shout and clapping onto the Lord.


P.R.O choir mounted the podium and their first ministration say “Jesus is coming soon brethren prepare to meet him” with this music all the congregation were so quiet to listen to them. And their second ministration says “God of Vengeance fight for me” and people song this music as a prayer and they were so happy their third ministration was telling congregation that “Chosen is in high level| and with the reaction of the congregation show that chosen are really in high level.


Adult choir mounted the podium expressing all their heart with their first ministration “It shall be sorrowful when the trumpet shall sound”, and there was a clear explanation from the adult choir about how many people are creating division in the church today, how many are in the church today as an agent but they make it clear to the congregation that, it shall be sorrowful in that day.


Their second ministration was saying “Chin’abu-obo, borrom obo” telling people with this their second ministration that God of chosen will avenge for every one where he/she worked and they make us to understand with their third ministration “Ihe adiwu mma” and all ministration concluded around 11:46am



Exodus 3:7-8; and the Lord said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt, and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters,

The great God of Vengeance has come to put smiles in the face of the chosen ones here are the good works of this great God.

The first testifier expressed his gratitude to God with songs and he appreciated God for how He saved and healed him yesterday when he followed evangelists to publicity. The second testifier mounted the pulpit, and testified how God saved him from the hand of armed robbers when they came to his shop because of the   Chosen Sticker that he pasted on his door post. This caused much jubilation amongst the congregation who glorified this God of Chosen in different ways. The third testifier thanked God of Chosen on how He healed him from broken leg at Mgbidi 2016 crusade. Fourth testifier testified of how God used unknown call to pray for the husband who was afflicted by demonic boil on his private part.


The fifth testifier thanked God for knocking out waist pain after pastor’s declaration in the dream. The sixth testifier, also thanked God for recovering their church stolen instrument from arm robbers. The seventh testifier thanked God for intervention which led to the recovery of what belongs to her from her stepsister after 27 Years. Secondly she thanked God for granting her son scholarship to further his education at Scotland.

The eighth testifier thanked God for financial favour of N160,000 and she went for major operation for goiter which was successful. Again God saved her brother from electric shock and restored him back to life.

The ninth testifier thanked God of Chosen for safe delivery after our G.O’s declaration at Ihite crusade. After that bleeding started but when she declared herself and her baby a chosen, they got healed.

The tenth testifier glorified God for bringing her son who was not caring or even seeing her as his mother back to her. The son also favoured her with N3,000 and God of chosen favoured the son and opened his way.

The eleventh testifier praise the God of Chosen for breaking the yoke of 2 years miscarriage as she went to Lagos program titled FROM SORROW TO JOY and she conceived and today she is a mother of four children, 2 girls and 2 boys.

The twelfth testifier magnified the God of Chosen for delivering her from worldliness and from manipulation by python spirit in the dream. Secondly she also thanked God for intervening in her life and broke the yoke of 14 years unemployment. God also gave her miraculous victory by exempting her from wearing trouser in her place of work.

The thirteenth testifier honoured and praised God for delivering him and broke the yoke of 25years bondage in the hands of spirit wife. He also thanked God for visiting and uprooting an evil tree that constituted his problem by thunder after the declaration of the Pastor.


The final and last Testifier for Day One thanked God for restoring 5 years broken marriage. The wife left him and chosen but on 18th October 2017, that is, the eve of this crusade titled God of Vengeance, the God of Chosen intervened and restored his broken marriage. The wife also bought a handset for him and their daughter and immediately rejoined her former department with zeal.

  • Day 2 Testimonies

The long awaited day finally come, what the lord has started, He will finish it. The great God of Chosen has proved.


SIS. GIFT EDU: She is thanking God for healing her from 18years heart attack. After obeying the pastor’s instruction to lay hands three times on the chest . after laying hand something hit their heart and she was free.

BRO. IFEANYI IBEH: he was passing buy, but when he saw the crowd, he dropped from bus. He is thanking God for healing him of 5days heart attack. Secondly he is also appreciating God for reconnecting him to a friend after 4years, as he called him and promised him a lot.

BRO. ONYEKACHI CHIMA: he is thanking God, around March 2017 God favoured him with N15,000. He sowed seed of N5, 000 and he used the remaining 10,000 to pay for his convenant seed and that of his wife. After that he was favoured and a family paid and trained him to start a new line of business.

SIS. CHRISTIAN OBI: she thanking God for delivering her and restoring her spiritual life.

BRO. KALU ORJI: He is thanking God for breaking the yoke of 12 years barrenness. Also God delivered their two years baby from the hit of an heavy iron gate that fail on the baby but nothing happened to her. Again God healed the baby from ear pain.

SIS. CHUKWU CHINEYE: she is appreciating God for rolling away by after State Pastor prayed and cancelled the hyena and when they went back to the hospital the operation was cancelled.


PASTOR: He is thanking God for delivering his family from snake twice, after God gave him victim to kill the snake in the dream.

SIS. DEBORAH OKOYE: She is thanking for delivering her from RITUALIST /419, that wanted to take her away with bike, but she declared herself a chosen and the evil men apologized to her.

BRO. IFEANYICHUKWU ATUANYA:- He is thanking God for restoring his stolen bike from rubbers.

SIS. NGOZI OKONKWO:- Is thanking God for delivering her from kidnappers and arm rubbers.

SIS. CHINYERE ALADI:- Is thanking God for healing her from high malaria. Also during last Thursday God granted her freedom from moving object in her womb.

SIS. EDITH: Is thanking God for using her son to build a mansion for the family. And also providing money for the son to own a house in Owerri.

SIS. CHINYERE PROSPER AND PAST. IYKE PROSPER:- She are thanking God for granting the husband healing by removing a heavy stone from his stomach through operation.

BRO. HUMPHRE IBEH:-       He is thanking God for healing him from paralysis. After state pastor prayed for him on phone.

BRO. VICTOR OBASEY: – Is thanking God for healing him sleepiness night. Final breaking the yoke of abject poverty.

During the message, it was wow! The congregation paid rapt attention listening to the word from the pulpit because they know that the entrance of His word giveth life.

Extraordinary message

The message delivered by Imo state pastor Amaechi Amakoba on the first day of the great programme programme prepared and lifted the heart of the participants and sent them home with new life and faith in God. Pastor Liberty Aruna mounted the pulpit with the message ‘That God might execute vengeance”, spoke to the participants, assuring them that God will see them through and fight their battle. After the message, he made an altar call which saw the mass turn out of participants who want to give their lives to Christ and those who want to rededicate their lives to Christ.

Indeed the God of vengeance programme cannot be forgotten both  by the Chosen ones and those that are participating because it came with a great wave of lively publicity in the city which compelled the multitude to attend – but for those attended, it was transforming and faith provoking and the miracles are indisputable great and great indeed.

Interview with the Administrator, The Lord’s Chosen, Anambra State Headquarters.

The Chosen Press gathered a few information from the administrative office of the chosen in Anambra State.

Pastor Ignatius

Press: Greetings sir, may we know you?

State Admin (SA): Yes, my name is Pastor Ignatius. The administrator of the church in Anambra State.

Press: As far as I can remember this is the first time since three years, Anambra is having a state programme like this, what was your expectations?

SA: Well, my brother, it is a very,infact you said it very clealy. It is about two years before this of of vengeance but I thank God for this our new state pastor who reminded us about God of vegenance. My expectations is that people would be released from capavity, these souls that are perishing, I can tell that with this programme, by the special grace of God we shall recover them to Christ.

Press: Been the admin gives you the privilege to know how the church is going round for the preparations as part of the plans for this programme, what was the challenge and preparation like for the publicity, advert and what was the general plaining like?

SA: (laughs) I thank God so much because with God all things are possible, the plans were highly strategized. Some places were we could not meet up, we met up as God provided all we needed. Eyes were glued to the plane we used for evangelism.

Press: The last time we interviewed the Rivers State pastor, I remembered he was transferred weeks before the program, but if you were in that program, you would be impressed with the turn up, so don’t you think that the turn up of this program is not as expected? What was the challlenge?

SA: Even at Mgbidi, the first day don’t have much turn up, the turn up comes the next day. Today is Saturday, its a working day and on Sunday is the day we normally expect people at crusades everywhere.

Press: What are you expecting today? What are you expecting to happen here in general?

SA: By the special grace of God, I believe God will answer our prayers. He would use our state pastor to do signs and wonders today. Even as our G.O is in South Africa, we have connected the pulpit to that pulpit there. This crusade would be highly successful. All the expectations today, I know that God would grant them to us.

Press: Today, tomorrow, lot of souls are going to be won. What are the strategies to follow them up?

SA: I believe in this time, as long as I am the administrator of this church all the souls that would be recovered would be properly taken care of. I’d put my every effort make sure that we follow them up.

Press: How long have you been the admin of this church?

SA: For about a year now.

Press: What is the church growth like?

SA: We are growing. Since our new pastor came in, he had taken time to be going for morning cry. Even after vigils, he still make up time by 5:00am to go for morning cry. The church is growing.

Press: So what would be your general massage to these reading this interview, those that were not able to make it and those that are here and wish to know what you are thinking, what word do you have to give out to them?

SA: The word I’d say to them is, with God all things are possible. If you follow God and living a righteous and a holy life God will hear you, so I’m trying to tell others God is the author of everything. I’d advise them to remain in God.

Press: Thank you for your time sir and God bless you.


Many of us are happy with our everyday lives, but are we living a life worthy of living? Your answer to this question will determine the direction of your life. What are you really living for? Does it bring real happiness to you?

Young man thinking 2

We all reading this article should ask ourselves, what we are living for? Does your life style really speak out the main purpose of your creation to this world? Every one of us should live for Christ because God created us into this world to give Him praise and glory (Revelation 4:11). Our life styles should speak out Christ both inwardly and outwardly, no matter where you may find yourself.

An apostle in the bible named Paul was clear and focused on his purpose on earth. No matter how he lived a wrong life and persecuted the Christians but still came back to faith and lived a life worthy of living. Apostle Paul said in Philippians 1:21 for me to live is Christ and to die is gain. He understood that living is Christ and to die for Christ is a worthy gain.

Then, our main purpose on earth whether we live a long life or a life cut short, we all should live a Christ-like life because that is the purpose of God for us on this earth. We should live a good purpose in life that will take us to eternity i.e. heaven at the end of our lives.

The life we are living is it really giving glory to God? Will your life style now take you to heaven at the end of this life? Why not return back to God as apostle Paul did after he lived an unfulfilled life but later lived for the main purpose that he was created. Apostle Paul said in Philippians 1:20 according to my earnest expectation and my hope that in nothing I shall be ashamed but that with all boldness as always so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body whether it be life or by death. He said he won’t be ashamed of Christ; he will speak of Christ with all boldness so that Christ shall take glory in his body either dead or alive.

Brethren, why don’t you return back to Christ and repent of all your evil on earth so that Christ will be praise by the people around you and he will take glory in you, so that you will be sure of your eternity. I conclude on this, from now on live for God and not for your body or people. Don’t be forced by your flesh or people around you. Kill the flesh trying to lure you into sin and live a life worthy of eternity.

  • Bro. Wisdom Ulochukwu


Why is it that we don’t believe in ourselves? That as soon as things get tough in our lives or we begin to experience failure or disappointment, we start doubting ourselves? We need to understand that the human mind is most powerful tool we own bit it can also be the most destructive.


Your mind is going to provide you your greatest challenge in life, because it is so powerful. So, if you can conquer your mind, you can conquer or anything else around you.

It is easy to be very positive and consistent when everything is going your way, but that’s not life. Are you going to be one of the few to stand up when things are tough, when everything going against you. Will you be able to believe in what right and bring result to your life? If you can, then,

  • That’s when you will shine!
  • Your story is then valuable!
  • Your story of success.

You can build a story if you give up on yourself now. The world is full of people who gave up and now, they regret they ever did. The world needs hope, we all do.

The world needs you to SHINE up to fight through your challenging moments, TO SHINE through the dark times. To love through the hate, to be the difference in an indifferent world, and to believe in yourself.

Most people are bloated with ordinary thoughts and mindsets. They’re so full of average that they have no more appetite, but you have to have an appetite for extraordinary. Beyond what people are doing – think beyond them.

There will always be doubters, and people below you, and people trying to put down so that they can feel higher, but you got to stay true to yourself.

Believe in your mind. Have some tunnel vision. One day you will have your moment. Because anything is possible if you just believe. feed YOUR Dreams.

If you can suffer through setbacks, through pain, RISE up with resilience once again and again and again. Then one day, this world will tap you on the shoulder and say to you ‘’It is your time to shine’’. You can have, be, and do anything you want. YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE.

  • Obed Nwachukwu